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PTCL Student Broadband Package Revises with Bundle offer

PTCL has revised its student package by bundling it with PSTN (landline) incentives – however, the price of broadband remains the same.

PTCL is now offering student Package of 1 Mbps broadband with unlimited download, 150 free voice minutes per month and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / month.

But if you need just the broadband, then and PTCL Broadband existing Student Package will cost you Rs 850 / month.

Note: Kehdou Voice SMS service was launched by PTCL back in June 2008 that enables PTCL customers to send voice SMS to cellular subscribers.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL had taken back discounts on student packages for 1 Mpbs broadband.

PTCL broadband student package has been launched with the following two offers;

  • Broadband Student Package 1 Mbps unlimited download Bundled with PSTN offering 150 Free  voice Minutes and FREE Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / Month
  • PTCL broadband Student Package basic 1 Mbps with unlimited downloads at Rs 850 / month (Previously PTCL Educational Broadband)



Benefits and key Highlights:

  • PTCL Broadband Student Package is available in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.
  • Free E- Learning cards to all (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010)
  • Chance to win Rs. 100,000 scholarships for further education (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010

Wateen Offers Discount Package for Student in Selected Cities

Thanks to USF, Wateen telecom is offering WiMAX broadband services at discounted rates for students in selected cities.

This discount is offered exclusively for students in following cities:

  • Okara
  • Sargodha
  • Abbottabad
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot
  • Sheikhupura
  • Sahiwal

Student from therse cities can get discount on Wateen services by simply presenting their School, college, University identity at Wateen Franchises.

Discounted Wateen Rates for Students are as following:

  • 256 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 839
  • 512 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 909
  • 1 Mbps – 1 GB Limit for Rs. 299
  • 1 Mbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 979

All these packages come with

  • Upfront cost: Zero
  • Security: Zero
  • Monthly Device Rental: Zero

For more information call Wateen’s helpline here: 111-365-111 (Be informed that wait time is usually longer than 4-5 minutes)

It merits mentioning here that these cities were offered subsidy by USF (see map above) – where it is mandatory for broadband operators to achieve a target number of customers to start receiving the subsidy grants from USF. As it is apparent from the map that USF has plans to stretch its subsidy for broadband to other under-served cities of Pakistan as well.

For complete details on USF’s Broadband programme: http://www.usf.org.pk/Broadband-Programme.aspx


Official News PTCL Student Packages 1 MB ending From 1st March

As we covered earlier about the end of Student Discount Packages over 1 MB, it has been officially confirmed now that company is discontinuing all student packages above 1 MB.

A company statement has said that all packages of greater than 1 Mbps i.e., 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps broadband services will not have the student package discount applicable which is effective from 1st March 2010 onwards.

Earlier PTCL representatives informed all student discount holders via phone calls that company will stop offering student discounts from February 1st.

With a prior notice of one month, PTCL has no legal obligation of withdrawing this service. However, many high end broadband users (who were availing this discount) may shift to other ISPs.


Pakistani Student refuses to take award from US Ambassador

A Pakistani student, Khuram Sarmad refused to receive prize from American ambassador N.W. Patterson at a ceremony hosted by private school in Islamabad.
Here is Video Clip of that ceremony when he ignored American ambassador N.W. Patterson.
Well done guy, a true way to protest, we all should salute you.


Ali Moeen Nawazish A Pakistani Student Do 23 A Levels

A Pakistani student Ali Moeen Nawazish now at Cambridge University has make a world record by doing 24 A Levels, and achieving the highest mark (A) in 22 of them.

People take decades to make their mark in the world, but, making history merely in 18 years of one’s life is no joke. The entire world was astounded when Ali Moeen Nawazish, an ordinary boy performed extraordinarily by securing 22 “A” grades one B and one C out of 24 subjects in A-level exams. For this outstanding achievement, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, bestowed on him the ‘Pride of Performance Award’.
Ali Moeen Nawazish Interview by ATV:

His Subjects result:
1. Physics – A
2. Chemistry – B
3. Biology – A
4. Mathematics – A
5. Computing – A
6. Marine Sciences – A
7. Applied ICT – A
8. Thinking Skills – A
9. Urdu Literature – A
10. GP (International) – A
11. Geography – A
12. Applied Geography – A
13. General Further Mathematics – C
14. Human Biology – A
15. Pure Mathematics – A
16. Further Mathematics – A
17. Sociology – A
18. Psychology – A
19. General Studies (UK AS level) – A
20. English Language (UK AS level) – A
21. Thinking Skills – A
22. Urdu Language – A
23. Business Studies – A
24. Critical Thinking – A

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