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Wateen is Offering Free Connection for Warid Post-paid Customers

Wateen has plan of involving Warid to boost it’s sales. As an outcome, company is now offering free connection, i.e. all upfront charges waived off, for all Warid postpaid customers.

All you need to do is to get your copy of Warid postpaid number to any of Warid’s service center or franchise to claim your connection.

Just to mention, monthly rental will be applicable, based on your Wateen package – obviously its free for lifetime.

If you want to know about packages Wateen does offer, then here’s a link you need to visit for complete details about packages.


Wateen Telecom has signed Multi Million Dollar agreement with Spacecom

Wateen Telecom has signed a three-year multi-million dollar agreement with Spacecom International, the world’s foremost provider of satellite and telecommunication services.

Under the USD 11.3 million multi-transponder agreement, Wateen will provide Spacecom with Ku-band and C-band satellite bandwidth for Pakistan, as well as the Asian region served by the Asian broadcasting satellites ABS-7 and Intelsat IS-904. The C-band is a name given to certain portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, including wavelengths of microwaves that are used for long-distance radio telecommunications.

The C-band is primarily used for open satellite communications, whether for full-time satellite TV networks or raw satellite feeds. Ku band is primarily used for fixed and broadcast services over satellite. Ku band satellites are used for backhauls and particularly for satellite from remote locations back to a television network’s studio for editing and broadcasting.

The agreement brings great value to Wateen as it will enable the telecoms giant to provide a variety of telecommunications services, including GSM backhauling, high-speed Internet, news gathering, disaster recovery and data connectivity to regions where no other connectivity media is available.

Wateen Telecom is Pakistan’s largest satellite bandwidth reseller and a satellite systems integrator of world-renowned equipment manufacturers such as Comtech EF Data, STM Networks, I-Direct, Vertix and Cisco. Wateen’s satellite services division provides end-to-end solutions for VSAT equipment, satellite bandwidth, network optimization and customization tools to all of the country’s leading telecom operators, financial institutions, media broadcasting companies and SMEs.

Arrangements are being made by Wateen to get the maximum level of coverage all over Pakistan and its neighboring countries to empowers GSM operators , financial institutes , media broadcasting companies and other SME’s for their daily operations. Agreements contain leasing of Ku and C-band transponders with both fixed and steerable beams.

Commenting on the new venture, Wateen CEO Naeem Zamindar said, “We are excited about offering end-to-end connectivity to customers who rely on satellite technology for uninterrupted, high-quality service in areas where the terrain may prevent deployment of a fiber optic network. We found Spacecom to be best suited for our region as it offers the capabilities to meet the ever-evolving needs of a market with space capacity limitations.


Wateen Reconnect and Recharge Offer

Wateen Telecom announced an amazing Reconnect and Recharge Campaign offer for previous subscribers who hadn’t recharged their Wateen Internet and Telephony accounts from 31st August, 2010.

A Speacial offer for the Subscribers from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad who now recharge their accounts and get chance to win:

  • Get one month of line rent absolutely FREE
  • Have their previous dues waived off
  • Enter a lucky draw to win an all expense paid trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
  • Conditions Apply. Ferrari World Lucky Draw applicable for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad subscribers only. Visit http://go.wateen.net.


    Wateen Launches DigiPay to pay Wateen bill payments with ease

    Wateen Telecom announced the launch of ‘DigiPay’, for its customer’s to pay Wateen bill payments with ease.

    With DigiPay, customers now have the options to buy electronic PINs for Wateen bill payments through a number of different mediums. Launching this service in collaboration with epay, Wateen is enabling its customers to pay their Wateen bills through new mechanisms such as

    Credit/Debit Cards,
    Phone and so on
    Via Phone

    Wateen customers, who own Bank Alfalah credit cards too, can now call Bank Alfalah customer helpline @ 111-225-111. Wateen PINs are available around the clock. Wateen PINs can also be availed against reward points redemption.

    Credit and Debit Pay

    Wateen customers can simply swipe their credit/debit card of any bank at MCB Credit Card machines available across all major grocery stores. They will get an electronic voucher with the Wateen PIN in their desired denomination.


    Wateen Promotes Internet Literacy in Underserved Areas of Pakistan

    Wateen has been an active participant in Government of Pakistan’s (Ministry of Information Technology) USF projects working towards the development of telecom infrastructure in underserved areas of the country.

    So far, Wateen has been successful in obtaining subsidies of approximately PKR 1.8 billion for OFC projects and PKR 1.0 billion for Broadband projects through successful participation in competitive biddings.

    Wateen’s deployment of a robust Optical Fiber Cable network of over 10,000 kilometers and the largest nationwide 3.5 GHz WiMAX network rollout in the world makes Wateen a natural partner of choice to support such initiatives from USF.

    Mr. Tariq Malik, CEO Wateen Telecom, commended Wateen’s efforts for promotion of internet literacy in these regions and said

    “Wateen stands committed in alleviating the digital divide between the urban and rural population and is always one step ahead of its competition to meet such challenges. Our aim is to promote computer and internet literacy in underserved regions of Pakistan by making these services ‘available’ and ‘affordable’ for the people of Pakistan.

    While talking about corporate social responsibility he further stated that through these projects Wateen is not only making services available in educational centers by building computer laboratories that shall be fully equipped with broadband internet but is also generating employment opportunities by creating partnerships with the local community to build internet cafes in the area.

    It is Wateen’s vision to contribute towards the development of our great country and hence, participation in USF regions aligns with Wateen’s vision of taking Pakistan into the digital broadband revolution of the 21st century while promoting education and literacy through these means.”


    Wateen Allows Access without password to Its Customers’ Account info

    Wateen Telecom offering Self Care portal, through it, wateen offering its customers to know their latest account status along with a facility to recharge their accounts, but the heighlited thing is that system login to user information page without asking any password or any system generated user name; instead all customer’s private information is revealed by just submitting random names.

    Here on this url: simply guess and enter names like: umer, hamza, Aamir, Huma, Nadia,hina etc.

    P.S. You don’t need to be a Wateen customer to enjoy personal information of Wateen users;

    Below is screen shot of a random customer, interestingly there is a sign out button for a page which never asked for sign-in.


    Wateen Offers Discount Package for Student in Selected Cities

    Thanks to USF, Wateen telecom is offering WiMAX broadband services at discounted rates for students in selected cities.

    This discount is offered exclusively for students in following cities:

    • Okara
    • Sargodha
    • Abbottabad
    • Gujrat
    • Sialkot
    • Sheikhupura
    • Sahiwal

    Student from therse cities can get discount on Wateen services by simply presenting their School, college, University identity at Wateen Franchises.

    Discounted Wateen Rates for Students are as following:

    • 256 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 839
    • 512 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 909
    • 1 Mbps – 1 GB Limit for Rs. 299
    • 1 Mbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 979

    All these packages come with

    • Upfront cost: Zero
    • Security: Zero
    • Monthly Device Rental: Zero

    For more information call Wateen’s helpline here: 111-365-111 (Be informed that wait time is usually longer than 4-5 minutes)

    It merits mentioning here that these cities were offered subsidy by USF (see map above) – where it is mandatory for broadband operators to achieve a target number of customers to start receiving the subsidy grants from USF. As it is apparent from the map that USF has plans to stretch its subsidy for broadband to other under-served cities of Pakistan as well.

    For complete details on USF’s Broadband programme: http://www.usf.org.pk/Broadband-Programme.aspx


    Watch Full Length Movies on Wateen Web Portal

    Wateen Telecom has make a web portal that is filled with multiple segments ranging from news section to blogs and from games to movies.

    It is indeed a good effort to bring forward the local content and that too backed by such a large ISP. This can probably serve as an example for the rest of companies to deploy their portals where users can share content from our local industry.

    However, there is a problem that we wanted to point out. Just like PTCL’s entertainment portal (which is exclusively available for only PTCL broadband users), Wateen has started uploading full length movies – on third parties’ servers – and which are available for everyone to watch them online for free.

    Now we are not sure if they have got redistribution license for these movies or not. Wateen is not only uploading these full length (apparently pirated) videos from admin’s account but they are also advertising it through their official twitter account.

    Here is the link for Video Portal on Wateen’s website: http://videos.wateen.com/index.php


    Some Tips for Wateen Users

    Wateen has been operating in Pakistan for couple of years now, with being the first WiMAX operator of the country.

    Despite the fact that Wateen was able to fetch pretty number of customers, spread wide its infrastructure, coverage, back haul, but unfortunately, somehow it could not leave the impression in the minds of customers.

    If you just Google around, or ask for general feedback from your friends or cousins of friends, you may hear following

    Franchisee has not sent me the user name and password, it’s been days now
    Low signal problem
    Internet browsing problem
    Frequent disconnections

    Call center bad experience in resolution of the complaint
    Vague promise of call backs from call centers
    And list goes on!!!

    Recently, Wateen claimed, they have achieved the 200,000 mark for subscribers’ base; but these stats are not public as of now, neither we have any independent party confirming this figure, like how much ACTIVE and DORMANT (non-Active) subscribers they have on the board.

    let’s go with official stats, which is, 200,000 customers, that too in such a short time, but what about the retention and satisfaction rate of these customers?

    When service delivery and service recovery both have issues and there is no technical remedial except, some common solutions that you can hear from call center, such as:

    Clear the browser cache
    Only compatible with IE Internet Explorer ,
    Our technical team will contact you shortly, and this shortly has never come to shot.
    Solutions to these loop holes:

    Proper maintenance of browsing issues
    Customer service deliverance programs for customers
    Customer loyalty incentives
    Customer win back programmes
    Call center staff trainings & development
    Engineering department has to get efficient for locating problems related to engineering side.
    Proper Restructuring of Franchise & Retail divisions.
    Revision of Sale Strategies.
    WATEEN can still PLAY in the market because:

    Wide Network Coverage Map
    Experience that it has earned with time
    Unlimited bandwidth Packages
    Wide range of network of Retail stores and Franchises.
    Largest Subscriber base
    Learning Point:

    Wateen has to come into proactive play if they are willing to compete with new operators, like WI-Tribe & Qubee, because there is no more monopoly involved in the Wimax business.

    As we know, Wateen has largest subscriber base, but if things are not streamlined, this top slot can be replaced one day.

    We must not forget, WEAKNESS can be an OPPORTUNITY for Competitor – So beware!!!


    There are not Genuine Microsoft Windows At Wateen Kiosks islamabad Airport

    On my visit to islamabad Airport for my friend arrival I got a chance to use internet on Wateen Kiosks set-up at Islamabad Airport. I would have really appreciated Wateen’s attempt to put on the complimentary kiosks for travelers and providing them services.When i finished my work and closed the browser window, I saw something strange that can not be expected from a recognized broadband company like wateen while promoting their brand.
    Have a Look at Pictures:


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