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Jazz Launches SMS Khazana 4 with More Valueable Prizes

After the great  success of  Jazz SMS Khazana 1, 2 and Jazz Eid SMS Khazana, Mobilink now brings another exciting offer for its valued customers “Jazz SMS Khazana 4” promising lots of cash prizes for Mobilink customers to win.

Jazz SMS Khazana 4 like its predecessors is based on answering trivia questions to gather points and entering in to lucky draw to win high value cash prizes.


This time around the prizes are valued at

  • Rs. 100,000 daily win,
  • Rs. 1,000,000 monthly win and
  • Rs. 3,000,000 bumper win!

Jazz SMS Khazana 4 has begun from October 18th and will continue till January 16th, 2011.

How to Participate:

send JK to 5555 to enter into Jazz SMS Khazana 4. Remember, the higher the points the customer gets, the closer he/she gets to winning a prize.


Service charges are Rs 8+tax per SMS

To Unsubscribe:

If a customer wishes to opt out of the contest then he/she should call 111 and ask to be removed from the promotion or send STOP to 5555. The participant will not receive any promotional SMS, but in case if he sends any SMS to 5555 again, he will be receiving replies.

Service Mechanics:

The quiz mechanism consists of multiple choice questions where participants should answer in order to gather points and increase their possibilities to become a winner. All points will be accumulated during the campaign for the final draw/grand prize.

  • Every correct answer awards 20 points for the prizes
  • Every incorrect answer awards 10 points
  • Every invalid answer gives 5 points
  • Various bonus mechanisms give the chance to the participant to win more points
  • The participant will have to choose from option 1 or 2 to reply to a question

Service Eligibility Criteria & Rules:

  • Daily draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific day enter that day’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
  • Monthly draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS during the specific month enter that Month’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
  • Grand Prize draw: All participants who have participated in the campaign are eligible to enter the draw for the grand prize with all their accumulated points. This includes the winning participants of daily/monthly draws as well.
  • The users will have lucky draw entries based on their points, which means if a user has 100 points he will have 100 entries in the lucky draw.
  • The due lucky draw of that particular day will be held at 11:59 PM. The names of the winners will be published on Mobilink World Website after every 3rd working day.
  • One particular user cannot win two similar cash prizes during the campaign. For example, same customer cannot win daily prize twice. However these winners will be eligible for the other draws i.e., daily winners will be eligible for monthly draws & the Grand Prize draw ,similarly monthly winners will be eligible for daily draws & the Grand Prize draw. Users who have won neither daily nor monthly prizes shall also be eligible for the Grand Prize draw.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Mobilink Employees, franchises, dealers, Employee’s first blood relatives are not eligible to participate in the campaign.
  • All prizes will be delivered within 20 working days after the lucky draw.
  • All applicable Govt. taxes will be deducted from the prize money before handing over the prize amount to the winner.
  • The SIM should be registered in the name of the prize claimer.
  • Indigo users can also participate in the campaign.
  • In case of postpaid connection, until & unless all the dues are cleared, prize money will not be handed over to the winner.
  • · All winners will be announced on www.mobilinkworld.com/khazana4

How to Safe From Cell phone Scams in Pakistan

Scams on Cell phone are on the rise in these days, sometime with juicy lotteries or otherwise with threat calls. Though, it is extremely difficult to have an unregistered SIM these days, so using an illegal SIM without owners’ information is not very easy, but still – fraudulent people find a way to trap innocent people.

You can be tricked by deceivers who use deceptive and fraudulent practices in order to obtain mobile credit from your prepaid/postpaid account – or even worse financial loss. For the purpose, cellular companies have already lowered their upper limit of sharing mobile credit.

You can remain safe by simply confirming any legal prize scheme launched by your operator or registering a complaint instead of replying those numbers.

You can be deceived through any of following practices:

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to call a particular number to win prize:
  • Never respond to any such call or SMS, as it will transfer your prepaid phone amount to another number

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to call or SMS on a particular number to win free minutes:
  • never respond to any such call or SMS as it is not going to get you free minutes, instead your credit will be transferred into another account.

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to transfer your prepaid balance to develop friendship:
  • Beware of any such calls as criminals change their voice or use voice changer to pretend as females to take financial advantages

  • Phonecalls or SMS asking for an amount for SIM registration:
  • Your operator will never ask you for money for SIM registration, therefore never transfer any amount to any number for SIM registration

  • Unknown Messages with Unknown String:
  • Do not reply or press any key to any string of numbers (e.g.8100#92805812233023##) received through SMS. Simply exit or discard it at first instance

  • Prize Money, Car or Plot Winners:
  • If you get a call and person says that you have won a car, 10 million rupees or whatever, never transfer any money to any bank account or through balance share. Be aware of the fact that cellular companies are giving away car prizes, so you better check from your operator for the genuineness of prize before you celebrate it. But in any case, don’t transfer money to anyone. Your operator will never ask you for money in return of a prize

  • You can register your complaint at following numbers:
  • Ufone: Dial 333 from Ufone numbers or 111-333-100 from landline
    Zong: Dial 310 from Zong numbers or 111-222-111 from landline
    Warid: Dial 321 from Warid numbers or 111-111-321 from landline
    Mobilink: Dial 111 from Mobilink numbers or 111-300-300 from landline
    Telenor: Dial 345 from Telenor numbers or 111-345-111 from landline
    PTCL: Dial 1236 and 1218
    World Call: 0800-19111 or 111-111-965
    Telecard: Dial 1223344 from Go numbers
    Wateen: Dial 042-111-365-111
    wi-tribe: UAN: 111-187-423
    In case your complaint is not addressed by your concerned operator, contact PTA’s consumer protection department

    PTA Complaint Resolution Contact details:

    Helpline: 0800-55055
    Fax: 051-2878127
    Email: complaints@pta.gov.pk


    Ufone & Pepsi Badal do Qismat Announced the Winner of Grand Prize

    Ufone & Pepsi concluded ‘Badal do Qismat’, a joint promotion and finally announced the winner of the Grand Prize of this campaign.

    Usman Pathan, a resident of Sukkur was declared winner of the Grand Prize “Mazda RX 8” at an event held at Pepsi Head Office Lahore and the key was handed over at Ufone Head office in Islamabad.

    This offer was the first of its kind between one of Pakistan’s leading cellular service provider and leading carbonated soft drink brand in Pakistan received overwhelming response from the market. Consumers from around the country won exciting prizes including Free Talk Time, SMS’s, Cricket Bats, X Box’s, T-shirts and Free Pepsi.

    Senior management of Ufone’s & Pepsi Cola International was present at the occasion which included Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Moazzam Ali Khan, Head of Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility & Mr. Khurram Mahboob, Manager Marketing from Ufone. While Mr. Adnan Abbasi, Franchise Manager & Mr. Mukarram Ali Khan, GM Sales Haidri Beverages and Northern Bottlers represented Pepsi Cola International.

    Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Ufone speaking at the occasion said “The results of this promo have been overwhelming and has shown great belief of our valued customers in us. Ufone has yet again reinforced its promise that “it’s all about U”. Ufone has always strived to give our valued customers the best value for their money and I believe this promo has delivered above all expectations”

    Mr. Khurram Koraishy Director Marketing Pepsi said “This was our first promo with Ufone and we are glad that it had very encouraging results. Pepsi International believes that Pakistani youth has both the courage and the desire to change their destiny and that’s why we say “Badal Do Zamana’. We want to provide the youth with the opportunity to bring a positive change in their lives and we look forward to deliver that promise”


    Ufone & Pepsi Lottery Badal Dou Kistmat


    After the recent Lakhpati offer Ufone offers another lotto offer in partnership with PEPSI Co, named as “BADAL DO KISMAT”.

    According to the offer changing your luck is very easy, search for the special Ufone code under your Pepsi bottle crown, SMS it to 737 & enter a lucky draw to win fabulous prizes, but if you are so unlucky to win any prize, you need not to worry, because sending an sms to 737 will give you a sweet ringtone for free! So don’t wait, get your luck changed.


    Grand Prize: Mazda RX-8 Car
    Free Unlimited supply of Pepsi
    Thousands of Free minutes and SMS
    Cricket bats and t-shirts autographed by cricket stars
    Each SMS to 737 will be charged at Rs. 2 + tax
    Only Ufone customers are eligible to participate in this promotion.
    Each mobile number can send in more than one entry
    This promotion is valid on Pepsi/Mountain Dew/7Up/Mirinda/ 250 ml returnable bottle
    All prizes will be subject to deduction of withholding tax and other deductions required to be made by law, which shall be to the account of the winner(s).
    The decision of Pepsi and Ufone regarding all matters pertaining to the Promotion and the prizes will be final and binding on all concerned.
    Prizes not claimed within 15 days of notification by Pepsi/Ufone, will be automatically forfeited.
    Ufone, Pepsi or Pepsi bottlers’ employees, or those of their agencies, suppliers and lawyers are not eligible to participate in the promotion.
    Terms and conditions and duration of this offer are subject to change without notice
    This offer is valid for a limited period only.
    19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge

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