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Mobilink Offers Prize Bond Lucky Draw Results on Mobile

Mobilink’s new value added Prize Bond lucky draw service allows you to get the Prize Bond Lucky Draw results on your mobile phones.

With this new prize bond service, Mobilink has made the accessibility of prize bonds lucky draw results speedy and extremely convenient for its customers.

How to Check Results:

The process is very simple. In order to find out whether you are a lucky winner or not, just dial onto 7272 or SMS the details of your bond, (i.e. the prize bond number along with its value) and the system will search through the last 6 years lucky draws and update you accordingly.

Service Mechanics:

  • Dial onto 7272 and select your preferred language. After language selection, choose the denomination of your prize bond and then just type in your prize bond number. The result will instantly be played back and you will immediately find out if you are a lucky winner or not.
  • Simply SMS “Prize bond number<Space>denomination” to 7272 (i.e. 724971
    200 to 7272)


  • IVR Browsing:   Rs. 2+tax/min
  • SMS Charges:   Rs. 2+tax/SMS

Jazz Launches SMS Khazana 4 with More Valueable Prizes

After the great  success of  Jazz SMS Khazana 1, 2 and Jazz Eid SMS Khazana, Mobilink now brings another exciting offer for its valued customers “Jazz SMS Khazana 4” promising lots of cash prizes for Mobilink customers to win.

Jazz SMS Khazana 4 like its predecessors is based on answering trivia questions to gather points and entering in to lucky draw to win high value cash prizes.


This time around the prizes are valued at

  • Rs. 100,000 daily win,
  • Rs. 1,000,000 monthly win and
  • Rs. 3,000,000 bumper win!

Jazz SMS Khazana 4 has begun from October 18th and will continue till January 16th, 2011.

How to Participate:

send JK to 5555 to enter into Jazz SMS Khazana 4. Remember, the higher the points the customer gets, the closer he/she gets to winning a prize.


Service charges are Rs 8+tax per SMS

To Unsubscribe:

If a customer wishes to opt out of the contest then he/she should call 111 and ask to be removed from the promotion or send STOP to 5555. The participant will not receive any promotional SMS, but in case if he sends any SMS to 5555 again, he will be receiving replies.

Service Mechanics:

The quiz mechanism consists of multiple choice questions where participants should answer in order to gather points and increase their possibilities to become a winner. All points will be accumulated during the campaign for the final draw/grand prize.

  • Every correct answer awards 20 points for the prizes
  • Every incorrect answer awards 10 points
  • Every invalid answer gives 5 points
  • Various bonus mechanisms give the chance to the participant to win more points
  • The participant will have to choose from option 1 or 2 to reply to a question

Service Eligibility Criteria & Rules:

  • Daily draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific day enter that day’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
  • Monthly draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS during the specific month enter that Month’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
  • Grand Prize draw: All participants who have participated in the campaign are eligible to enter the draw for the grand prize with all their accumulated points. This includes the winning participants of daily/monthly draws as well.
  • The users will have lucky draw entries based on their points, which means if a user has 100 points he will have 100 entries in the lucky draw.
  • The due lucky draw of that particular day will be held at 11:59 PM. The names of the winners will be published on Mobilink World Website after every 3rd working day.
  • One particular user cannot win two similar cash prizes during the campaign. For example, same customer cannot win daily prize twice. However these winners will be eligible for the other draws i.e., daily winners will be eligible for monthly draws & the Grand Prize draw ,similarly monthly winners will be eligible for daily draws & the Grand Prize draw. Users who have won neither daily nor monthly prizes shall also be eligible for the Grand Prize draw.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Mobilink Employees, franchises, dealers, Employee’s first blood relatives are not eligible to participate in the campaign.
  • All prizes will be delivered within 20 working days after the lucky draw.
  • All applicable Govt. taxes will be deducted from the prize money before handing over the prize amount to the winner.
  • The SIM should be registered in the name of the prize claimer.
  • Indigo users can also participate in the campaign.
  • In case of postpaid connection, until & unless all the dues are cleared, prize money will not be handed over to the winner.
  • · All winners will be announced on www.mobilinkworld.com/khazana4

Zong Announces the Winner of KPO Car

ZONG’s Keep Phone On (KPO) reward program’s lucky draw was held recently in which one lucky winner from Faisalabad received a car for keeping his phone on.

The picture taken on the occasion shows Mr. Berkatullah, Regional Director handing over the car to lucky winner Muzammal Hussain of Faisalabad.


Ufone Gives Away Second Car To Kismat Ki Dastak Winner

Ufone has announced second Toyota Crolla 1300cc car winner for its “Kismat Ki Dastak” campaign. Picture below Mr and Mrs. Faryal Fayyaz along with their son receiving car keys from Mr. Faisal Khaliq (left most), Chief Information Officer, Ufone.

Ufone is giving you a chance to win a fully furnished house, 1300 cc brand new car, mobile handsets and thousands of free minutes. For that, you will have to download a ringtone or take a paid quiz.


Play Foosball to Win PS3 and iPods with wi-tribe

wi-tribe offers you the excitement of Foosball over the internet with this very interesting online game to play online .

How to Play:

Simply point your browsers to http://www.wi-tribe.pk/foosball/ or to wi-tribe Facebook page.

Enter your name/ email and start playing. You can select from available teams, once done start kicking the ball into the goal. Each goal will score you points, which are important to make as they can win you PS3s and iPods through lucky draw.


Those with highest scores will enter into a lucky draw to win

1 PS3
3 iPods


Telenor Mala-maal Offer for easyload Retailers

Telenor is incentivizing its retailers with cash prizes and motorcycles if they make extra sales (for easyload) in the month of July 2010.

Campaign starts from Thursday, Jul 1, 2010 and will enable those retailers to enter into the lucky draw who will earn 5 percent additional sales than of their targets.


Motorbikes – 12 prizes
Rs. 10,000 Cash – 30 prizes
Rs. 5,000 Cash – 60 prizes
Rs. 2,100 Cash – 2100 prizes


  • Campaign will run through the month of July (1st July 2010 to 31st July 2010)
  • This campaign is for retailers only, Franchises and Service Center staff is not eligible for it
  • Retailers can get information on their sale targets by calling 345-545
  • 5 percent additional sale will entitle one entry while 10 percent additional sale will earn you two entries in the lucky draw
  • Minimum easyload sale should be Rs. 2,000 to qualify for lucky draw
  • One retailemaximum of 10 entriesr can send
  • Telenor’s decision for lucky draw winners will be final
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    Mobilink announced another Super Khazana SMS winner today

    Mobilink announced another Super Khazana SMS winner today. Tariq Durrani, Regional Commercial Director, Mobilink (R) is shown handing over Rs. 550,000 cheque to Muhammad Shafique (L), the Jazz Super SMS Khazana lucky winner from Bahawalnagar.

    Jazz Super SMS Khazana brings daily prize of Rs. 75,000 in cash, while the weekly prize is valued at Rs. 550,000 each.

    The Grand prize at the end of this campaign will be Rs 10 million.

    For more details about Jazz Super SMS Khazana campaign visit: http://www.mobilinkworld.com/jazzsupersms

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