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Warid Incoming SMS While Roaming Goes Free

SMS Text messaging, as you are all aware of, has now become the most convenient and affordable way to stay connected with your loved ones wherever you might be on the globe. International roamers for this purpose, find SMS the fastest and the most suitable way to keep in touch with their family and friends while traveling abroad.

So, now to accommodate prepaid as well, Warid is offering incoming SMS Free of Cost while roaming on any network around the world, without any subscription charges!

This step was taken on purpose amidst the current Hajj season with the vision to further facilitate our roamers who are on their spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia. Aiming to assist the striving pilgrims and their families, Warid along with the free incoming SMS offer, also has the best calling rates to Saudi Arabia,  where call to landlines can be made for as low as 7.50+tax per minute.

As far as the bigger picture is concerned, Warid currently has international roaming with 242 live GSM roaming partners in 146 countries also offering live GPRS roaming in 100 countries with 155 roaming partners. Not only this, but the mesh of prepaid roaming service has now been extended within 28 countries, covering major destinations such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Warid International Roaming offers many other innovative products such as SMS Roaming, Wi-Fi Roaming, In-Flight Roaming and Maritime Roaming which allow customers to stay connected to their homes, whether they travel by sea, air or land.

To view Warid’s latest tariff for International Roaming, download this file (156KB – PDF)


Call Rs. 3 Per Hour at Ufone Postpaid

Ufone has re-launched this offer that allows hourly call for postpaid customer or say Ufone is promoting this offer again, with no change in tariff or terms.

Looks, Ufone was unable to attract the postpaid segment in the first place, or maybe company is short of packages!

Getting back to details, with this offer, you can talk to five Friends and Family numbers from 12 am to 5 pm for only Rs. 2.99 plus tax per hour.

You can choose any combination of Ufone and PTCL numbers.


FNF thumb Ufone Postpaid: Call @ Rs. 3 Per Hour

How to Avail Offer:

To activate, SMS any 5 Ufone or PTCL numbers of your choice, separated by commas to 363 or dial 363.


  • This offer will be available on U49, U249, U549, U999, U 1499, U1999, U3999, U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, U5000 packages
  • Once you subscribe to this offer, it will become part of your subscription unless you unsubscribe it
  • This offer is valid from 12 am to 5 pm, from 5 pm till 12 am the charges will be as per package plan
  • Subscription charges are Rs. 50+tax/month, the charges will be upfront and irrespective of the subscription date
  • FnF modification charges will be Rs. 10+tax per change
  • To unsubscribe the service, call 333
  • Hourly rate will be applicable after the consumption of free minutes

Ufone offers For Postpaid Rs. 3 Per Hour

Ufone is now offering its postpaid customers to call at Rs. 3 plus tax per hour from 12 AM to 5 PM to 5 FNF numbers.

This is long awaited treat for postpaid customers, who are usually neglected for incentives and offerings.

This is also first of its kind offer that allows hourly calling for postpaid segment. Though postpaid market is usually considered as corporate and business class, who may not afford calling for hours (in terms of time), still we will have to see how will audience respond to this promotion.

Note: This offer is available for all Ufone postpaid packages, however, a monthly rental of Rs. 50 plus taxes will be added in your current monthly rental.


How to Subscribe:

You can subscribe to FnF service by sending any 5 Ufone or PTCL numbers separated by commas to short code 363. Example: 03331211800, 0333112020, 05116677.


This offer will be available on U49, U249, U549, U999, U 1499, U1999, U3999, U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, U5000 packages
Once you subscribe to this offer, it will become part of your subscription unless you unsubscribe it
For complete details on Ufone Postpaid visit here


Ufone will Bring Soon SMS Bucket for Postpaid

After plenty of treats for prepaid, to facilitate its postpaid base, Ufone has planned to introduce this (virtually) unlimited SMS bucket for postpaid customers.

Earlier, there were 500 SMS a month bucket available for selected postpaid plans. However, this SMS bucket can be availed with all postpaid packages. Below are more details available

Bucket Name: SMS Monthly Package
Number of SMS: 10,000
Price Bucket: Rs 150 + Tax
Validity: 1 Month (With Auto renewal feature)

How to subscribe?

Customer will SMS sub to short code 610 to subscribe – Upon successful subscription customer will receive an acknowledgement SMS.

Inquiry of the remaining SMS can be done by sending info to 8606 (charges Rs, 0.50).

The good thing about this service (unlike PrePaid buckets) is that if you are already subscribed to the service, re-sending subscription SMS will not do a new subscription. Rather it’ll inform that the customer already has a bucket subscribed.

Note: This service is not officially announced yet


Warid My5 Make Unlimited Free Calls on 5 Friends & Family Mumbers

Warid introduces a new feature for its PostPaid subscribers. Now for the first time in Pakistan, Warid PostPaid subscribers can enjoy Unlimited Calls 24/7/365 on their 5 Friends and Family Numbers for just Rs 500 + tax.

My5 is a permanent feature for PostPaid subscribers that would enable you make Unlimited calls and talk as much as you want on 5 Friends & Family numbers throughout the month.

My5 is only available on new Warid PostPaid Packages (250/750/1500 and 2500) with 30 seconds pulse; however, to avail this offer, subscribers on old zahi packages e.g. Silver (Zero Line Rental), 150, 500 and 1000 line rental packages will have to upgrade their packages to 250, 750, 1500 and 2500 line rental packages (30 seconds pulse). My5 is not valid on Warid PostPaid Unlimited Package as FnF calls are already free in this package.

How to Get:
New PostPaid subscribers will have to visit nearest business centre or franchise and fill in CSAF. You can also request activation of My5 service by calling 321.

An Existing Warid PostPaid subscriber only has to call 321 or visit nearest Warid Business Center or Franchise to get My5 activated. (My5 activation is subject to bill run)


Rs. 500 + tax will be charged per month in addition to line rental.


Zong GPRS Pakages and Tariff

Zong offers many pakages for GPRS unlimited and limited.
ZONG Unlimited GPRS
@ Rs. 400+tax /Month (USB Card + Post paid)

ZONG Monthly Package:

For Prepaid:

2 GB bundle – Rs 200
4 GB bundle – Rs 400
Truly unlimited – Rs 999

For Postpaid:

Truly unlimited – Rs 400
Activation through IVR 905

@ Rs. 10+Tax/Mb

ZONG Time based packages

Rs 0.25 per min
Applicable for all package plans
To activate dial 905

Sms SubHour to 905
Activation charges Rs10


Pay your Postpaid Warid Bill and Recharge your prepaid through ATM Machines


WARID provides convenience to pay your Post pay bills or recharge your prepaid connections via 1LINK ATMs acrose the country.

With This facility Now, no need to wait in line, pay your bills through ATMS of following 1LINK Member banks easily. It is simple and easy to use service which is available 24 X 7.

All subscribers can now avail the facility to pay their bill through ATM machines, or can Recharge its prepaid number, which are available in value of Rs. 250, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

Currently following members of 1LINK are providing this service.

Allied Bank Limited
Atlas Bank
Bank Al Habib
Bank Al Falah
Habib Bank Limited
RBS- Royal Bank of Scotland
Soneri Bank Limited
Standard Chartered Bank Limited
United Bank Limited

How to pay your Postpaid Bill or Recharge your prepaid number

Step 1: After entering your ATM PIN number, select the Utility Bill Payment option on the ATM screen
Step 2: Select ‘Warid Telecom’ from the list that appears on the screen
Step 3: Enter your mobile number for which you want TopUp or Bill payment
Step 4: Select your account
Step 5: Select the Amount for Top up or enter the Bill Payment amount for post pay
Step 6: Acknowledge the entered information
Step 7: Collect / Save the receipt.
For more information kindly contact your bank or visit www.1link.net.pk


This service is free of cost and has no hidden charges.

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