The Story of Stuff Video was released in 2007 by Annie Leonard.Its a 20-minute viral video.Today is a good news for the fans of The Story of Stuff . Annie Leonard has a new book out today Named – The Story of Stuff. Its a 300 page book expands on her viral video sensation. The book has much more details about production,extraction, distribution, consumption and disposal in the stages of the materials economy. It also has facts and examples from all over the world. Not only this she also included the stories of real people who are really working for the development of the world such as garment workers in Haiti, Nigerians resisting oil extraction and many others.

Annie Leonard told about her purpose of writing this book that she received tens of thousands of emails asking for more information than she could possibly fit into the film. She said that she wrote the book to further explore the issues and to share the journey in both personal and material ways. Her film was about America’s take-make-waste cycle of excessive consumerism and it gained so much popularity and now her book “The Story of Stuff” explores “how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities and our health — and a vision for change.” American proponent of sustainability and critic of excessive consumerism Annie Leonard was born in 1964 in Seattle. She is best known for her animated film The Story of Stuff about the life-cycle of material goods.

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