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1 Month Free Blackberry Services From Warid for New Customers

Warid has started Blackberry Sales & Services through the franchise channel from yesterday, i.e. June 21st, 2010. In addition Warid will be giving 1 month FREE BlackBerry (BIS) service to its new Blackberry customers.

Promotion & Mechanics:

All new Blackberry service activations (BIS) will be free for one month:-

  • Campaign starts from 21st June 2010.
  • Campaign Ends on 21st July 2010.
  • Only new BIS activation during the above mentioned dates will be given 1 month free BIS service i.e.(Rs 1000/- waived off, exclusive of all applicable taxes).
  • To avail this promotion please visit your nearest Business Centre or Franchise.
  • After FREE 1 month BlackBerry Promotion Blackberry services / sales through Warid franchise channel will continue.
  • Charges:

    After one month, usual Blackberry (BIS) services charges will be applicable, which are Rs. 1,000 per month plus tax.

    Note: The BIS service has to be installed with new / compliant packages.


    No More SMS Delivery Reports by Warid

    Reportedly,Warid Takes Back its popular SMS delivery report service (popular because no other operator was offering this for free).

    Service center was earlier saying that this blockade is temporary however they are now responding that service will remain down for in-definite time; maybe forever.

    Some call this service additional burden on network capacity,while others loved it for the advantages it offered to end customers.

    Before this all other operators had already taken down SMS delivery reports, while Warid was the only operator offering this service for free.

    By the way, free balance check is another attribute of Warid (only), hopefully it will remain in-tact.


    Warid distribute Prizes for Online Game Winners

    The interactive application launched on Facebook on 19th Feb 2010 enjoyed a great deal of participation for 45 days and was eventually closed on 4th April 2010.

    A prize distribution ceremony for Warid Fix the Mix Puzzle was held by brandsynario.com.

    Based on the highest scores, a total of ten winners were shortlisted from all participants. Brandsynario and Warid teams jointly gave away the latest iPod Shuffles to the lucky winners.

    Mr. Syed Faraz Hussain, Regional Marketing Manager Warid, present at the prize distribution ceremony said, “We are proud of our association with Brandsynario for delivering results beyond our expectations. Most of all we are deeply content because of the fact that for the first time we were able to connect with our consumer on a whole new dimension. Warid would continue to bring new and fantastic online interactive initiatives of this sort in near future too.”


    Warid Glow 2.0 New Tariff

    Warid brings you an exciting new pakages and tariff now you can
    call 10 Glow Gang Friends with Glow 2.0 (5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers)
    Any number, Any network for just Rs. 0.61/30sec.

    Taxes apply.

    Per 30 seconds billing applies, unless specified.

    Rs. 1 +Tax will be charged only on the first Glow Gang off-net call made in a day.

    Glow Gang:

    Favorite 5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers

    On-net: To all other Warid numbers

    Off-net: To all other mobile networks & landline numbers

    Weekdays: Monday to Friday
    Peak hours: 8am to 11pm
    Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 8am
    Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
    Peak hours: 5pm to 11pm
    Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 5pm

    Glow Gang Details

    Number of Glow Gang Friends: 10 (5 off-net & 5 on-net)
    Check Glow Gang list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
    Add a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Add to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax
    Delete a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Del to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
    You can change your Glow Gang numbers as many times as you like.
    Glow SMS Tariff:

    Taxes apply
    MMS is charged both for receiving and sending.
    MMS unit is a message of size 250KB on-net and 100KB off-net & on international numbers.
    Mobile Internet (GPRS) unit is charged per 64KB.

    Glow SMS Bundles:

    Unlimited texting in the World of Glow

    Send unlimited SMS to any number, any time, on all networks in Pakistan.
    250 SMS @ Rs. 2.99+tax/day
    To activate, SMS Glow250 to 7070 or call 321
    700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99+tax/week
    To activate, SMS Glow
    700 to 7070 or call 321

    How To activate Glow 2.0:

    New Warid Customers: Dial 789 to activate Glow 2.0

    Existing Warid Prepaid or Glow Customers: Dial 321 or SMS Glow2.0 to 5060

    Terms & Conditions:

    For Prepaid connection, please submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your CNIC.
    Dial 789 for new SIM activation.
    “Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.”
    Kindly note that all calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.
    19.5% FED on usage & 10% withholding tax on recharge apply.
    Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion.


    Glow became the most preferred youth brand

    Warid New prepaid brand ‘GLOW’ is the most popular and versatile youth brand of Pakistan. July 20th 2009 was a milestone in Warid’s history when its first youth-oriented brand Glow was rolled out. The brand primarily focused on the on-net community along with other value added features that fulfill the demands of today’s youth with an easy-on-the-pocket approach. Within a few months of the launch, Glow became the most preferred youth brand, not only for the youth but also for people from all age groups and all walks of life. The numbers suggested that Glow’s 2009 campaign had a very strong impact on the audience.

    Glow 2.0 is an extension of the Glow portfolio. It has been designed to meet the needs of the consumers who like to make frequent off-net calls. The value added services (VAS) have been revitalized to give customers a superior service experience. Glow 2.0 is a power pack brand with numerous VAS, such as, SMS Bundles, GPRS and nights & weekend offers, in addition to the off-net and on-net packages.

    To introduce this power pack brand, an innovative marketing approach has been adapted for the first time in Pakistan. Unlike the conventional cycle of big campaigns, it started off with 10 short films, which built up the hype for the final film. Creating a sequence of 11 films to be played on consecutive days is an extremely bold and unique step in the advertising scene of Pakistan. Never before has a new film is rolled out every day for a single campaign. The campaign of such magnitude has created a paradigm shift in the advertising industry with this approach. The campaign has been divided into two phases, which are very articulately interconnected. The 1st phase, featuring the country’s top musicians, serves as a build-up for the grand reveal of the locally and internationally acclaimed, iconic pop singer, Atif Aslam. Each value-added service is represented by a different artist, which helps to explain the particulars of each and every feature offered by Glow 2.0. This campaign aims to retain Glow’s existing customers and acquire new users with its contemporary, hip and exciting mood. The composition of the Glow song and its visual implementation gives a feeling of fun and unity, appropriately representing the line: “Keep Glowin’… glow 2.0 (5 Off-net & 5 On-net numbers @ 61 paisa/ 30 sec)”

    The beauty of the campaign is that it’s based on a simple yet naturally powerful theme of music. In the 2nd phase of the Glow 2.0 campaign, Atif Aslam, who enjoys a fan base in all age brackets will be revealed as the brand ambassador. Atif’s superstar appeal typifies the gripping personality of Glow 2.0.

    Commenting on GLOW 2.0 Mr. Muneer Farooqui, Chief Executive Officer, Warid Telecom said “Our segmented approach helps us cater to each segment of the market with maximum attention. Glow is the rightly positioned prepaid brand that particularly focuses on the youth of Pakistan. The brand is unique having distinct attitude that’s carefully crafted following in-depth research and customer feedback. We’re committed to provide our youth with choice and flexibility through GLOW 2.0 by making available range of offerings that suit their individual needs.”

    “At Warid we are continuously striving to bring the best to the Pakistani youngsters. ‘GLOW’ has become the most popular youth brand of Pakistan as it brings with it the most relevant options a youngster would desire. All refreshed up ‘GLOW 2.0’ is the advanced GLOW that is coupled with some of the most exciting features, making it the most versatile youth brand. We are the pioneers in the telecom sector with many firsts and now with ‘GLOW 2.0’ we have brought the best possible to the youth of Pakistan so they can feel free and enjoy our quality services” said Mr. Suhail Jan, General Manager Commercial, Warid Telecom.


    Warid Bring a New Sim Jagaoo Offer

    Warid Bring an exciting new offer If you haven’t used your Warid SIM since 1st January 2010, then start using it now and immediately get free balance worth Rs. 30! Also, get free balance worth 50% of first recharge each month for three months. The more you recharge, the more free balance you get! You are free to use these special bonuses to make On-Net calls or SMS to any network.

    You can also add one Warid number and one number from any network to Friends & Family and call these numbers for Rs. 1/minute.
    Dial 321 for further information.

    How to get This Offer:

    Just insert your Warid SIM and start making calls to Warid numbers or SMS to any network. Your balance will not be consumed until you have made calls or sent SMS worth Rs. 30.


    Warid Sunday Craze Offer

    Warid Sunday Craze offer pakage is best for those who remain busy all week and want to attach with friends & family on Sundays, Warid brings you a Pakage Sunday Craze.

    The best friends & family offer. By subscribing to this Pakage you can now make unlimited FREE on-net calls on Sundays,
    from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    How do I activate this offer?

    You can activate this offer via IVR by dialing 321

    Activation Charges:
    One time activation charges of Rs.10. After that weekly subscription charges of Rs. 15 + tax apply.


    Warid SMS to PTCL V-Fone

    Warid takes its messaging service to the top level.Now all Warid users can send and receive SMS to any V-PTCL number within Pakistan any day any time.

    This facility allows all Warid customers to send and receive SMS to any V-PTCL number in Pakistan.

    Every SMS sent to any V-PTCL number will be charged as per standard off-net SMS charges of the package plan opted with no charges on receiving the SMS.

    This facility is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

    There is no activation procedure for this facility it already activated

    Terms and Conditions

    All charges are exclusive of government taxes and levies including FED at 19.5%.

    10% withholding tax is deducted on each recharge amount by ezeeLOAD & scratch card.


    Warid Smart Bundle BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Offer


    Special offer made available for all. It is specially designed to fit your needs and your budget.This is a limited time offer till stocks last!
    Enjoy discounts on security and line rent for 6 months to stay connected in style.


    Please pick your Warid Postpaid package to avail this bundle.

    Warid 500 Rs.23,540
    Warid 750 Rs.22,040
    Warid 1500 Rs.26,540
    Warid 2500 Rs.32,540
    Warid Unlimited Rs.43,000

    Visit for More….


    How to Chang your Network to Warid MNP

    Warid Telecom introduces Mobile Network Portability (MNP).Service with Two Methods.
    By simply calling 0321-321-321-1
    Or visiting http://www.waridtel.com/consumer/cs/online-port-in.php

    all off-net subscribers can get their complete existing number (along with network code) ported-in to Warid’s network. You will be provided thorough, personalized consultancy and support regarding the process of porting-in, its prerequisites and details of packages and tariffs, along with special MNP offerings.

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