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Jazz Jazba Presents Pakistan’s First Ever Live Digital Concert Starring Pop Icon Ali Zafar

Jazz Jazba is bringing for the first time in Pakistan, a unique and first of its kind digital concert that has a lot to offer to Pakistani ‘internet savvy’ youth. For the very first time in the history of Pakistani digital media, Mobilink will be presenting pop icon Ali Zafar in the live Digital Concert on the 10th and 11th of April, 2011. Selected few will also be getting a chance to share the stage live with Ali Zafar.

The live digital concert by Jazz Jazba is a unique chance for all the fans across Pakistan to be a part of the concert while Ali Zafar plays live, the fans can cheer live and enjoy the concert at their homes. The broadcast of the live digital concert can be viewed by simply logging in at www.jazzjazba.com/live which will begin at 8:30 pm on April 10th & 11th 2011

As Jazz Jazba continues to explore avenues and opportunities to promote and identify the SUCH Talent in Pakistan’s youth, it is also serving to provide a platform for nurturing the singing and music talent in Pakistan.

Feel free to share this ‘first of its kind’ initiative by Mobilink with your friends & family and enjoy the concert Live @ www.jazzjazba.com/live

Jazz Jazba is the most vibrant and spirited youth brand of Pakistan which pays a tribute to your values. Values that are as personal as they are universal. Values that will make more out of who you really are. Values that have a way of adding up to you. The time has come to be yourself, in your world. A world where everything and everybody will remind you every day that you are the best thing to ever happen to You.

Go for Such Concert, Such Music, Such Jazba!


15 Colleges & Universities Rocked by Jazz Jazba Such Talent

April 01st, 2011:- The Jazz Jazba hunt for Such Talent commenced in February and since its beginning, it has generated extreme excitement among young students of colleges and universities all across Pakistan. Students have been actively participating in Such Talent competitions by showing their Jazbas, may it be singing, dancing, acting or painting, playing musical instruments or doing an imaginable feat. These young students proudly present their talents on the Such Talent platform, get applauded by their friends and in the end, the one with the best and most voted Jazba takes home the prize.
So far, Jazz Jazba has visited more than 15 institutes of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and many other cities and in each one of these colleges and universities, hundreds of Talent nominations were received by young students.
A unanimous feedback from the young participating students was that they look forward to such activities to be organized by companies. Youth of Pakistan has so much talent and so much energy yet they hardly come across such constructive avenues whereby they can channel their energies into positive activities.
If you think you have a talent and true Jazba to showcase your flair then log on to http://www.jazzjazba.com/such-talent/ today and check out the dates when Jazz Jazba is coming to your university or college and participate in the Such Talent – Whats your Jazba right away!

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