UFONE offers his Prepaid Users to get ebill facility
Every one from us wants to know about his/her call records for many reasons.like below
You feel as that your mobile phone has been miss used by other person around you , and you want to trace out who it was who kept calling from your phone without youe noticeor permission!
You have given a cell number to your child, and you want to keep an eye on his/her activities.
Even if there is no reason, you own this number, so you deserve a right to know what has been happening with your phone balance.
Well, for those who are postpaid users, they get their outgoing details almost every month in form of their monthly bills. But for Prepaid users, getting call details is almost impossible for a person who don’t know about it that i am going to share.

Else Ufone and Zong no any company offer this service for their prepaid users. Its mean that, if you have any mobile number, other than Ufone or Zong, then just impossible getting your call details, because no one offers this ebill service.

Call Details ebill for Ufone

And if you are luckily using Ufone prepaid number, then the process is simple… you can get your ebill/call record by following 2 ways

Go to Ufone Public Service Center (Not ufone franchise), and show them the SIM that you have been using and also the original copy of CNIC… They will give you call details/ebill in some minuets
Call ufone help line, and request for calling details/ebill… person will verify your number by asking details about you, and will send call details on the address that has been associated with the number.
Charges for this Service

Ufone will deduct Rs. 50 (Including Taxes) from your prepaid balance. So you need to have at least Rs. 50 before you make any such request

What information you will get?

Ufone will send you complete outgoing call details for last 90 days, excluding current month. Don’t expect incoming call details or SMS details in this list.

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