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Ufone and PTCL Donated Fund to Flood Relief

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Pakistan Ptcl and Ufone, donated Rs.53.5 million to the Prime Minister’s flood relief fund.

President PTCL and Ufone Mr. Walid Irshaid and CEO Ufone Mr Abdul Aziz met the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani and expressed their solidarity at this time of need.

The Company has and always will stand by the people of Pakistan. This Donation is in response to the recent call for help from the private sector by the Prime Minister.

President PTCL and Ufone Pakistan Mr. Walid Irshaid said that this is a testing time for all in Pakistan. The natural calamities have been unimaginable and it is up to each one of us to come together in order to create a unified effort to help the people of Pakistan.

We as socially responsible organizations need to join hands and make this the fastest and most effective relief effort ever. And hoped this contribution will help in providing people relief of their grievous conditions.


Ptcl offered Vfone with Postpaid Pakages

Now Ptcl offers Vfone with Postpaid Pakages PTCL has recentely introduced “Vfone POSTPAID” at affordable line rent in three different packages. Customers of Vfone POSTPAID can also make calls while using the internet. Wireless Local Loop (WLL) set price is Rs. 3600.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Charging will be done as per prescribed rates in each package, after expiry of free facility.
  • Outgoing facility will be blocked on expiry of 99.99% of security.
  • Customer can pay additional security to avoid blockage of outgoing facility i.e. to enhance his credit limit.
  • Vfone Postpaid Pakages:

    Pakage V-I
    Free Offer: NIL
    Security (Refundable): Rs. 500/-
    Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 174/month
    Vfone to Landline: Rs. 1.00/min
    Vfone to Vfone Rs:. 1.00/min
    Vfone to Mobile/other LLO: Rs. 2.50/min
    International: As per defined zones
    SMS: Rs.0.25
    Internet: Rs.2/20mins

    Pakage V-II

    Free Offers: 1. Vfone-Vfone – Unlimited free
    2. Vfone-PSTN – 100 free min
    3. Free internet – 15 hrs

    Security: (Refundable) Rs. 1000/-
    Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 299/month
    Vfone to Landline: Rs. 1.00/min
    Vfone to Vfone: Unlimited Free
    Vfone to Mobile/other LLO: Rs. 2.00/min
    International: As per defined zones
    SMS: Rs.0.25
    Internet: Rs.2/20mins

    Pakage V-III

    Free Offer: 1. Vfone-Vfone – Unlimited free
    2. Vfone-PSTN – Unlimited free
    3. Free internet – 25 hrs
    4. SMS to all networks – Unlimited free

    Security: (Refundable) Rs. 1000/-
    Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 599/month
    Vfone to Landline: Unlimited Free
    Vfone to Vfone: Unlimited Free
    Vfone to Mobile/other LLO: Rs. 2.00/min
    International: As per defined zones
    Internet: Rs.2/20mins
    SMS: to All Networks Unlimited Free


    PTCL New Vfone Azadi Offer

    PTCL Vfone has announced a offer “Vfone Azadi Offer” in the celebration of Independence Day for its Vfone subscribers. Subscribers of Vfone can get the free balance of Rs.100 on loading the Vfone scratch card of higher than Rs.100.
    This offer is valid from 29th July, 2010 till 30th August, 2010.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Free balance offer will be valid for all cards of more than Rs. 100 denomination i.e. on Rs. 300, 500 and 1,000 denomination cards
    • Free balance can be utilized for calling on-net Vfone to Vfone, Vfone to PSTN Local and Vfone to NWD
    • Free balance can be utilized for Internet and SMS (on-net and off-net)
    • The validity of free balance will be 30 days only
    • Free balance offer will be applicable only for WIN subscribers & not for WIPT i.e. not for VPCO


    PTCL has doubled its broadband 2Mbps customers to 4Mbps

    PTCL has doubled its broadband data rate speed and upgraded all its existing 2Mbps customers to 4Mbps data rate on the same tariff and all existing 4Mbps customers have been upgraded to 6Mbps data service at the same tariff. In addition a new 8Mbps package has also been introduced. PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th 2010.

    1. 1Mbps at Rs 1199
    2. 4Mbps at Rs 1999
    3. 6Mbps at Rs 4999
    4. 8Mbps at Rs 6999

    The existing 2Mbps package will no more exist and all existing 2Mbps customers have already been upgraded to 4Mbps package on the same tariff.”


    Get Your Ptcl Land Line Connection Rs.500 Only

    In a latest offer PTCL has decreased the connection charges for new landline phone connections. Previously PTCL was charging 750 Rupees but now charges are slashed to Rs. 500 Only.

    It is worth mentioning here that PTCL has recently imposed Installation charges on new Broadband connections, keeping the Inflows balanced.


    From 1st July 2010, all NTC (New Telephone Line Connections) customers will only pay Rs.500 as installation charges.
    This offer is for all NTC customers whether they are commercial or residential customers.
    This is a limited time promotion


    Ptcl Start to Charge Installation Charges on New DSL Connections

    PTCL has started charging “Installation Charges” on every new Broadband and Broadband Wi-Fi connection.

    One time Installation charges Rs. 500 will be charged from every subscriber from July 1, 2010..

    Before this PTCL offer this service without any installation charges as there are no complex procedures and costly equipment are required to install the Broadband.

    It merits mentioning here that PTCL’s major rival LINKdotNET is providing this service free, without any Installation charges.

    Moreover PTCL recently changed its policy regarding Modem ownership – now the modem remains the property of PTCL despite subscribers pay monthly rental or otherwise installation charges for the device.


    PTCL EVO Wirless Now Available More than 100 Cities

    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) now extends its EVO wireless Broadband  service in 100 major cities & towns over Pakistan, A company statement said.

    PTCL EVO is a 3G wireless technology experience that gives opportunity to roam freely with an average download speeds from 300 kbps to 500 kilo bits per second.

    EVO technology has witnessed highest growth amongst other broadband technologies in Pakistan.

    PTCL in its statement said that EVO service are now available in 100 cities and towns including

    • Karachi,
    • Lahore,
    • Islamabad,
    • Peshawar,
    • Quetta,
    • Hyderabad,
    • Chakwal,
    • Gujranwala,
    • Muzzafarabad,
    • Rawalakot,
    • Mirpur,
    • Okara,
    • Sargodha,
    • Sialkot,
    • Multan,
    • Faisalabad
    • And other small towns and cities across Pakistan.

    PTCL said that its expansion plans for broadband network will continue to ensure that more customers get the opportunity to experience the latest wireless broadband and related technologies.

    Naveed Saeed SEVP Commercial on achieving this important milestone said EVO launch in 100 cities reflect in PTCL’s commitment to connect its customers to the world via internet and company’s commitment to provide its customers with best telecom services at their doorsteps. Working in a market where technology changes every minute; PTCL always strives to introduce products and services that brings more value to its customers.

    Syed Asim Ali, EVP, Commercial Planning said through superior 3G experience we offer to our customers variety of Prepaid and Postpaid options to suit their needs as well as their budget. With nationwide roaming, customers can take their EVO anywhere and be connected at super fast speeds (except Peshawar). Customers have the freedom to download as much data as they want with EVO postpaid and MAX packages, as there are no download limits with these packages.


    PTCL to add Digit 9 For Karachi Lahore Public Sector Telephone Numbers

    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has announced that it will add “9″ digit with all public sector telephone numbers for Karachi and Lahore – those starting with 9 digit from July 01,2010.

    For EXAMPLE, 042-923-4466 will become 042-9923-4466

    Earlier, Digit “3” was added to all existing 7 digits numbers of Karachi and Lahore except the numbers starting with “9”.

    It is important to understand that extra digits have been added to the existing phone numbers and not the area codes. Army exchanges are exempted from this change and their numbers would remain the same.

    For customer with awareness and facilitation for PTCL requested PTA that the new series plan should run parallel to old one for a period of one year w.e.f July 01, 09 till July 01st, 2010. However at the completion of this period to ensure connectivity and customer convenience, customers would now hear an announcement advising them to add digit 3 or 9 to get through on PTCL Karachi and Lahore incase they forget to dial the new required digit.

    SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said PTCL in this regard also plans to run an awareness campaign to save our customers from any inconvenience and connect them without any problems.

    Aasif Inam EVP Consumer Services said this will apply to all callers calling on PTCL landline in Lahore and Karachi from PTCL landline, Mobile, NTC, SCO or other LLOs and we are specially focusing upon publicizing the change to save our customers from facing any inconvenience.


    Ptcl Introduce Personal Global Number

    Personal Global Number service is for corporate world with number of useful features bundled with one valued added service.

    Once subscribed for this service a 9 digits UPT number e.g. 1220-11111 (Access code+UPT number) becomes your identity and you can use this service for multi-purpose.

    If you are a corporate executive and are always on a move, you can still effectively use your traditional landline by receiving your incoming calls at different locations with or without schedule.

    Similarly you can do out dialing from anywhere in Pakistan just by giving login information from any PTCL landline and cellular number; the best part is that the bill of all out dialing will be sent to the number on which personal global service is subscribed , not to the number from which calls were made. So unified billing is another innovative feature of this must-have service.

    Package Tariff:

    No service subscription required.
    Monthly charges of Rs 50 / month
    Service Benefits:
    A sense of mobility on conventional PTCL landline.
    Scheduled/Unscheduled Call diversions on 06 different location as per requirement
    Out dialing from anywhere in Pakistan using Personal Global Number (UPT#)
    Handy incoming & outgoing features bundled in one service.
    Unified billing
    How to Subscribe:

    Customers can subscribe to personal global number by dialing 1236 or 0800- 8-0800, whereas post subscription of incoming/outgoing call management and complaint registration can be done through 1229 IVR or 1218.

    More information about the service can be obtained from helpline: 1236.


    PTCL Brings Song Dedication Service

    PTCL Introduces Song Dedication Service to its customers.
    Through Song dedication service, selected song from these six categories (English, Pakistani, Bollywood, Love Classics, and Punjabi) and sent to any number, any network in the country.The songs can be selected by simply selecting from IVR. PTCL customers will dial an access code 1011-888.

    Music Station Service:

    Music Station is a complete new musical experience for PTCL landline subscribers. Subscribers can now listen to live stream of various Radio Channels, create, edit and share your Playlist from a library of over 10,000 songs in various languages or just can listen to their favorite song moods under Jukebox category. PTCL customers will dial an access code 1011-555 from PTCL landline phones.

    Package Tariff:

    Song Dedication: Rs 5 + tax /Minute
    Music Station: Rs 3 + tax /Minute
    No service subscription required.

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