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You can Use Wikipedia for Free on Telenor

Through an agreement between Telenor Group and the Wikimedia Foundation signed today, Telenorcustomers throughout Asia and Southeastern Europe will be able to access Wikipedia.com on their phones for free, i.e. no charges for data traffic at all (as long as there are on Wikipedia.com).

How to Use Wikipedia for Free?

  • When implemented (It might take couple of months to get this partnership implemented), customers with a Telenor SIM will be able to access wikipedia.com for free.
  • You will be able to visit wikipedia.com as many times as you want
  • You will be able to browse wikipedia.com from your phone using any phone browser, or app.
  • External links on wikipedia.com will be charged as per usual tariff
  • Access to all other web pages (except wikipedia.com) will be charged as per usual tariffs.


As mentioned above, the agreement was signed last week and implementation of this partnership is in process now. Telenor Pakistan told  that a it could take couple of months to work out the technical modalities for making wikipedia.com accessible for free. Ideally, it is expected that all this would be done by April 2012.

A statement issued by Telenor said that this three year partnership between Telenor Group and the Wikimedia Foundation will cover 135 million users. The agreement is signed by seven countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Montenegro, and Serbia.

By the end of the year, more markets are expected to join. The agreement will be implemented step by step throughout 2012, with the first markets launching during the second quarter.

This initiative is part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mobile strategy, which focuses on reaching the billions of people around the world whose primary opportunity to access the Internet is via a mobile device.

“The Wikimedia Foundation is working to remove barriers to free knowledge, and for most people around the world right now, cost and accessibility are the two biggest hurdles,” says Barry Newstead, Wikimedia Chief Global Development Officer. “We applaud Telenor for joining us to deliver free access to Wikipedia for their customers. Through this partnership, we move a step closer to providing the sum of all knowledge to everyone in the world.”

This partnership supports Telenor’s commitment to bring more value to its mobile customers. Especially, the company has pioneered the development of value-adding services to rural and underserved communities in Asia. Telenor involve millions in Asia through the I-Geniusproject, which has already reached out to 300,000 Bangladeshi students and school-children with a call to explore open knowledge on the internet.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Wikimedia Foundation. Telenor have pioneered affordable, mobile communications across much of Asia, and we have built a track record of offering vital services with a significant outreach” says Kristin Skogen Lund,Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Services at Telenor Group. “With this agreement, we are first in Asia to bring a vast knowledge source to the millions in underserved communities across the region.”

Each local Telenor affiliate will establish technical solutions together with the Wikimedia Foundation.


Telenor Djuice 500 MB Mobile Internet Bundle For Prepaid

Telenor has lately introduced 500 MB GPRS bundle for those Djuice prepaid customers who want higher bandwith on their cell phones.


Telenor Djuice customers can avail this 500MB GPRS package for Rs 250 per month.

Just to mention, there’s no tax on any GPRS/EDGE package.

This GPRS bundle is not available for Telenor talkshawk prepaid customers.


Dial *345*904# from your Djuice to avail this offer
To check your Telenor GPRS validity and usage detail dial *999# (10 paisas charges of *999#)
GPRS charging pulse is 64KB
To configure your mobile for Telenor internet settings click here

This 500MB is the largest GPRS bundle from Telenor for its prepaid customers. But an othere hand, Zong is offering 2GB (2024MB) GPRS in Rs. 200.


Telenor Easypaisa has got $ 6.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Recently Telenor Pakistan officially announced that Easypaisa has got a $ 6.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase adoption of its mobile financial services.

To announce the grant, a press conference was held at Telenor Pakistan’s head office.

In his opening remarks, Roar Bjaerum, Vice President of Financial Services at Telenor Pakistan, said that accessible mobile financial services can help catalyze Pakistan’s socio-economic efforts.

“Financial exclusion of the lower income population is a systemic challenge in Pakistan. With more than 85% of population not having access to formal savings or credit products, many households are vulnerable to fluctuations in daily income and unable to absorb economic shocks from unexpected events.

Easypaisa’s vision is to serve as a vehicle for financial inclusion for such households. The grant will help us accelerate adoption of Easypaisa services among poor and unbanked individuals,” he said.

Rodger Voorhies, Director of the Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor initiative, in a message said that the aim of the project was to expand the range of services poor Pakistanis can access through Easypaisa:

“While Easypaisa has seen rapid adoption of its payment and remittance services, adoption of mobile financial services, like savings and insurance, has been slower,” Voorhies said. “This grant aims to accelerate adoption of Easypaisa’s Mobile Account among poor and unbanked households to create a foundation for the delivery of savings, insurance, and other mobile financial services.”

Telenor Pakistan’s Roar Bjaerum also spoke about Easypaisa services and the socio-economic impact and future of mobile financial services in Pakistan.


Telenor Pakistan is going to increase service charges on Card Reloads

Telenor Pakistan is going to increase service charges on card reloads/easy-loads to 7
percent, said a notice available on Telenor’s website.

These New services charges will be applicable from February 15th, 2012.

Website notes:
Increase in surcharge deducted from recharge

Dear Customer, kindly note that the surcharge being deducted from recharge will be increased to 7% with effect from 15th Feb 2012.

Earlier Mobilink also increased the service charges on credit reloads/easy-share to 7 percent, in addition to other charges/fee already in place.

It merits mentioning here that Telenor had imposed 1.5 percent admin fee on card reloads in June 2011, which was taken back in August 2011 but service charges were increased from 5 to 6.5 percent.

Operators defend these additional charges due to increased operating expenses. They also justify such additional charges by pointing towards low ARPUs and tariffs in Pakistani market. However, repeated additions in such charges and massive taxes on telecom services is putting the common customer with average usage under a lot of burden.

Consistent increments in service charges are raising serious concerns, while masses are considerably asking for a check on ever decreasing cellular tariffs.

Charges/Taxes on Rs. 100 Card (for Telenor Customer after February 15th):

•Withholding Tax @ 10% = Rs. 10
•Service Charges @ 7% = Rs. 7
•GST on remaining amount of Rs. 83 @19.5 percent = Rs. 16.19
•Total Taxes + Service Charges: 33.19
Or in other words, with Rs. 100 card – you get only Rs. 66.81 for telecom services while remaining amount goes under the head of taxes, services charges.

Explanation: Withholding tax and service charges are deducted right away when you load a card of Rs. 100. With remaining Rs. 83, you will have to pay 19.5 percent GST on all calls, SMS, MMS or for any other usage.


Norwegian Minister Visits Telenor Easypaisa Shops

The Norwegian Minister for Environment and International Development Erik Solheim visited a Telenor Pakistan easypaisa retail outlet at a local market today.

He was accompanied by Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan Robert Kvile and Chief Strategy Officer & VP Corporate Affairs Telenor Pakistan Aamir Ibrahim. The minister is in Pakistan to see ongoing flood relief and rehabilitation activities. Norway has contributed 400 million Norwegian Kroners (USD67 million) for Pakistan’s flood affected.

Talking to the media the minister appreciated Telenor Pakistan’s contribution to the flood relief activities. “I am happy to see that Telenor is actively contributing to social causes in Pakistan. The Norwegian government and people of Norway will always stand beside our Pakistani friends in their hour of need.”

Telenor Pakistan’s Aamir Ibrahim speaking on the occasion said: “Branchless banking solutions like easypaisa can not only address the lack of financial inclusion in Pakistan but can also potentially help generate and disburse funds to the disaster affected people.”

Easypaisa, launched in October 2009, aims to offer financial inclusion to Pakistan’s population, a large majority of which is currently unserved. The recently launched easypaisa Donation Service was used to collect funds for the flood affected people.

Easypaisa is available in 700 locations across Pakistan. With 11,000 agents, 1 million transactions a month, and Rs 10 billion worth of transaction since launch, the service is helping to provide people with much needed financial services.


Telenor Rewards its Retailers

Telenor Pakistan, gave away 12 motor bikes and around 2200 cash prizes worth Rs. 4.8 million to its Easyload retail partners from different regions of Pakistan under its ‘Telenor Maala-maal Offer’.

Retail Partners whose July Easyload sales exceeded previous month by 5 percent were eligible to enter the lucky draw. A 10 percent increase allowed them a double entry in the draw.

Appreciating the support of retail partners, Telenor Pakistan’s Director Sales & Distribution Malik Faisal Qayyum said, “Our retail partners have been the backbone of our distribution network. We would like to thank them for their enthusiastic participation in the ‘Telenor Maala-maal Offer’ and extend our heartiest congratulations to all the winners”.

The Maala-maal offer gave away 12 Motorcycles, 30 prizes of PKR 10,000 each, 60 prizes of PKR 5,000 each and 2100 prizes of PKR 2,000 each to easyload retailers across regions in the country. The Maala-maal scheme is a continuation of the previously run Easyload Millionaire Prize Schemes.


Telenor Easypaisa Wins Best MMT Entrant of the Year Award

Easypaisa has won the award for ‘Best Mobile Money Transfer Entrant of the Year’ at the world’s first Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) Awards held in Dubai last week, making it the year’s best service of its kind in the world.

The service was pitted against some of the world’s leading mobile financial service providers such as Vodafone and Safaricom.

In the winning category, easypaisa competed against Grameenphone, Banglalink and Vodafone to win the award. It was also the only service nominated by the jury in three of the six categories; the two other categories being ‘Most Inventive Marketing Campaign’ and ‘Achievement in Financial Inclusion’.

Pakistan’s first real branchless banking solution easypaisa was launched jointly by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited last year. The service is now available at more than 11,000 agents across Pakistan. With more than 500,000 unique users in the last month alone conducting more than 1 million transactions with a value of Rs2 billion in throughput, easypaisa is helping to provide people across Pakistan with much needed financial services.

Roar Bjaerum, VP Financial Services, Telenor Pakistan speaking about the win, said:

The award is recognition of the uniqueness and the early success of the easypaisa portfolio of services. Telenor Pakistan is committed to offering secure and reliable mobile financial services to the people of Pakistan. By doing so we aim to bring empowerment and convenience to everyone, enabling them to carry out financial transactions whether in urban areas or rural communities

Ali Abbas Sikander, Group Executive Director Technology & Operations, Tameer Micro Finance Bank Limited, commenting on winning the award said:

We are honored. While easypaisa is one of the most revolutionary services to come out of Pakistan’s banking and telecom sectors, it is also timely. The World Bank estimates the domestic transfer volume at close to $7 billion a year. Through easypaisa we aim to target current users of domestic remittance services. In addition, we aim to help bring a portion of the $2 billion to $4 billion transacted through informal channels into the mainstream

Abbas said that the State Bank of Pakistan, too, has provided a favorable regulatory environment for the promotion of innovative financial services. In a recent international study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Pakistan has been listed as number 5 in the world in terms of overall business environment for microfinance, and number 1 in terms of regulatory environment.

The Mobile Money Transfer Global Conference & Expo, where the award was announced, was held in Dubai from October 24-27 and attracted 500 participants from more than 50 countries. It is recognized as the industry’s definitive category event.


Telenor TalkShawk Pakage 49 Paisa for 30 Seconds All Networks

Telenor has offered its Talkshawk customers to make calls to any network at 49 Paisas per 30 seconds, anytime of the day, at a daily subscription charge of Rs. 3 plus tax.

For the purpose, you need to activate Telenor’s talkswhak 63 Package and avail this offer by activating your daily subscription.


If subscribed,

  • All calls to all networks in Pakistan will be charged at 49 paisas per 30 seconds
  • Call to UK (Landline only), US (Landline and Mobile) and Canada (Landline and Mobile) are charged at 49 Paisas per 30 seconds.

How to Activate:

Dial *345*255#

Subscription Charges:

Rs. 3 plus tax per day

How to Convert to Talkshawk 63 Package:

Write “migrate” and send SMS to 345

Complete Tariff of Talkshawk 63 is available here


  • This offer is valid only for Talkshawk 63 package
  • Subscription expires every day at 12:00 AM
  • This is a limited time offer

Telenor Set up its Own VSAT Network

Telenor Pakistan has established its own VSAT network to continue to provide uninterrupted and high quality services to its customers,

One of the country’s largest, this satellite-based network will provide connectivity for GSM traffic in areas where microwave or optical fiber is unavailable.

It has been designed to remain least affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, thus allowing for uninterrupted communication services to customers.

In the picture above, Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan (left) along with Atiq Ahmed, Deputy CTO, Telenor Pakistan inaugurates the hub site. Others who attended the ceremony include Imran Malik, CEO Supernet; Hamid Nawaz, Vice-President Supernet; and Shams-ul-Arfeen, CEO Telecard.


Telenor Easypaisa Service Complete One Year Successfully

Teleor Easypaisa service has successfully completed one year of operations. which was launched jointly by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank last year, has helped provide people across Pakistan with access to convenient financial services.

Roar Bjærum, Vice President Financial Services, Telenor Pakistan while commenting on easypaisa’s one year of completion said:

“Easypaisa is a uniquely convenient way for everyone to carry out financial transactions such as money transfer and bill payments. More than six million transactions worth Rs10 billion have been moved through the system in this one year, with a million transactions worth nearly Rs2 billion moved in the last month alone. These numbers reflect our customers’ increased trust in the services. Our aim is to continue to change the way financial transactions are carried out in Pakistan, and to develop a portfolio of easypaisa services that meet different customer needs.”

Ali Abbas Sikander, Group Executive Director Technology & Operations, Tameer Microfinance Bank, speaking about the milestone said:

In Pakistan, there are currently an estimated 30 million economically active people who have no access to basic transactional services, let alone savings and other financial safety net solutions. Now, with easypaisa, these people can have a bank account without a physical bank branch and can conduct financial transactions from the comfort of the home using just a basic cell phone. All transactions are transparent, regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, and are accounted for towards the country’s economy.

The service, when it was launched a year ago, was available at 2,200 outlets. Currently, easypaisa services are available at more than 11,000 outlets in 700 urban and rural areas across Pakistan. The spread is even greater than the number of bank branches in Pakistan which is 8,000.

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