Video News Alerts


Video news alerts brings Video News Alerts straight to your Mobile Set in up to 5 preferred languages so that you remain updated on the go at all times.

How to Subscribe

Send ‘sub’ to 7037

How to Un-Subscribe

Send ‘unsub’ to 7037


Subscription Rs.2.5 + Tax/Week
SMS to 7037: Rs.1.0 + Tax/SMS

SMS to 7037: Rs.1.0 + Tax/SMS

How to Receive Daily News Alerts

After successful subscription, you will be subscribed to the default ‘Urdu’ Channel and you will be given an option to change the language. Please reply with the corresponding Channel Number to set your preferred language.

  1. Urdu
  2. Pushto
  3. Punjabi
  4. Siraiki
  5. English

For E.g.: Reply with ‘5’ to set language as English.
Once subscribed, you will receive 3 News alerts daily.

How to Pull News Alerts

You need not be subscribed to the daily alerts in order to use the service. Simply send your preferred language (Urdu/English/Siraiki/Punjabi/Pushto) to 7037 to receive a news alert at any time.

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