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PTCL Student Broadband Package Revises with Bundle offer

PTCL has revised its student package by bundling it with PSTN (landline) incentives – however, the price of broadband remains the same.

PTCL is now offering student Package of 1 Mbps broadband with unlimited download, 150 free voice minutes per month and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / month.

But if you need just the broadband, then and PTCL Broadband existing Student Package will cost you Rs 850 / month.

Note: Kehdou Voice SMS service was launched by PTCL back in June 2008 that enables PTCL customers to send voice SMS to cellular subscribers.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL had taken back discounts on student packages for 1 Mpbs broadband.

PTCL broadband student package has been launched with the following two offers;

  • Broadband Student Package 1 Mbps unlimited download Bundled with PSTN offering 150 Free  voice Minutes and FREE Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / Month
  • PTCL broadband Student Package basic 1 Mbps with unlimited downloads at Rs 850 / month (Previously PTCL Educational Broadband)



Benefits and key Highlights:

  • PTCL Broadband Student Package is available in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.
  • Free E- Learning cards to all (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010)
  • Chance to win Rs. 100,000 scholarships for further education (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010

Comsats Internet Services has launched its Wi-Fi Broadband Modem

Comsats Internet Services has launched its Wi-Fi modems for DSL customers in Islamabad/Rawalpindi with a package called Freedom Broadband.

This service is being offered in Islamabad and Rawalpindi at present and will be offered in more cities by the end of the year.

Earlier, only PTCL and Link Dot Net were offering WiFi modems/routers for their customers.

COMSATS’ Freedom Broadband package offers DSL service for both students and professionals including 512 kbps, 1 mbps, and 2 mbps.

Tariff Detail is as following:

Home Users

CIS Home User thumb Comsats Introduces WiFi Routers for DSL Customers

Corporate Users

CIS Corporate thumb Comsats Introduces WiFi Routers for DSL Customers


  • CIS says that Package speed availability is dependent upon clients telephone line condition
  • In case of Post paid connection, security deposit will be equal to selected package

Ericsson Pakistan organized a seminar on “Connected World”

Ericsson Pakistan organized a seminar on “Connected World”, The aim of this seminar is creating awareness about improved life styles and overall economical health as well as business opportunities made possible by mobile broadband including the exciting consumer experiences that lay ahead with mobile broadband.

Interesting case studies around machine to machine (M2M) were shared with the audience while focusing on the fact that anything and everything can be part of a “Connected World.” The seminar was attended more than two hundred representatives, decision-makers and influential industry players from telecom operators, Ministry of IT & Telecom, the regulator, government bodies including the armed forces and media.

The chief guest speaker, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Dr Mohammed Yaseen said, “Pakistan has experienced broadband growth of 150 percent over the past two years and we have been placed 6th in terms of quarterly growth in the global broadband market. With teledensity at 63 percent, staying connected has started to be an everyday thing for the 99 million mobile subscribers in Pakistan.”

“A Connected World offers a wealth of possibilities for consumers, from improved health care, security, and better access to education to personal communication, information and entertainment – all of which will bring us a step closer towards becoming an information-rich society,” said Mohsen Tavakol, President of Ericsson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.


Qubee Launches USB Dongle with Unlimited Download Pakage

Qubee has launched  USB broadband device “Qubee Shuttle”, the most reliable, state-of-the-art device in the market so far, as claimed by the company in a statement issued lastweek.

Reportedly, device was well tested before official launch. Internal reports suggest the device performs pretty smooth even in less covered areas.

Qubee says that device is the best in class among the similar products being offered by other WiMAX providers in Pakistan as it has the latest technology which drastically improve performance to provide uninterrupted internet experience to the users.

The main advantage of “Qubee Shuttle” is that it is pakage with unlimited downloads at Rs. 1,500 per month.

Following are Qubee tariffs,

Qubee Tariff Qubee Launches USB Dongle, Claimed as ‘Best in Market’ Device


  • Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB
  • Explore Max- Unlimited will be available on Qubee Shuttle only
  • Qubee fair usage policy applies to Explore Max residential unlimited volume package
  • The unlimited packages have no cap on downloads customer make.
  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or
    further reselling as per directives of PTA.
  • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily
    any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.

“Qubee has been actively involved in technology up-gradation since its launch in Pakistan and the introduction of unique, portable and reliable “USB Shuttle” is a reassurance of our commitment to provide our customers amazingly reliable services. Furthermore now our customers can enjoy Unlimited downloads with the same worldclass service,” said Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee.

Moreover, Qubee is also getting good response from its customers in Lahore and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi where the service has been launched recently.

“Response from users in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is quite encouraging. We are covering almost 80 percent of urban areas of these cities and our team of experts is working hard to extend the coverage to the remaining areas,” Naqvi added.

“We are attracting new users by offering unmatched services for all segments of the market as well as serving the unsatisfied customers who have never been provided quality services,” said Hashim Sheikh, Chief Marketing Officer, Qubee. “We are coming up with new and innovative products and services to cater to the needs of the market and launch of Qubee Shuttle reiterates our commitment to provide high speed and reliable broadband services to customers in Pakistan.”


Telenor’s GPRS TVC Showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook Dleted

I think that Telenor has decided to pull back its recent most TV commercial of telenor GPRS.More, which came under fire from masses due to its over-expressive nature.

I don’t know any official words on this yet; however, Telenor’s official YouTube page has deleted the ad that showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS.

Telenor is airing a backup TVC on TV channels, which shots a better use of Telenor’s GPRS.

As we said, we don’t have official words on this matter yet; still, pulling the plug of TVC in question is being termed as positive and sensible response from Telenor’s end.

At the same time, now it is evident that said TVC had thematic problems in it.

Below is new TVC of Intenret.More


The News Come up with an E-paper

All other News Networks Dawn, The Nation, Jang, Express and other major mainstream paper had their e-paper for long; however, ‘The News’ was left behind in this.

While the need was immense, ‘The News’ has come up with its electronic version of daily newspaper.

We are not sure if its still in beta testing, but we can confirm that epaper is being published for at least three months now.

Here is the link: http://e.thenews.com.pk/

We also know that ‘The News’ epaper used to require registration, in the start, however, now it can be accessed without any registration.

Other epapers of Pakistan newspapers are:

  1. The News: http://e.thenews.com.pk/
  2. Dawn: http://epaper.dawn.com
  3. Daily Jang: http://ejang.jang.com.pk/
  4. Daily Express: http://express.com.pk/
  5. The Nation: http://www.nation.com.pk/E-Paper
  6. Nawa-e-Waqt: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/
  7. Daily Jinnah: http://epaper.dailyjinnah.com/
  8. Daily Waqt: http://www.dailywaqt.com/
  9. Express Tribune: http://epaper.tribune.com.pk/

Telenor TVC which is morally beyond our social values

Telenor, a company that is usually very responsible in advertisements has apparently crossed the line, by having a go on a TVC, which is morally beyond our social values.

To sell its newly launched internet bundles, Telenor decided to show a boy spotting a  girl at his college. He then searches her by name on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS. He then sends her message to be connected, and then she turns out to be the daughter of principal of that college – in the end, boy and girl get connected, in ten rupees for a day.

Tagline of this ad can be: How to Get a Girl in Rs. 10 with Telenor Internet.More

Following is the AD:

A multinational company of Telenor’s magnitude must consider the operating circumstances before defining a policy. A love story presented like this in TVC is not going to get acceptance by masses, while we already are hearing bad words on it from industry:

Telenor Internet More1 A Line was Just Crossed: Telenor Internet.More [TVC]

Here are few points to be considered:

  • What has happened to ad agencies? where is creativity?
  • Sales’ desperation has gone this high that company can show/teach this nation anything?
  • Where is PTA/PEMRA?

Update: Telenor has Pulled Back above mentioned TVC from TV channels and their Youtube page. A Backup AD is being aired as of now.


GPRS Settings For Android Handsets Ufone/ Zong/ Telenor/ Warid/ Mobilink

Android handsets are starting to see the light of day in Pakistan but sadly the cellular networks over here or more precisely the customer care people aren’t aware of their GPRS/EDGE settings, while Androids don’t accept automated settings messages.

But thanks to Haris Nadeem from AndroidPakistan.com we now have GPRS/EDGE settings for every mobile network here in Pakistan, yes you heard that right, GPRS setting for Andriod phones for every mobile network!

The first time I took my Nexus One to head office of a cellular company in Islamabad for GPRS settings, the representative over there took my handset, looked at it for like 5 minutes and then blurted out “Is this an iPhone?”, from that moment I realized that Android users are on their own when it comes to internet/GPRS settings.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have Internet/EDGE up and running on your Android handset in no time!


EDGE/GPRS Settings

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  • Now use the following settings:
    Name: Ufone Internet (anything you like)
    APN: ufone.internet ufone.pinternet
    MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
    MNC: 01 (use whatever is there by default)
  • You can leave all the other fields blank as they are and save these settings.


EDGE/GPRS Settings

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  • Now use the following settings:
    Name: zonginternet (anything you like)
    APN: zonginternet or zongwap
    MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
    MNC: 01 (use whatever is there by default)
  • You can leave all the other fields blank as they are and save these settings.


EDGE/GPRS Settings

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  • Now use the following settings:
    Name: Mobilink (anything you like)
    APN: connect.mobilinkworld.com
    MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
    MNC: 01 (use whatever is there by default)


EDGE/GPRS Settings

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  • Now use the following settings:
    Name: Telenor (anything you like)
    APN: internet
    Port: 0
    Username: Telenor (case-sensitive)
    Password: Telenor (case-sensitive)
    MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
    MNC: 06 (use whatever is there by default)


Thanks a lot to Asim Farooq for sending this in for Warid !

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  • Now use the following settings:

Name: Warid GPRS

  • Now use the following settings:
    Name: Warid Internet (anything you like)
    APN: warid or waridwap
    MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
    MNC: 07 (use whatever is there by default)
    APN type: default
  • You can leave all the other fields blank as they are and save these settings.

And that’s about it, you now have internet/GPRS settings for your precious Android device.

Note: These settings were tested on Android 2.1 Éclair and 2.2 Froyo for now, but it’s highly likely that they will work on Android 1.5 and 1.6 as well.

Note: We will post complete set of MMS settings for Android handsets as well once we them in one place, so stay tuned !


Wateen Promotes Internet Literacy in Underserved Areas of Pakistan

Wateen has been an active participant in Government of Pakistan’s (Ministry of Information Technology) USF projects working towards the development of telecom infrastructure in underserved areas of the country.

So far, Wateen has been successful in obtaining subsidies of approximately PKR 1.8 billion for OFC projects and PKR 1.0 billion for Broadband projects through successful participation in competitive biddings.

Wateen’s deployment of a robust Optical Fiber Cable network of over 10,000 kilometers and the largest nationwide 3.5 GHz WiMAX network rollout in the world makes Wateen a natural partner of choice to support such initiatives from USF.

Mr. Tariq Malik, CEO Wateen Telecom, commended Wateen’s efforts for promotion of internet literacy in these regions and said

“Wateen stands committed in alleviating the digital divide between the urban and rural population and is always one step ahead of its competition to meet such challenges. Our aim is to promote computer and internet literacy in underserved regions of Pakistan by making these services ‘available’ and ‘affordable’ for the people of Pakistan.

While talking about corporate social responsibility he further stated that through these projects Wateen is not only making services available in educational centers by building computer laboratories that shall be fully equipped with broadband internet but is also generating employment opportunities by creating partnerships with the local community to build internet cafes in the area.

It is Wateen’s vision to contribute towards the development of our great country and hence, participation in USF regions aligns with Wateen’s vision of taking Pakistan into the digital broadband revolution of the 21st century while promoting education and literacy through these means.”


WorldCall Cable Broadband Lahore Karachi New Tariff

In response to PTCL’s recent bandwidth up-gradation, WordCall has responded by revising its cable broadband rates along with introduction of higher speeds on its cable network for Lahore and Karachi.

Still unofficial, however, confirmed by WorldCall support, customers are already doubled with their bandwidths while new customers are given an opportunity to opt for up to 10 mpbs broadband bandwidth.

Following is the complete tariff guide:

Download speed Estimated Upload speed Old Price New price
512Kbps 256Kbps Rs. 1,100 Rs. 700
1Mbps 512Kbps Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,000
2Mbps 1Mbps Rs. 5,100 Rs. 1,500
4Mbps 2Mbps New Package Rs. 2,000
6Mbps 3Mbps New Package Rs. 4,000
8Mbps 4Mbps New Package Rs. 6,000
10Mbps 5Mbps New Package Rs. 8,000
  • Setup cost (non-refundable) of Rs. 1,200 is applicable on all connections
  • Setup cost includes Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box)
  • 5%, 10%, 15% discounts are applicable on quartely, half yearly and yearly packages.
  • Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box) shall remain company property.

For more information, call: 111-111-965

WorldCall offers its cable broadband services in Lahore and Karachi through coaxial cable infrastructure for end users backed by fiber optic network in both the cities.

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