Warid Telecom has begun its latest promotion named the Maal Dhammal bundle offer. The Maal Dhamaal Bundle allows customers to purchase 10 SMS and 10 Wallpapers/Ringtones for Rs.9.99+tax.

In addition, customers who make use of this offer will find themselves entered in a lucky draw for Rs.100,000 daily and a grand prize of Rs.1 Crore. Customers can also participate in the Maal Dhammal Quiz and have a chance to win Rs. 500,000 by answering questions correctly via SMS.

The promotion also includes a special ‘Bonus Scheme’ through which customers can win up to a year’s free fuel after entering a special lucky draw.

If this wasn’t enough, Maal Dhamaal Quiz will have special Bonus Schemes throughout the duration of the campaign where participants enter a special lucky draw to win free fuel for one year!


  • Send an SMS to 3000 to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle.
  • Visit from your mobile phone to download the Wallpapers and Ringtones you purchase.


  • The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is an 85 days campaign, from 15th April 2013 to 8th July 2013.


  • The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is for Rs.9.99+tax
  • Standard GPRS charges apply for downloading Wallpapers and Ringtones through the WAP portal:

Details of the Prizes:

The details of the gifts are presented in the following table:

  • Daily – through lucky draw (except Sundays): Rs. 100,000
  • Weekly – top scorer: Rs. 500,000
  • Grand – through lucky draw (last day of Campaign): Rs. 10,000,000
  • Bonus – through lucky draw: Rs. Free fuel for one year (Fair use policy of 160 liters per month
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