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Zong has launched it’s online live chat support

With the website update recently, Zong has launched it’s online live chat support for it’s customers. Zong is aiming it’s current customers to get their issues resolved while efforts will be made to convert potential customers with whatever help they require.

Given that call helpline calls are not free and due to prolonged wait time, live web support is going to be a treat for customers.

You can connect to Zong’s live web support by simply going to Zong.com.pk and clicking on “Chat/Live Support” button on the website.

Live Web Support Features:

  • Zong live support service is free
  • You will get your chat log in email after the chat. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to receive chat log in email.
  • Zong live support gives information details about services, packages, VAS while it also accepts complaints, suggestions and so on.
  • Zong live support is for non Zong customers too, unlike other networks where they first validate if you are really their customer.
  • Zong live support is for Zong prepaid customers too, unlike some other operators who offer web support to postpaid customers only.
  • Zong’s live online support is available from 9 AM to 12 AM





Mobilink’s Contribution for Flood Relief Crosses Rs. 236 Million

Mobilink has committed more than Rs 236 million towards flood relief in addition to contributing thousands of volunteer hours.

This to date is one of the largest relief initiatives from the private sector. Besides the distribution of healthy food, hygiene kits and essential items, Mobilink has donated prefabricates sheets worth Rs 140 million to be used as Health Units across Pakistan.

The shelters will be used by renowned NGOs including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Thardeep Rural Support Program (TRDP) to establish health units to meet the medical needs of the flood victims across Pakistan.

The shelters are made of pre-fabricated sheets making them easy to assemble, transport and store as per requirements. Made of durable material, these shelters will not only be useful during the current relief efforts but are a long term donation for future use as schools and dispensaries in coming months and years particularly in areas where rehabilitation will be a slow and lengthy process.

Besides these shelters, Mobilink has committed a comprehensive relief-package, worth 85 million rupees, for the flood affectees. Additionally, over Rs 10 million have been raised by Mobilink employee through their salaries and friends and family; SMS donations, and other private donors.

All funds generated by Mobilink are being channeled through the Mobilink Foundation with the support of Mobilink employees who remain the the key driver in relief efforts.

To date, Mobilink Foundation has reached out to more than 100,000 flood victims in more than 15 severely affected locations by the floods across Pakistan. Over, 95,000 bottles of water, 2,300 bags of flour, 5,050 packs of dry food rations and 7,865 packs of ready to eat food, 4,950 hygiene kits and 1,900 non-food items have been distributed among the flood affectees in last four weeks.


Service Center of Samsung Opens in Rawalpindi

Samsung has opened its service center in Rawalpindi for increases customer support and timely after sales services.

In the picture, Mr. Roy Chang, Mr. Zeshan Quershi, Mr. Usman Tariq from Samsung Electronics and Mr. Salman Ahmed and Mr. M. Asraf Yousuf from Teletec Enterprises inaugurating the Samsung customer Service with Teletec at Murree Road Rawalpindi.


Zong Introduce Online Complaints Managment System

Zong is introduce to register your complaints online by filling a simple form and telling your problem to Zong Complaint Management Portal. Along with helpline, Service Centers and email support.

Zong says that customers will be returned calls on resolution of complaints, however, resolution time is not mentioned at the time of complaint registry.

System doesn’t give you any complaint number, that’s probably due to a fact that complaint system is being tested as of now.

Complaints Managment System is also asking for username and password, which means Zong has plans to register its customers for complaint management portal. So let’s wait to see more on this support system, particularly the login thing, as its necessary to keep away the spam and un-wanted help seekers.


Ufone Introduces Live Online Support for Postpaid customers

Ufone has introduced this Live Online Support option for its postpaid customers initially, which will be available for prepaid consumers too in future (This is something we anticipate and wish too – however, no official words on it yet).

For getting support you need to be a Ufone postpaid verified user, otherwise you can’t chat live with the support guys. With verified user I mean, you will have to register your number on Ufone’s website with a username/password, name and CNIC in order to verify your number before getting support.

Apparently looks like that this live chat support this is in beta, that’s why not everyone can chat otherwise it could be a good tool to grab non-Ufone users to their network.

This is for sure a big step towards customers’ support – and with time, it will get perfection in it to maximize customers’ satisfaction.

How to Use Live Support

Click “Live Support” button on Ufone’s website
New users will Register, while registered users can Login using their username/password. For Registration system will ask you for your Ufone number, Name, CNIC and password.
In logged-in Area you can update your profile, request for chat and log-off
After requesting for chat, you will be connected to Live Support, for live Chat.
BTW this online support is free for charge!

Things Ufone can improve

Verification of mobile numbers through CNIC is good, but not that secure (Plenty of people around me can have my name, number and CNIC information. They can register my account with this information and start getting critical information about me. Ufone should send a PIN number to cell phone as an SMS to verify account, or otherwise system generated password to my mobile Number (that I can change in future)
I am not sure what vendor Ufone has used to develop this application – but it would be nice if they send me chat log into my email, as a record or for future reference.
Chat application works good, almost on all browsers, but messages see some latency – it needs some more debugging I guess.

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