Warid is giving bonus money added into your account on daily basis, based on your usage. This bonus money can be used for both on-net and off-net calls (but not for International calls).

Bonus Money will be added each day, based on your airtime usage for warid-warid calls for one particular day. Bonus details are as following

If you use Rs. 5 to Rs. 9.99 then you get 10 paisas as bonus
If you use Rs. 10 to Rs. 14.99 then you get 20 paisas
If you use Rs. 15 to Rs. 19.99 then you get 70 paisas
If you use Rs. 20 to Rs. 29.99 then you get 2 Rupees
If you use Rs. 30 to Rs. 59.99 then you get 5 Rupees
If you use above Rs. 50 then you get 7 Rupees as bonus
For example, in one calendar day, you consumed 23 rupees for Warid to Warid calls then you will get 2 Rupees bonus.

To check your remaining bonus money dial *200#

Note: This is a limited time offer, call 321 for more details.

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