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Mobilink to Charge Rs. 2+ Tex for Every Call On Helpline

Mobilink has announced that every call made to its helpline will be charged at Rs. 2 plus tax (Rs. 2.42 including taxes) from November 15th, 2010.

It merits mentioning here that Mobilink had introduced this  idea of charging helpline calls back in August 2008, which was then followed by all other cellular companies. You may know that Pakistan is the only country in the world where helpline calls are being charged.

Mobilink had then imposed 50 paisas on every helpline call and said that these charges are imposed to improve quality of customer support.

We are not going to comment on how much the quality service quality has improved after the imposition of service charges, instead we would recommend you to read this guide if you want to decrease wait time during helpline calls.

Expect other operators to follow this, if PTA, the regulator, remains quite.

Following ad appeared in today’s papers:


PTCL brings Call me Back SMS Service

There is a time when you need someone (Mobile user) to call you rather than you call them. Possibly, either you are budget conscious or may be someone’s cell phone was busy while you dialed his number from your landline.

For such kind of situations, PTCL has introduced this service – which will send a pre-defined text to the number of your choice requesting him/her to call you back.

Service Mechanics:

  • Just dial 1322 from your landline or VFONE and follow the IVR.
  • It will ask you to enter the cell number on which you want to send a Call Me back message
  • a SMS with pre-defined text will then be sent out from the PTCL to the GSM/WLL number, requesting for a call back


  • Each  call will be charged @ 50 Paisa / Call (Exclusive of tax)
  • No service subscription is required.

Contribute to PM Flood Relief Fund by Sending an SMS

PTA in collaboration with telecom industry has started “1234″ SMS service to supplement the efforts of the govt in its rescue and rehabilitation efforts for the flood affected across the country.

The short code 1234 has been activated from all cellular mobile operators platform. SMS can be sent to 1234 by writing “Fund” which will be charged RS.10/- excluding taxes for contributing to PM flood relief fund 2010 for flood affectees peoples.

The amount collected by “1234″ sms would be deposted to PM’s flood relief fund 2010 for which a special account has been created in NBP (A/c No. 898989)

People are reqeusted by PTA to send maximum numbers of sms to help their affected brothers in this hour of need.


Telenor Smart Menu

Telenor gives you one number to dial for any VAS Service.

Just Dial *345# and use any VAS Service,

Once you dial you will get a list of options available to you. You will have to enter the number of service you want to use.


You don’t need to remember the short codes for each service or call to call center, you can simply avail all services through this one number.

Dial Charges:
Telenor Offer you the access of this service totally FREE for Prepaid (Talkshawk, Djuice) & Persona Postpaid Customers. No Dialing charges for *345#. Only when you access the particular service, the charges for that service apply.


Mobilink Online Complaint Form For 668 Service

Some days ago we seen when PTA introduced 668 Service, came up with a lot wrong information of Sims registered anainst your cnic. status showed maa lof of connections issued against one person’s NIC while they claimed to have only one or two. PTA asked to visit respective customer service centers to get your data corrected. but these centers a a lot of rush there.Here Mobilink launches online complaint form for incorrect number of Mobilink Connections issued as per 668 service.

Following is the simple procedure to get your data corrected:

1. Visit PTA’s Sim Information System

2. If number of Moblink Sims issued against your NIC is wrong, Download the Mobilink Complaint Form

3. Fill out the form and send a scanned copy of form to Mobilink at osis668cf@mobilinkworld.com

4. Attach scanned NIC (both side) and Passport with mail.

5. Do not forget to put your NIC Number as the Subject of Email.

A reference number will be issued against your complaint and Mobilink will coordinate with PTA regarding the issue. Extra SIMs issued will be removed after 24 hours of your complaint but PTA database takes 45 days to get update. So wait for 45 days then to have your data verified, if corrected.


Get Calling records of Your PrePaid Numbers Zong and Ufone

Ever you wanted to know calling records for your mobile number? You may require this for many reasons, such as:

You feel like that your mobile phone has been misused by someone around you, and you want to figure out who it was who kept calling from your phone without your permissions!
You have given a mobile number to your kid, and you want to keep an eye on his/her activities
Even if there is no reason, you own this number, so you deserve a right to know what has been happening around with your phone.
Well, for those who are postpaid subscribers, they get their outgoing detail almost every month in form of their monthly bills. But for Prepaid users, getting call details is almost impossible for a normal person.

Other than Ufone and Zong, no one offers you this service. Meaning that, if you have any mobile connection, other than Ufone, then just forget about getting your call details, because no one offers this service.

How to get Call Details for Ufone

And if you are luckily using Ufone, then the process is simple… you can get your call record by following 2 methods

Go to Ufone Service Center (Not franchise), and show them the SIM that you have been using and also the original copy of National ID card… They will give you call details in a while
Call help line, and request for calling details… CSR will verify your number by asking information about you, and will dispatch call details on the address that has been associated with the number.

Ufone will deduct Rs. 50 (Including Taxes) from your prepaid balance. So you need to have at least Rs. 50 before you make any such request

What information you will get?

Ufone says they will send you complete outgoing call details for last 90 days, excluding current month. Don’t expect incoming call details or SMS details in this list.

Calling Details for Zong

Zong offers a service known as ebill, that enables you check your outgoing call record online.

Register for Zong’s e-bill Service

In order to register to My Zong E-Care you need to take the following steps:

Go this page:
Enter your Phone number, Name and Password
After you Enter this information, you will receive you password on your phone in an SMS
After you receive the password you are ready to start viewing Zong Ebill.
Note: Please remember that you can use the Zong E-Care option only if you are a Zong Pre-Paid Subscriber.

How to Login

Once you have registered and received your password by SMS, to login and start viewing your Zong E-Care you need to enter your Login-id and Password on the main My Zong E-Care.

How to View My Bill

Login to My Zong E-Care using your login id. and password.
Select the no. of days to view the E-Care detail and then click on the submit button.
Then the detail of all your outgoing calls and SMS are shown.
How to Change Password?

To change your password you need to click the CHANGE PASSWORD link. When you click on this option you will be asked to type in your old password and the new password you wish to have. After making the desirable change click on the submit button. Your old password will lapse automatically.

What If You Forget Password?

In case you have forgot your password: click here
Enter your Phone number and press Submit…
Your Password will be sent to you on your Phone Via SMS

And there is another way too: I don’t know that method, but i have heard that there are many influencial people available in our society who can do anything… yea they can even give you incoming / outgonig / SMs details as well as voice tapes of your call too : – )

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