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Blog Writing an Alternate Voice of Pakistan

The blogging culture in Pakistan has come a long way. Beginning with less than a dozen blogs with very limited audience and influence, it has effectively exploded in the past two years, when people began to learn how to maintain blogs run them, and how to generate revenues out of them.

Since then, things have picked up pace quite rapidly and credit for this goes to multinational companies who grasped the potential in blogging. Thus, we began to hear of terms like bloggers’ meetups, seminars, workshops and competitions on blogging. The youth also took up this new technology enthusiastically not just as a vent to express themselves, but to earn some extra bucks as well.

The blogsphere, like other broadcast media, eventually brought fame to a number of faces and voices: people, whose opinion on different topics like technology, telecom, entertainment, politics, and activism became the voice at large.

Resultantly, these individuals became a credible source, trusted by many to deliver fresh, updated content for which netizens wait anxiously every day. So much so, that at one level, they even become sought-after analysts in their respective fields for print and electronic media. Frequent appearances on TV, radio and online webcasts prove that blogging in Pakistan has become an important emerging part of the media landscape.

To put it another way, blogging has turned out to be one of the best possible options available for alternative media in the country. In fact, it outclasses the mainstream media at times by highlighting some very crucial elements that are usually missed out by the conventional media.

May it be, the activism during the 2007 emergency imposed by then President Musharraf, or creating controversies in a celebrity’s life, or to break an inside story of a telco, or to ignite a thought in a common man, or to discuss the aspects of our national Policy, bloggers are playing their due part to shape and present a positive and proactive image of Pakistan in front of the global web audience.

Just to give an idea of how successful blogs are in Pakistan, one of the top blogs in the country covering news receives some 20,000 hits a day or around 600,000 hits a month. Not only that, blog posts go viral through emails, RSS, newsletters, social networks, Google/Yahoo groups and so on. Estimates also suggest that such a blog is read by over 1.5 million individuals in a month. This number comprehensively covers a niche/sector or the topic-related audience in the country, and actually suggests that blogs have as much audience and influence as any other type of conventional media.

The evolution in blogging has brought economic benefits for society as well. The industry has created countless jobs at multiple levels in all sectors. Today, almost every organization has a separate department for managing digital media along with a dedicated budget for advertising. And although, at this point the figures are not very lucrative, they are 300 per cent higher than the previous year, which depicts the size of growth and potential this industry has.


Symmetry Announces Digital Marketing Competition for Students

Growing internet users in Pakistan, emergence and then dominance of social networks in our daily life coupled with development of local content has unleashed the opportunity for businesses to market their products over cyberspace.

However, it is largely felt that the essence of Digital Media is still unknown to many, particularly at grass root level. We have seen over the time that conventional wisdom of old media was unable to cater the techniques and approaches of new media.

For the purpose, Symmetry – a digital media firm from Karachi, has taken this initiative to spread digital media awareness at university level through a competition called “Digital Minds”.

Symmetry says that this competition will not only help develop a digital mindset but will also provide the youth with a firsthand experience of the dynamic digital marketing world.


Participants will have to devise a marketing strategy for brand(s) from the Industry Category allocated to them.

  • Participants can come up with a campaign for Digital Media
  • or develop an integrated marketing campaign (conventional and Digital) with core focus on Digital Media


Winners will be given cash prizes, along with, a chance to work with top notch marketing professionals from Digital Media.

Cash Prizes are

  • First Prize: PKR 100,000
  • Second Prize: PKR 50,000
  • Third Prize: PKR 25,000


  • Symmetry said it will offer jobs to outstanding performers
  • Team will get due share, if its campaign is ever sold to a client and executed

Who can participate:

This year, competition is confined for students of following universities:

  • SZABIST Karachi
  • Iqra University Karachi
  • CBM, Karachi
  • IBA, Karachi
  • Indus University Karachi

Organizers said that scope of competition will widen next year and countrywide Universities will be taken on board.

Competition rules are mentioned here.

For more details: http://www.digitalminds.com.pk/

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