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Windows 7 Sales Exceed than Windows vista

The Windows 7 sales have exceeded that of Sale Vista by 234% and it is so interesting to watch the sales rate increasing day by day. Even with the post economic flux there is significant growth within a some weeks of the release of Windows 7.

This is quite an outstanding result considering that it has out shone the release of Harry Potter second last film. The NPD Group’s weekly tracking service have come up with new sales pitching and combination of facts that have been impaired with some of the more significant tracking services with the Windows 7 software feature.
Features of Windows7:


Sale of Used Computers rise because of high prices of new brand computers

The sale of used computers is on rise in Pakistan because of high prices of new brand computers. The used computer stockholders selling monitors, mouse & other used accessaries at various shopping malls & corners of the provincial metropolis to attract the visitors. Shoppers are roaming the markets, checking out the varieties in different designs & quality.

Due to pressing demands of kids, most of parents reluctantly visit markets for used computers & other toys. The shopkeepers have displayed a variety of equipment. A used computer stall owner, Anzar Malik told APP, that most of the people preferred buying used accessaries & computers from his shop as the prices are not affordable for new computers.

They said that most of students depend on used computers, because the new computer required more money so students get from the used markets. Another resident Majid said that Rawalpindi is the hub of used electronics items & people always preferred to get any workable item from the stock. They said that sixth road is two of the famous place for computers parts & most of the people specially visit to search any workable set.

They said that hundreds of shops of used computers are obtainable in different markets of the city. An IT specialist Shafqatullah said that several time very valuable items are coming in this used stocks & people depend on it for their work.

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