Warid brings you an exciting new pakages and tariff now you can
call 10 Glow Gang Friends with Glow 2.0 (5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers)
Any number, Any network for just Rs. 0.61/30sec.

Taxes apply.

Per 30 seconds billing applies, unless specified.

Rs. 1 +Tax will be charged only on the first Glow Gang off-net call made in a day.

Glow Gang:

Favorite 5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers

On-net: To all other Warid numbers

Off-net: To all other mobile networks & landline numbers

Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Peak hours: 8am to 11pm
Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 8am
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Peak hours: 5pm to 11pm
Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 5pm

Glow Gang Details

Number of Glow Gang Friends: 10 (5 off-net & 5 on-net)
Check Glow Gang list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
Add a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Add to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax
Delete a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Del to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
You can change your Glow Gang numbers as many times as you like.
Glow SMS Tariff:

Taxes apply
MMS is charged both for receiving and sending.
MMS unit is a message of size 250KB on-net and 100KB off-net & on international numbers.
Mobile Internet (GPRS) unit is charged per 64KB.

Glow SMS Bundles:

Unlimited texting in the World of Glow

Send unlimited SMS to any number, any time, on all networks in Pakistan.
250 SMS @ Rs. 2.99+tax/day
To activate, SMS Glow250 to 7070 or call 321
700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99+tax/week
To activate, SMS Glow
700 to 7070 or call 321

How To activate Glow 2.0:

New Warid Customers: Dial 789 to activate Glow 2.0

Existing Warid Prepaid or Glow Customers: Dial 321 or SMS Glow2.0 to 5060

Terms & Conditions:

For Prepaid connection, please submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your CNIC.
Dial 789 for new SIM activation.
“Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.”
Kindly note that all calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.
19.5% FED on usage & 10% withholding tax on recharge apply.
Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion.

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