Thefts of small and expensive things are increasing day by day.iPod is also a small device with expensive price and can be the favorite device of many thieves. If you own an iPod, then, you should take measures to get back your iPod if it is lost or stolen. No one can guarantee that you will get back your iPod once it’s lost or stolen but by using some services or software you can increase the chances of recovery of lost iPod. Here we will mention some of the ways which will definitely help you to make your device more secure.


iTracker is a free open source tracking system. Firstly, you will have to download it on your computer. Transfer the downloaded files on iPod through transfer cable and install it. Add your personal information in it. If your iPod is stolen and thief connects your iPod with connector cable, then, this program will email you information of the thief including IP address of the connection and time.

There are some drawbacks of the program such as computer must be connected to the internet and it should run .inf files and what if thief is using dynamic IP address. He can also format iPod after stealing it.

You can download iTracker from here.


This software can be used to track iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You can sign up for free at iHound website and then install this software on iPod touch from Apple App Store. If your device is stolen you can track the position of the iPod Touch using Wi-Fi signals. Try to connect to as many Wi-Fi connections as you can. Your device will connect to those Wi-Fi networks automatically and chances to recover your device will increase. You can also send alarm or message to iPod touch using Push notification from your iHound account.

You can download this software from here.


This app also supports iPod Touch and iPhone. If GadgetTrak is activated, the device owner can log into the GadgetTrak control panel and he can view information like location of the device, IP address and ISP info.

After installing it in iPod Touch configure the settings of the software from settings pane.

Download it for free from here.

We hope that your iPod will be more safe with these software.

Do tell us which of these software you liked the most.

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