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Omni by UBL Wins GSMA Global Mobile Award 2012

UBL’s branchless banking solution, Omni, has won GSMA Global Mobile award for 2012 for the category ”Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations” beating three other services – contesting in the same category.

Other contestants included:

  • Flowminder.org for Rapid Population Movement Analysis using Cellphone Data for Improving Efficiency of Humanitarian Relief
  • MoreMagic and Voilà for T-Cash following the Haitian earthquake
  • NTT DOCOMO for  Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake and New Disaster Preparedness Measures
  • Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) for the Strengthening Disaster Preparedness of Southern Leyte through SMS technology

UBL Omni won the award for for a transparent and efficient Cash Disbursement service after the 2009 IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Flood Crisis.

Omni happens to be one of the largest Branchless Banking cash disbursement initiatives to date and has proved to be a quick and transparent mechanism for the way cash disbursements are made by the Government of Pakistan and non-profit organizations.

UBL Omni provided the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), a poverty alleviation initiative by the Government of Pakistan, and the World Food Programme (WFP) with a transparent and convenient cash disbursement mechanism for victims of the 2009 ‘War Against Terror’ IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Flood Crisis. Beneficiaries were issued unique cards and PINs which were used to withdraw funds from conveniently located UBL Omni retail shops, where agents logged into their mobile based applications to execute quick cash disbursements.

Judges commented over Omni saying:

“There is growing interest in how to direct payment of aid to the needy and this scheme utilizing mobile phones is a valuable initiative.”

The GSM Association Awards are considered as the most prestigious contest and mostly called as Oscar for the mobile phone and telecommunication industry.

List of winners for GMSA Awards 2012 for 23 different categories is available here.


How to use OMNI account through internet

You can use your UBL OMNI account through internet by visiting UBL website www.ubl.com.pk and registering for UBL Online banking using your OMNI Account. User name and password for online banking can also be used to use the account on WAP through mobile phone.

Use the following steps to activate online banking on your OMNI account:

i. Visit the URL www.ubl.com.pk/ebank
ii. Choose new users
iii. If you already have an account with UBL at a Branch and also have a wallet card then you will just need the following information

a. Your WALLET card no.
b. Your registered email address
c. A verification code
d. Your ATM PIN

iv. If you only have a UBL Account but no ATM card than you will be required to enter the following information

a. Your registered email address
b. Keyword / Mother’s maiden name
c. Region
d. Branch Name
e. Account No.

v. If you only have the UBL OMNI account than select the “Omni” option instead of the normal account from the address https://www.ubl.com.pk/ebank/login/gs_reg_info.asp and continue to fill the required information
For details on the registration information visit https://www.ubl.com.pk/ebank/faqs/


How to Open a UBL OMNI Account

You can open ubl omni account by visiting any of the mentioned OMNI Dukaan with the initial deposit amount Rs.500 and your original CNIC. Fill account opening form after completing the account opening form, the agent will deposit your amount and will provide you a confirmation slip along with a copy of your account opening form. Your account will be activated once your request is processed by UBL.

Already Have UBL OMNI:
If you already have an account with UBL than you just need to send your name and CNIC on 8257. Your account will be activated immediately and you can start using it.


UBL WIZ Prepaid Card easy to use for online Shoping

Internet shoping was not popular in pakistan because for doing shopping online you need credit card or paypal account,but the majority of pakistanies have no credit card available because its difficult to use and no available easily for everone.Paypal is not offer his services in pakistan.
So that the internet shoping is a difficult process for middle class peoples in pakistan.

But the UBL Wiz card Solve this problem visa powered ubl wiz prepaid card is easily available for everyone have CNIC.
WIZ card Pakistan’s First Prepaid VISA Debit Card.Wiz card is available for everyone just paying 130 Card issuance fees and minimum 500 deposit for first time.
Now you can easily pay you online bills with out any tention,just call ubl help line and activate online session Per session Charges 100 for 12 hours session and use the card on any website have support VISA.

You can also use this card at ATM machines all over pakistan.With this card you dont need to put money in your pocket just put card in your pocket and deposit money in your card for security purpose.


For more information visit website of UBL
OR call: 111-825-888


UBL NET Banking Pay your Prepaid Utility Bills Mobile Bills

UBL is top of The Net Banking in pakistan and offers many usefull features to facilitate Customers Some of Thems are below.
Prepaid Vouchers
Serving our customers with the best; netbanking offers an additional feature to buy Prepaid Vouchers online. It is simple and convenient. Customers can buy Prepaid Vouchers of any of the following companies:

Mobilink Prepaid
Ufone Prepaid
Warid Prepaid
Telenor Prepaid
Zong Prepaid
PTCL Calling Cards
Gerrys Net
Cyber Net

Utility Bills

No more standing in queues to pay phone and gas bills.UBL netbanking takes care of customers’ payments on time. Customers can pay utility bills of the following list of companies:


Mobile Bills

Pay bills online to a growing list of mobile operators. UBL netbanking offers the convenience to pay your bills online. Customers can make instant payments or schedule their recurring payments on a monthly or weekly basis. Payments can be made to any of the companies listed below:


UBL Bills

Continuing ease and convenience, customers can pay their UBL bills through netbanking.
The payments can be made to the following:

UBL Drive
UBL Address
UBL Money

UBL Funds Investment

Now all UBL Netbanking customers can make their UBL Fund Managers investments with a simple click. UBL Fund Managers has added Netbanking as another channel to further facilitate its valued customers in making their timely investments. Using UBL Netbanking, customers can make their subsequent investments in the following UBL Fund Products:

UBL Liquidity Plus Fund
United Composite Islamic Fund
United Growth and Income Fund
United Islamic Income Fund
United Stock Advantage Fund

Donations / Zakat

UBL NetBanking now allows its customers to make donations or pay Zakat to the following welfare organizations:

Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT)
Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH)
Patient`s Welfare Association (PWA)
Sindh Inst of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT)
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH)
SAHARA for Life Trust
Taaleem for All Trust


UBL WIZ A PrePaid Debit & Credit Card For Online Shoping

Now you can have UBL VISA Debit Card even without having an account with UBL. Amagazine! For the first time in Pakistan, UBL introduces prepaid VISA debit cards. Named as UBL WIX, this card is Pakistan’s first Prepaid VISA Debit Card that provides you all facility of shopping online, ATM withdrawalof and also you can use this card anywhere where VISA is accepted (such as shopping malls, stores etc).


A CNIC holder (almost everyone) can get maximum of 3 cards at a time including UBL Wiz Teen, UBL Wiz Travelers and UBL Wiz Ladies card.
You can call UBL toll free help line 0800-11825 whenever you want any sort of help
The card can be used on internet with session charges of Rs.100. One session can be maximally up to 24 hours.
You can receive e-statements on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis right at your email. Moreover, you can inquire balance and can get mini statement from any UBL ATM machine.
Card Limit

Travelers VISA (Rs.)
Ladies VISA



Maximum Balance


ATM withdrawal per day

POS usage per day

Internet usage per day



Card Issuance
Rs.100 + 10% FED

Reload Fee (Minimum Rs.50)
0.1% + 10% FED

Withdrawal from UBL ATM

Withdrawal from any other ATM

Internet Usage
Free activation with Rs.100 per session

Cancellation Charges
Rs.100 + 10% FED

So it is just like a calling card or net card that you purchase by paying some money and then you use it. So now you can enjoy the benifits of VISA without having an account with any bank. UBL says that card is available at selected branches in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Faisalabad.


UBL Offer Online Shopping with UBL Debit Card

I am the one of, who don’t like the idea of credit card. Just because lot of service charges credit card apply for no good reason. So I had no credit card until few months back. Then I decided to start this blog and had to purchase a hosting server. So that was the time, when I came to know how important a credit card can be.

So the good news is that, United Bank Limited (UBL) has now started allowing their debit card holders to shop online with their Visa Debit Cards… Now.

So you can now use your UBL Wallet Visa to shop online! UBL is one of the few banks in Pakistan to offer its customers this value added feature, opening a whole new world of choices and convenience for customers.

So guys, go ahead and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Simply call toll free at 0800-11825 to activate your UBL card.

Note: UBL Debit card comes with every debit account with United Bank Limited. So all you need is an account with UBL to get this facility. For details callL: 0800-11825


No activation or annual charges – Facility available FREE OF COST!
No extra paperwork required
Nominal per session charges (Call helpline for details)
Easily activated by calling toll free on 0800-11825
UBL Wallet Visa card can be used at all international and local websites that accept VISA.
Customer defined spending limit / duration for enhanced security
Gold Card Daily Internet Shopping Limits KR 100,000
Silver Card Daily Internet Shopping Limits KR 50,000