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Telenor’s GPRS TVC Showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook Dleted

I think that Telenor has decided to pull back its recent most TV commercial of telenor GPRS.More, which came under fire from masses due to its over-expressive nature.

I don’t know any official words on this yet; however, Telenor’s official YouTube page has deleted the ad that showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS.

Telenor is airing a backup TVC on TV channels, which shots a better use of Telenor’s GPRS.

As we said, we don’t have official words on this matter yet; still, pulling the plug of TVC in question is being termed as positive and sensible response from Telenor’s end.

At the same time, now it is evident that said TVC had thematic problems in it.

Below is new TVC of Intenret.More


Telenor TVC which is morally beyond our social values

Telenor, a company that is usually very responsible in advertisements has apparently crossed the line, by having a go on a TVC, which is morally beyond our social values.

To sell its newly launched internet bundles, Telenor decided to show a boy spotting a  girl at his college. He then searches her by name on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS. He then sends her message to be connected, and then she turns out to be the daughter of principal of that college – in the end, boy and girl get connected, in ten rupees for a day.

Tagline of this ad can be: How to Get a Girl in Rs. 10 with Telenor Internet.More

Following is the AD:

A multinational company of Telenor’s magnitude must consider the operating circumstances before defining a policy. A love story presented like this in TVC is not going to get acceptance by masses, while we already are hearing bad words on it from industry:

Telenor Internet More1 A Line was Just Crossed: Telenor Internet.More [TVC]

Here are few points to be considered:

  • What has happened to ad agencies? where is creativity?
  • Sales’ desperation has gone this high that company can show/teach this nation anything?
  • Where is PTA/PEMRA?

Update: Telenor has Pulled Back above mentioned TVC from TV channels and their Youtube page. A Backup AD is being aired as of now.


Dum Ghuttkoon Jugni Ji Girl Meesha Shafi Joins Jazz Family

Overload’s lead vocalist and highly hyped singer of Alif Allah from Coke Studio 3, Meesha Shafi has been shot in of Jazz’s latest TVC along with Ali Zafar.

She hasn’t become the brand ambassador of Jazz as of now, we have confirmed, however to match Ali Zafar, Mobilink may take Meesha on-board in coming months.

A graduate from the NCA in Lahore, Meesha is a popular artist with a flair for oil on canvas. The gifted girl has also dabbled in acting and modeling along with representing L’Oreal Paris in Pakistan as one of the spokespersons, as well as being the lead vocalist for the percussion-based fusion band, Overload.

below is Jazz’s TVC starring Meesha and Ali Zafar

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