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Secret Codes for China Mobiles

default user code 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
Engineer mode #11001#
Factory mode #987#
Enable COM port #11001# – Device – Set UART – PS Config – UART1115200
Restore factory settings #98799#
LCD contrast #369#
software version #800#
software version #900#
set default language #0000# Send
set English language #0044# Send
set English language (new firmware) #001# Send


Telenor Djuice Secret SMS

Telenor Djuice introduces secret SMS, a new kind of service that can be used to send password protected SMSs. With djuice Secret SMS, djuice subscribers can now send confidential message to their friends. Messages sent via Secret SMS are PIN protected and can only be read by the intended recipient upon entering the correct PIN.

How to register
Register by sending “Reg to 2662”

Invite friends
Invite by sending “invite to 2662”

How to SMS
Send Message by sending “ to 2662”

How to retrieve that SMS
Retrieve your Secret Messages by sending “ ” to 2662 and you shall retrieve all your secret message.

Price per SMS is Rs. 1+tax

Terms & Condition

This offer shall not be valid on festive periods including but not limited to the Gazetted holidays for Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha inclusive of their respective Eves (Chand Raats), Christmas Day and New Years’ Day.

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