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PTCL Introduces New Landline Plans with bundles offers

PTCL today launched four new landline packages understanding needs of differents users.

All packages come with with on-net minutes bundles and a monthly charge, however, if opted PTCL won’t be charging any line rent from subscribers.

Basic Budget (For Low end Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 249 per month
  • Free minutes : 200 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Budget Plus (For Low to Medium Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 399 per month
  • Free minutes : 400 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Family Budget (For Medium to High Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 699 per month
  • Free minutes : 750 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Business Budget (For Business / Commercial users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 1,999 per month
  • Free minutes : 3,000 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

PTCL Announces Special Packages with low Rates for Hajj and Eid

With Hajj and Eid around the corner PTCL has launched special Hajj and Eid call rates for its customers.

The package has been launched to further facilitate the Haajis to meet their communication needs while on this spiritual journey.

PTCL has given this offer keeping in mind the needs of the customers to remain in contact with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia.


PTCL Hajj and Eid package offers lowest call rates at only RS Rs. 2.99 per 20 seconds on fixed line and on mobile Rs. 4.25 per 20 second.

PTCL hajj eid Offer thumb PTCL Announces Special Packages for Hajj and Eid

This special promotional tariff is applicable for a period of 1 month starting from 1st Nov-10.

Vfone Eid Offer

vfone eid page PTCL Announces Special Packages for Hajj and Eid

Vfone, the WLL network of PTCL is also offering special incentives on this Eid!

  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 300/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 100/-
  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 500/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 200/-
  • Load a Vfone scratch card of Rs. 1,000/- and get an instant free balance of Rs. 300/Terms:
    • Free balance offer will be valid for all cards of more than Rs.100 denomination i.e. on Rs.300, 500 and 1,000 denomination cards
    • Free balance can be utilized for calling on-net (V-V, V-PSTN Local & NWD)
    • Free balance can be utilized for Internet and SMS (on-net and off-net)
    • The validity of free balance will be 30 days only
    • Free balance offer will be applicable only for WIN subscribers & not for WIPT i.e. not for VPCO
    • This is a limited time offer
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    PTCL Landline Ramadan Offer

  • All NTC customers will only pay Rs.500 as installation charges (offer valid till last day of Ramadan)
  • Free telephone set for all NTC customers who apply for PTCL’s Fixed line during Ramadan
  • Discounted Tariff Rate for making calls to Saudi Arabia
  • * Saudi Arabia Fixed: Rs.6.99 per minute
    * Saudi Arabia Mobile: Rs.12.99 per minute

  • Following Value Added Services accessible through short code
  • * Live Tarawee from Khana Khaba
    * Full Quran with Urdu translation
    * Top 10 Naats
    * Naats and Hamds
    * Arabic Duas
    * Arabic Islamic Nasheeds
    * Prayer timings
    * Names of Allah
    * Sehar and Aftar timings
    * Service Short Code: 1324
    * Service tariff is Rs 2 / minute (Exclusive of Taxes)

  • Free Wakeup Call Service for RamadaN
  • How to Activate:

    * To activate dial: *55* HH MM # (time in 24 Hrs format)


    Get Your Ptcl Land Line Connection Rs.500 Only

    In a latest offer PTCL has decreased the connection charges for new landline phone connections. Previously PTCL was charging 750 Rupees but now charges are slashed to Rs. 500 Only.

    It is worth mentioning here that PTCL has recently imposed Installation charges on new Broadband connections, keeping the Inflows balanced.


    From 1st July 2010, all NTC (New Telephone Line Connections) customers will only pay Rs.500 as installation charges.
    This offer is for all NTC customers whether they are commercial or residential customers.
    This is a limited time promotion


    PTCL to add Digit 9 For Karachi Lahore Public Sector Telephone Numbers

    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has announced that it will add “9″ digit with all public sector telephone numbers for Karachi and Lahore – those starting with 9 digit from July 01,2010.

    For EXAMPLE, 042-923-4466 will become 042-9923-4466

    Earlier, Digit “3” was added to all existing 7 digits numbers of Karachi and Lahore except the numbers starting with “9”.

    It is important to understand that extra digits have been added to the existing phone numbers and not the area codes. Army exchanges are exempted from this change and their numbers would remain the same.

    For customer with awareness and facilitation for PTCL requested PTA that the new series plan should run parallel to old one for a period of one year w.e.f July 01, 09 till July 01st, 2010. However at the completion of this period to ensure connectivity and customer convenience, customers would now hear an announcement advising them to add digit 3 or 9 to get through on PTCL Karachi and Lahore incase they forget to dial the new required digit.

    SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said PTCL in this regard also plans to run an awareness campaign to save our customers from any inconvenience and connect them without any problems.

    Aasif Inam EVP Consumer Services said this will apply to all callers calling on PTCL landline in Lahore and Karachi from PTCL landline, Mobile, NTC, SCO or other LLOs and we are specially focusing upon publicizing the change to save our customers from facing any inconvenience.


    Install a New PTCL Landline Connection and Get Same Number of Ufone

    PTCL trying his best to get more and more new landline customers and as a result after, the recent discount promotion PTCL once again has come up with another innovative and appealing offer which is a part of ongoing Synergy Projects with its sister concern company UFONE .

    With this offer all new customer who wants to install a new telephone connection (NTC) can also get UFONE SIM with the same number (03xx-7 digit) as of PTCL Landline.

    What’s the spacial deal?

    No special charges for PTCL number/UFONE SIM
    Same installation fee and line rent charges for PTCL Landline.
    SIM will be sent to the customer through TCS (Courier Service). Customer just needs to pay ordinary UFONE charges (Rs 150 and a balance of Rs 100 will be available)

    How to get this?

    This service can be acquired by calling 0800 80 800 helpline or through walk-in ptcl customers services centers.


    This service would be applicable on only new landline telephone connection requests.
    Existing customers can opt for secondary PTCL landline in order to avail this service.
    This is a PTCL NTC promotion, so UFONE customers cannot apply for this service for their existing numbers.
    You cannot suggest your own numbers are already matched in both networks which are not assigned to any customer yet.
    Every new telephone request in PTCL under goes a resource confirmation/ feasibility process, if that is clear then you will surely get the desired number which is selected at the time of order taking.
    Process takes at least seven days. Its depends on the area customer is in and the feasibility report.
    UFONE will send the SIM to customer premises through TCS. TCS Rep will collect Rs 150 from the customer as SIM charges.
    Identical numbers have been reserved Exchange wise in three main cities. Neighbor number is very important in order to indentify the right exchange for the requesting customer to avoid ambiguity at our end.
    There are no other special features except having Identical Number UFONE SIM as well.


    Ptcl Offering Rs.200 Discount on PTCL New Landline connections

    Ptcl Offering Rs.200 Discount on all PTCL New Landline connections To increase its landline connections, PTCL offers an attractive discount offer for new customers. All you have to do is to apply for a new landline connection by dialing 0800 80800.

    How to get Discount?
    Apply for the new landline connection by dialing 0800 80800 and get a discount of Rs. 200 (on-net-calls) on every monthly bill for the next three months.

    For example if you get a connection in December 2009, you will get discount until February 2010.


    This is a limited time offer.
    Offer will be valid from the date of activation of new number.
    For New connection dial 0800 8 0800 or fill form at www.ptcl.com.pk (Online form Works with IE only)
    Terms and Conditions apply.
    Below is the TVC for this offer.

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