toyota-corolla-altis-cng-review-150x150Toyota Corolla Altis CNG has been launched In the Auto Expo,which was organized in New Delhi 2010,Many people like Toyota Corolla Altis for its great looks and refined luxury ans style.Corolla was introduced to the peple in 1966.After its launch, it was admired by a lot of people from different parts of the world. Since then, verity of changes have been made by Toyota in this car.With this new generation model of Toyota Corolla,Company is expecting to increase the number of Toyota Corolla customers in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla Altis CNG Review
You may have seen the CNG version of Toyota Corolla. Now, for the convenience of the customers, Toyota Corolla Altis CNG has been launched. This model will be having same looks and interiors as Toyota Corolla Altis. However, the weight of the CNG version will be slightly more than the regular Corolla.People who were waiting for an environment and feul friendly version of Toyota Corolla Altis, will be very happy with the launching of Toyota Corolla Altis CNG. As CNG is the chepest fuel you dont need to spend much money on fuel.

There are many advantages for which one may consider to buy this car for any one. First, it will cost lesser money to travel in this car. Second, CNG is a lighter fuel when compared to petrol or diesel. Therefore, the chances of risky accumulation are very less. Third, the fact that CNG’s ignition temperature is more than other fuels like petrol or diesel reduces the chances of accidents related to sudden fire. Fourth, this car will make you one of those people who are doing something against global warming. Other benefit of the CNG version of Toyota Corolla Altis is there are no chances of the spark getting disrupted by the particles because no particles are caused by CNG.

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