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Warid Urdu SIM

First time in Pakistan, Warid offers one of its kind Value Added Service in Urdu language in SIM. Now you can receive the latest news‚ entertainment and daily alert services in our national language.

Key Features

Available for prepaid & postpaid customers on 64K SIM Card

Special Urdu STK application on the SIM card

Choose from a list of services & get them via daily alert



Latest News
Get the latest news from around the world.

Today’s Headline
Get the news which is making headline of the day

Stay connected to the global trends with worldwide news


For everyone interested in business updates

If you enjoy sports we have the right material for you

News Service
Whenever news happens get informed Switch to news alert service!


You can avail prayer timing ,Ayat & Hadith alerts or subscribe to daily alert services for the same via menu. The following submenus are available in this menu:

Namaz Timing
My Location: Wherever you go keep track of time with our prayer service

City: Choose from a list of cities to get an update

Today’s Ayat
A randomly selected translation from the Quranic verses.

Today’s Hadith
An enlightening Hadith from the archives of authentic sources

Islamic Alert Service
A service including translations of Quranic verses‚ AHadith & prayer timings. Subscribe to any or all of these services:

Daily Ayat – A daily Ayat will be delivered to your inbox

Daily Hadith- A daily Hadith will be delivered to your inbox

Daily Namaz- Timings-Prayer timings for all 5 prayers during the day as per season will be delivered to your inbox

Whenever in need of some fun downloads go to the entertainment menu & download ringtones‚ wallpapers‚ horoscope‚ quotes and much more!

Note: Nokia‚ Sony Ericcson‚ Samsung‚ Siemens‚ Motorola will be available by default in the select phone feature.

The following submenus are available in this menu:





Color Picture
Your Horoscope

Start your day with access to your horoscope.

Horoscope Alert Services

Why ask for your horoscope when it can come to you? Subscribe to daily alert services of as many Zodiac signs as you like with our alert services.


Spread cheer with our joke services. Receive a humorous joke whenever you like.

Joke Alert Service

Get a daily smile in your inbox with this alert service.

Quotable Quotes

Quotes from those who shaped history.

Poetic Verses

Poetic verses to share with all.

Movies & Songs

Stay updated with top movies & music from the entertainment world.

Tip of the day

One small tip to guide your day.


Warid pays tribute to the best loved sport in Pakistan by providing you with alerts & scores from the world of cricket.

The following sub-menus are available in this menu:


Get results from sporting events has they happen around the world.

Cricket Alert Service

Whenever Pakistan plays an international cricket tournament‚ Warid cricket Service will give you a piece of the action.


All news from the sporting arena is now a click away!


Update your travel plans by checking on weather updates by city or by location.

The following submenus are available in this menu:


Get the local minimum & maximum temperatures & humidity percentages.


Why type when you can choose from a list of cities of Pakistan!


How to send Emails in Urdu with Gmail Tranliteration

Google have integrated Urdu Transliteration into Gmail. Now it is more easy writing emails to friends. Posting blog Urdu posts, Writing Urdu news, sending gossips to friends in Urdu is fun now with Gmail.

It is easy to use and enable Gmail Urdu transliteration. Changing Gmail interface language is not necessary to use Urdu transliteration.

To enable Urdu transliteration, go to your Gmail settings and select the Enable transliteration option. Set Urdu as default transliteration language. And below to these options choose Right-to-Left editing support on

Save settings by click Save changing button of your Gmail settings page. Your Gmail will reload.

Next go to compose option, this is the option which you use to write new email. Here you will see Urdu transliteration button, make sure Urdu is selected.


Whenever you want to write using Urdu transliteration switch typing left-to-right to right-to-left, If you have followed my first step, then you will see left to right or right to left writing changing options too like in the screenshot below.



Online Akhbar-e-Jehan Weekly Magzine Karachi Website

Akhbar-e-Jehan with over 62 years of service to readers and contribution to the newspaper industry, Jang Group of Publications is now accepted as the hallmark of objective journalism in Pakistan. Akhbar-e-Jehan, now in its 42nd year of publication is the largest world wide circulated full colour Urdu weekly magazine. It is a semi literary family magazine which is equally popular amongst all age groups of either sex. It is also the only magazine which is distributed throughout Pakistan, in urban as well as rural areas of all the provinces. Advertisers also automatically tap the lucrative Middle East and Gulf markets as Akhbar-e-Jehan is the largest circulated Urdu Weekly magazine in these countries. Akhbar-e-Jehan alone can take your advertising message throughout Pakistan and abroad effectively and most cost efficiently.

The Website for Online Akhbar-e-Jehan Weekly Magzine



Wasi Shah Poetry Urdu Poems and Ghazals

Wasi Shah the one of the best urdu language poets.and i am going to make a biggest resource of poetry by Wasi Shah.All famous poems ghazal
and shairy by Wasi Shah.
Aj You Mosam ne di Jasha-n-Mohabat Ki khabar

Band Lain Haat


Falak pe Chand Ka

Perdais Main Rahny Walon ka lay Aik Ghazal


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