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PTCL to offer free WiFi Modem with every new DSL Connection

PTCL is going to offer free WiFi modem withevery new DSL connection, except those who are going to buy 256Kbps and 1Mbps Student packages.

If you are an existing user without WiFi, then you will have to pay Rs. 750 to upgrade your modem to get WiFi modem – however, your current DSL charges will remain same.

Earlier WiFi Modem/routers were given to customers at a fixed but recurring monthly rental, which is now waived off against one time charge of Rs. 750.

Along with, PTCL increased the tariff for new 1 Mbps package from Rs. 1,199 per month to Rs. 1,250 per month. Old customers will keep paying the old rates, i.e. Rs. 1,199 per month.

Check below terms for more details:

1Mbps Broadband:

  • Rs. 1,250 per month
  • Provisioning of free Wi-Fi modem

In addition to increase in 1Mbps package charges for new customers only, following changes will be applicable from March 5, 2012 as part of free Wi-Fi policy.

  • Existing 1Mbps customers will continue to pay Rs. 1,199 per month
  • Wi-Fi modems will be provided to new customers of all packages excluding 256Kbps and 1Mbps Student package, and there will be no monthly recurring charges.
  • All existing subscribers irrespective of their packages will be charged Rs. 750 as modem up-gradation charges, and their package charges will remain as per policy
  • Existing Wi-Fi customers will continue to pay as per existing policy
  • Bundled packages (Double Up and Double Impact etc.) and triple-play services will be provided free of cost Wi-Fi modem upon installation and there will be no monthly recurring charges

Following are monthly broadband tariff for PTCL DSL customers:

  • 1Mbps at Rs 1,250
  • 2Mbps at Rs 1,499
  • 4Mbps at Rs 1,999
  • 6Mbps at Rs 4,999
  • 8Mbps at Rs 6,999
  • 10Mbps at Rs 9,999

Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is applicable on 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps DSL Connections.

PTCL claims to have acquired 95 percent of the DSL market share with increase of 17 percent subscribers’ base in the first half of the current financial year 2011-12. PTCL says that it is offering DSL services in over 1,000 town/cities across Pakistan.

On a side note, PTCL is hard trying to push its DSL sales. For the purpose, company is offering an incentive of Rs. 300 to be given to any employee who refers a DSL broadband order, after successful deployment of the connection and payment of the first bill.


PTCL implemented in policy of charging its DSL broadband greater than 300 GBs Downloads

In Past PTCL had imposed an extra charge of Rs. 1,000 for exceeding 50 GB limit, but with this new cap, 50GB can is not effective any further.

Now PTCL implemented this new policy of charging its DSL broadband users an extra sum of Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300 GB of download limit in a given month, removing earlier limit of 50GB per month.

This means that DSL customers will now not be charged Rs. 1,000 for crossing 50GB, instead they will be charged Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300GB limit.

PTCL said it is notifying its customers by calling and emailing them.

Reportedly, this extra charge and 300GB cap is applied to 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 6MB and 8MB DSL packages. 10MB, 20MB or 50MB packages will not come under this extra charge.

PTCL website writes:

For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is applicable on 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps DSL Connections

PTCL users, especially those who rely heavily on torrents, will now have to keep an eye on their download/upload meter to avoid extra charging, however, those usual DSL customers don’t need to worry.

It merits mentioning here that this Rs. 5,000 charge will be in addition to original charges of your DSL package.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has introduced “Bill Alert Service”

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has introduced “Bill Alert Service” for the facilitation of its landline and wireless postpaid customers.

The newly introduced service has been launched to facilitate the customers and save them from any hassle of additional surcharge in case of late depositing of bill. With this service PTCL customers will be informed about their total bill amount and due date of payment through an SMS alert on 10th and 17th of each month so that they can deposit their bill on time.

Customers can subscribe to this service free of any charge on PTCL order helpline by getting their active cell number updated in the profile on which they want SMS Alert.

The added advantage is that customers can also deposit their bill in any PTCL One Stop shop by showing this SMS.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed on the launch of this unique service said, that it’s a great pleasure for Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited to provide our customers with PTCL Bill Alert service. He further added that in this contemporary era our schedules have become so hectic that we tend to forget or delay at time the things of prime importance.

Depositing of our bill is one such thing. We at PTCL, have introduced this unique Bill Alert service to give our customers reminders through SMS to save our customers from any inconvenience as a result of late or no deposition of their bills. He further exclaimed that at PTCL, our customers have always been our top priority and we design products and services keeping in view their maximum benefit.

Aasif Inam EVP Consumer Services said that the bill alert service has been especially designed for our customers who are unable to receive their bills on time or forget to pay them due to some reason.

The SMS alerts on the 10th to 17th of each month would act like an additional aid in remembering to pay their bills on time so that they can keep on availing the best telecom network in Pakistan. This would also reinforce PTCL top of the mind presence and image as a customer centric organization. He further added that PTCL is planning to introduce more such services for facilitating its customers to meet their present day demands.

Any further information about the service will available on helpline: 1236.


Ptcl EVO Nitro Musical evening in Islamabad Pictures

PTCL marked the launch of its EVO Nitro 9.3 wireless broadband with a musical evening in Islamabad on November 6th, 2010, where Ali Azmat, Fakhir and Nighat Chudry rocked the audience.

PTCL’s top level management along with families and guests attended the event.

Following is the pictorial coverage of Nitro’s Launch Event


PTCL Introduces New Landline Plans with bundles offers

PTCL today launched four new landline packages understanding needs of differents users.

All packages come with with on-net minutes bundles and a monthly charge, however, if opted PTCL won’t be charging any line rent from subscribers.

Basic Budget (For Low end Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 249 per month
  • Free minutes : 200 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Budget Plus (For Low to Medium Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 399 per month
  • Free minutes : 400 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Family Budget (For Medium to High Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 699 per month
  • Free minutes : 750 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Business Budget (For Business / Commercial users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 1,999 per month
  • Free minutes : 3,000 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

PTCL has Commercially Launched the EVO Nitro 3G 9.3 MB

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)  has commercially launched the EVO Nitro 3G.

So far, it is the fastest and widely available data service in Pakistan. EVO 3G Nitro is all set to meet the next-generation’s need for ultimate speed & superior performance with speed up to 9.3mbps.

PTCL claims that with this launch, Pakistan has become the first country in the world to provide this EV-DO Rev B 3G technology.

EVO 3G Nitro has revolutionized the three simple steps to high speed On-the-Go connectivity, Just Plug in—Click—Connect with its unprecedented speed of up to 9.3 Mbps on the downlink and up to 5.4MBPS on the uplink based on EV-DO Rev B 3G CDMA  technology.


  • Nitro USB Device Charges: Rs. 3,999
  • Nitro Unlimited Service Charges: Rs. 2,999 per month

Billing Options:

  • Nitro Landline Billing: Billed in PTCL Landline
  • Nitro Advance Billing: Advance payment at PTCL OSS or PTCL designated banks

Coverage Area:

Nitro “Rev.B” Coverage is offered in following cities:

  • Islamabad,
  • Rawalpindi,
  • Lahore
  • & Karachi.

Data Rate:

Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps

How Current EVO customers can Upgrade to Nitro?

If you wish to upgrade you are required to return your existing USB device and pay additional charges of Rs.1000.

In exchange you will get a brand new Evo 3G Nitro USB device and need to sign up for Nitro package. Visit your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop for more details.

Existing USB device must be in perfect physical and working condition and returned with box.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed at the occasion of this commercial launch said:

EVO 3G Nitro has been launched with the aim of giving our customers a far more enhanced user experience of instant connectivity. He further added that it’s a step ahead in the development and prestige of the technologically strong and revolutionary telecom company. This deployment has reinforced the company’s technological lead in the sector and Working in a market where technology changes every minute, we at PTCL always strive to introduce products and services that add more value to our customers’ lives, and PTCL’s ‘EVO 3G Nitro’ is one such product that will completely revolutionized the way our customers communicate.”

Syed Asim Ali, EVP Commercial Planning said:

the launch of Evo Nitro 3G is a milestone and a glorious mark in the conquest of PTCL, EVO 3G Nitro saves the precious time of our customers, PTCL customers can now for the very first time spend less time waiting and more time working and accessing media rich applications from downloading songs to live video streaming, at home on your desktop or on the move on your laptop. He further added that In future PTCL plans to introduce a variety of innovative services that can enhance our customer’s life, which is our first and foremost priority.


PTCL Announces Special Packages with low Rates for Hajj and Eid

With Hajj and Eid around the corner PTCL has launched special Hajj and Eid call rates for its customers.

The package has been launched to further facilitate the Haajis to meet their communication needs while on this spiritual journey.

PTCL has given this offer keeping in mind the needs of the customers to remain in contact with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia.


PTCL Hajj and Eid package offers lowest call rates at only RS Rs. 2.99 per 20 seconds on fixed line and on mobile Rs. 4.25 per 20 second.

PTCL hajj eid Offer thumb PTCL Announces Special Packages for Hajj and Eid

This special promotional tariff is applicable for a period of 1 month starting from 1st Nov-10.

Vfone Eid Offer

vfone eid page PTCL Announces Special Packages for Hajj and Eid

Vfone, the WLL network of PTCL is also offering special incentives on this Eid!

  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 300/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 100/-
  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 500/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 200/-
  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 1,000/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 300/Terms:
    • Free balance offer will be valid for all cards of more than Rs.100 denomination i.e. on Rs.300, 500 and 1,000 denomination cards
    • Free balance can be utilized for calling on-net (V-V, V-PSTN Local & NWD)
    • Free balance can be utilized for Internet and SMS (on-net and off-net)
    • The validity of free balance will be 30 days only
    • Free balance offer will be applicable only for WIN subscribers & not for WIPT i.e. not for VPCO
    • This is a limited time offer
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    PTCL Student Broadband Package Revises with Bundle offer

    PTCL has revised its student package by bundling it with PSTN (landline) incentives – however, the price of broadband remains the same.

    PTCL is now offering student Package of 1 Mbps broadband with unlimited download, 150 free voice minutes per month and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / month.

    But if you need just the broadband, then and PTCL Broadband existing Student Package will cost you Rs 850 / month.

    Note: Kehdou Voice SMS service was launched by PTCL back in June 2008 that enables PTCL customers to send voice SMS to cellular subscribers.

    It merits mentioning here that PTCL had taken back discounts on student packages for 1 Mpbs broadband.

    PTCL broadband student package has been launched with the following two offers;

    • Broadband Student Package 1 Mbps unlimited download Bundled with PSTN offering 150 Free  voice Minutes and FREE Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / Month
    • PTCL broadband Student Package basic 1 Mbps with unlimited downloads at Rs 850 / month (Previously PTCL Educational Broadband)



    Benefits and key Highlights:

    • PTCL Broadband Student Package is available in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.
    • Free E- Learning cards to all (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010)
    • Chance to win Rs. 100,000 scholarships for further education (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010

    PTCL Going to introduce national and Intl Bucket Packages

    PTCL is all set to introduce Nation Wide Weekend and Off-Peak, European and Far Eastern Bucket packages for its customers, we have confirmed with sources in the company.

    These packages are likely to come at a monthly rental with a set amount of minutes to be used during weekends, off-peak hours, or otherwise for European and Eastern countries.

    NWD Weekend and Off-Peak Package

    • Unlimited on-net NWD calls from 8 PM to 8 AM and weekends
    • Free 100 minutes to mobile networks during 8 PM to 8 AM and weekends
    • Package charges will be Rs. 350 per month

    European Bucket Package

    • 250 minutes to fixed networks of Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherland and Norway
    • Package Charges: Rs. 300 per month

    Far Eastern Bucket Package

    • 250 free minutes to fixed networks of South Korea, Malaysia and Fixed and Mobile networks of Hong Kong
    • Package charges: Rs. 300 per month

    Subscribers will be able to select one or multiple buckets at a time.

    We are yet to ascertain the Launch date of these buckets.


    PTCL Launched 10 MB DSL Broadband Connection

    PTCL has introduced a new 10 Mbps Broadband package on 10/10/10, This package is in addition to its existing Broadband packages. The New 10 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 9,999 / month with unlimited download. Current PTCL Broadband packages are;

    1Mbps at Rs. 1,199
    4Mbps at Rs. 1,999
    6Mbps at Rs. 4,999
    8Mbps at Rs. 6,999
    10Mbps at Rs. 9,999
    On the other hand WorldCall, one of PTCL’s rival, is providing 10 Mbps Cable Broadband in rupees 8,000. But it’s only available in selected areas – where as PTCL’s DSL coverage spans almost all over the Pakistan.

    PTCL’s Delivery of highspeed broadband services remains a question mark – as company’s old infrastructure, particularly in far flung areas, may not support this much of data transfer rate. Only cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi having new FiberOptic lines may support 10 Mpbs data rate.

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