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Zong Fast 50 Pakage 50 Paisa per 30 Seconds All Networks

Zong has offered this consumption based package that offers as low as 50 paisa per 30 second charging on all networks. This package is particularly useful for those with higher mobile usage.

Idea is that higher number of consumed minutes, lower will be the call charges. Call rate will keep decreasing as you make calls during the month.

Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset.

Following is the Tariff slabs of the Fast 50

Minutes consumed Tariff – Rs
Less than or equal to 50 0.80
51-100 0.75
101-150 0.70
151-200 0.65
201-250 0.60
251-300 0.55
301+ 0.50
  • Charging is per 30 seconds
  • prices are exclusive of taxes

How to subscribe:

The package can be subscribed by the following ways:

  • # Dial *904# or
  • Write ‘sub’ and send to 904

Terms & conditions

  • The charging is on a 30 second pulse.
  • You can enjoy the discount after one hour of meeting the criteria on billable minutes.
  • Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset

Uth Non Stop Offer Extended for October 14th

Ufone’s Uth Non-Stop Offer, that allowed round the clock free calls to all Ufone numbers after first two minutes is further extended for a month, starting from September 14th, 2010.

This special offer for Uth subscribers was valid till Ramadan 27th, and hence it got expired tonight at 11:59 PM.

However, now Ufone has extended this offer from September 14th, 2010 to October 14th, 2010, without any charges for re-activation.

Ufone is not accepting further subscriptions for this offer for now. Only those subscribers who are already availing this offer will be able to make round the clock free calls to all Ufone numbers from September 14th.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone Uth package allows Rs. 2.99 per hour calls to FnF numbers from 12 AM to 5PM. More details on Ufone Uth package are available here.


Ufone International Call offer 45 Paisas Per 30 Seconds UK USA & Canada

Ufone offers to call for 45 paisa per 30 seconds to the UK (landline only), USA (landline and mobile) and Canada (landline and mobile) without any daily charges.

This offer is valid on calls made 24 hours a day to the mentioned destinations.

Also with this offer make calls to the UK mobile networks O2, T-Mobile and Orange for only Rs. 4.50 per 30 seconds.

How to Activate?

To activate this offer simply dial *27#

Note: One time subscription charges will be Rs.10 exclusive of taxes

Terms and Conditions:

  • The comparison of International call rates depends upon other mobile operators call rates posted on their websites 30th August, 2010
  • Customers can avail this offer after the expiry of their IDD Bucket balance
  • This offer is valid till 14th Sep 2010
  • This offer is not valid for NTS and special numbers in UK
  • Customers can benefit from this offer after finishing with their IDD Bucket
  • The offer will lapse on changing your package.
  • This is a limited time offer
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    PTCL has launched Islamic Portal Services

    PTCL has announced yet another offer for holy month of Ramadan. PTCL has launched Islamic Portal services to provide Islamic services to its subscribers in this Ramadan. All the PTCL Landline and Vfone subscribers can take benefit from this portal and can refresh their Islamic spirit.


    The service charges are Rs 2 / minute+tax


    * Customers can access this service by dialing 1324 from their landline/Vfone sets. Once connected they will hear the menu stating list of content available.
    * Dial *55*HH, MM# to set the time for wakeup call which is totally free but only for landline customers.

    Islamic content list:

    * Live Tarawee from Khana Khaba
    * Full Quran with Urdu translation
    * Top 10 Naats
    * Naats and Hamds
    * Arabic Duas
    * Arabic Islamic Nasheeds
    * Names of Allah
    * Sehar and Aftar timings

    For further information call helpline at 1236


    Mobilink Indigo 50% off Onnet Calls Ramadan Offer

    Mobilink Indigo brings special offer of 50% off on all Mobilink to Mobilink calls in this Ramadan. This discount is valid for the whole month of Ramadan i.e from 12th August to 8th September.

    Customers on i-Initial, i-100, i-400, i-900, i-1500 and i-Unlimited (Basic+Premium) are eligible for this offer. All Mobilink indigo customers can make calls at 50% discounted rate from 5 PM to 12 AM.


    * Call at 111 to subscribe for this offer. The offer will be available after 2 hours of subscription.
    * Customers will be charged onetime nonrefundable fee of Rs. 40 upon subscription, which is same on all indigo packages.
    * Government taxes will also be deduced.
    * Changing the package plan will not have an impact on this offer.


    Ufone Free Minute Bonous Per Minute Offer

    Ufone offers a great free minuet bonous offer that allows one free minute with every minute for on-net calls, round the clock and no daily charges.

    This offer is valid for 20 days only with one time subscription charge of Rs. 20. hence it is treat for heavy users

    How to Get:

    Dial *26# from your Ufone and enjoy this limited time offer which has no daily charges!

    Subscription Charges:

    A onetime Opt-in fee of Rs.20 + tax will be charged to avail the promo.

    Terms & Conditions:

    * This offer is only for Ufone to Ufone calls.
    * Subscribers on UWon, UWon+, Tension Free, Public Demand and Josh packages will be eligible for the campaign.
    * U-U Calls made from Public Demand package will not be charged from 10th minute onwards
    * A onetime Opt-in fee of Rs.20 + tax will be charged to avail the promo.
    * Calls made using Voice Buckets will not be eligible for the offer.
    * Call made to FnF numbers will not be eligible for the offer.
    * Calls made to free numbers and short codes will not be eligible for the offer.
    * this offer is valid till 7th of September 2010
    * Terms and Conditions apply.
    * Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
    * 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.


    Zong Offers you to Block Promotional SMS

    Promotional SMS on mobile is a new trend in these days we got many Promotional SMS on our cell daily with out any blocking facility at your end before this But Now Zong has become the first operator to provide its customers with a facility to block promotional SMS, a unique service through which you will be able to restrict promotional SMS from the comfort of your homes and offices.

    Usually, other companies block promotional messages by calling helpline or by visiting service centers.

    How to Block Promotional Messages:

    To block promotional SMS,

    Visit this URL:
    Enter your number and you will receive a PIN Code
    Enter that PIN code on the website to block all promotional SMS.
    How to UnBlock Promotional Messages:

    To unblock promotional SMS just enter your number and unblock the promotional SMS.


    Jazz brings a New Promotion Bonus on Usage

    Recently Mobilink Jazz has announced a new promotion with the name ‘Bonus on Usage’ through which all Jazz customers can enjoy a low on-net call rate.

    With this offer, all Jazz customers will be able to call on any on net number for Rs. 0.45/30 sec for 24 hours after a daily usage of Rs. 20 only. Jazz Bonus on Usage offer commenced from midnight of July 20th and will conclude at midnight of August 3rd, 2010.

    How to Avail Offer:

    Dial *108# on mobile screen and press send in order to subscribe. One time charge of Rs. 2.00+tax will apply.

    Terms and Conditions

  • Subscriber who achieve the threshold on August 3, 2010 will get the discounted tariff till next day
  • The new Tariff will be applicable on on-net Calls only. The off-net tariff will remain as per package plan
  • Tariff will become active as soon as the threshold is achieved. If threshold is achieved during the call, the new Tariff will be applicable from next call
  • Daily usage window will start from 00:01 Hours to 23:59 Hours on any given day
  • The offer is not available for Jazz 24 Ghanta Offer users
  • New tariff will be applicable on all Packages under the following timings and conditions
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    Telenor Djuice Lucky Ghanta Offer

    Telenor Djuice is offering a unique and very different from all other networks lucky hour offer with this offer customer can avail one lucky hour to make hourly calls to FnF numbers. This lucky hour will be assigned by Telenor – i mean that customer will not have any control on hour selection.

    How to a Get Lucky Ghanta Offer:

    Send an SMS to 6666.

    The ‘lucky hour range’ will be communicated to the customer. For Eg: if the lucky hour is at 1700 hours, the customers will be told that the lucky hour is between 1600-1900 Hrs.


  • SMS to 6666 is charged at 20 paisas per message.
  • Each call will be charged from Rs. 0 to Rs. 3 per hour
  • Lucky Ghanta Offer charges will vary from day to day
  • Terms:

  • Offer is valid on all djuice price plans
  • No activation is required for this offer – all you need is to send an SMS to participate
  • The charge will change everyday. Call charges will vary from Rs.3/hour to absolutely free calls (5 paisa setup charge will be charged on free calls)
  • On djuice main price plan and djuice jaagtay raho the charging will be implemented in a free after x manner i.e. when the Lucky ghanta charges are Rs.3/hour, on djuice main and djuice jaagtay raho, all calls in the lucky ghanta will be free after 3 minutes
  • On djuice din raat, complete call charges will be deducted upfront
  • The lucky hour will change every day
  • offer is also applicable on 6th FnF
  • This offer is not applicable for subscribers who are subscribed to the djuice boltay jao offer on djuice din raat. Lucky Ghanta Tariffs will be applicable once the subscription validity of boltay jao offer ends.

    For more details contact helpline


    Warid Unlimited GPRS Pakage For Night

    Warid is offering its customers to use unlimited GPRS from 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM for Rs. 20 plus tax  with a package called “GPRS Twilight”, .

    How to Subscribe:

    Write SMS “Data” and send it to 3283.

    Once the subscription process has been completed the customer is sent an intimation for the confirmation of the package procured.

    i.e. Unlimited GPRS usage from 1:00am-9:00am (One day validity)

    Available for:

    The service is available for Prepaid customers with active GPRS services only.

    Subscription Charges

    PKR 20 + tax per day


    • As per fair use policy the data limit per subscription is 100mb.
    • To avail the offer you have to send data to 3283 before midnight.
    • Only ONE subscription per day is allowed.
    • Customers who have already subscribed to this service cannot procure more than one night per day at any one time. However, they shall be charged for attempting to do so
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