Warid Offers a Wounderfull Night Pakage name Warid infiNite Craze. So If like to talk long hours at night, zem brings you INFINITE CRAZE, the best night-time package in Pakistan.with This Pakage you can get unlimited free calls, from 12 am to 7 am, to any five friends and family Warid numbers and you can also send unlimited free SMS & MMS* to any number all over Pakistan.

The Reference of This Pakage on Warid website is as Under.

What are the benefits of InfiNite Craze offer?

With infiNite Craze offer, you can :

Talk free on any five Warid numbers from 12 am to 7 am.

Send unlimited free SMS/MMS* to any number across Pakistan from 12 am to 7 am.

How do I subscribe to infiNite Craze?

You can subscribe to infiNite Craze by dialing 321 and selecting infiNite Craze

How do I select my infiNite number?

SMS “add” to 129 as you would add a normal FnF number. Rs.2+tax will apply on changing the infiNite number.

What are the subscription charges?

Daily subscription of Rs.10 +tax applies.
*SMS/MMS is capped at 2,000 SMS/MMS per night

Fair use policy applies

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