There are a lot of networks and a singel network have lot of pakages.But there are a samilirity between all pakage that all these pakages have a single benifit to call any single networks,if you get a chep call rate on a on net phone calls there are high paying of others networks calls,and if you get cheap sms you have to pay more for calls.

Ufone always offers a pakage have compatibility with all networks on voice calls and sms.

I am going to share a new pakage as like that by ufone Tension Free Package with this pakage you can call any network any time with flate rate Rs,1.20 per minute call.

UFONE says,Make calls without any tension or stress about inter-network charges because now all your calls cost only Rs.1.20 per minute to Ufone or any other network. Subscribe to the Tension Free Package and talk day or night at the lowest flat rate to any network!

Calls Tariff of Tension Free Package

Ufone to Ufone Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec
Ufone to PTCL & WLL Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec
Ufone to Other Mobile Networks Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec

SMS Tariff of Tension Free Package

Ufone to Ufone RS 0.50/SMS
Ufone to Other Networks RS 1.00/SMS
Ufone to International RS 2.50/SMS

How to Activate Tension Free Package
To activate this package dial 444 from your Ufone

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