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How to Hide facebook profile details from unknown users

You can hide to View your facebook profile details to unknown users and freinds by following ways:
Go to setting which is at the top right side,as the mouse cursor is pointed on setting button a drop-down menu appears, click “Privacy Settings”.
Go in Profile section.
There you can see many options.
Click “Edit Custom Settings”.
Enter the name of the friend or choose the friends from the list which appears.There is an option “Except These People” choose or write the name of the person to whom you want to block or restrict from viewing the profile .
There are many options which can be done.You can give rights to view and restrictions for anyone on that panel.


How to insert Video in Orkut Profile

Method For adding a video on your orkut profile you need the following simple steps as under:-

1-First Log On to Yours Orkut Profile.
2-Click On Video available on Left side of orkut profile.
Diagram No.1
3-Copy the url of your Favourite Video From any video site, this will allow users to add uploaded videos from Google Video and YouTube to their Orkut Profiles. The feature seems rich in the sense that Orkut users can gain more social experience now by sharing their daily life videos or videos that interest them.Now the You tube and other sites gives options of sharing .You can share your favorite sites only by clicking share on it.




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