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Pakistan has been included in the list of top 12 countries with highest number of SPAM

Pakistan has been included in the list of top 12 countries with highest number of SPAM over the world.

Sophos, an IT security and data protection company, revealed this in it’s latest research the top 12 countries responsible for spreading SPAM messages, especially through emails.

Before we go into details, here’s the ranking with their share of SPAM in the world:

1.United States 11.3%
2.S Korea 9.6%
3.India 8.8%
4.Russia 7.9%
5.Brazil 5.7%
6.Taiwan 3.8%
7.Vietnam 3.5%
8.Indonesia 3.3%
9.Ukraine 3.1%
10.Romania 2.8%
11.Pakistan 2.0%
12.Italy 1.9%
13.Others 36%
So clearly United States leads the chart with worst offender, but Pakistan has been creeping up the wall by originating 2 percent share of World’s total SPAM.

This share of SPAM from Pakistan is considered alarming high, given the size of internet users in the country is way low than those in other regions.

For time being this SPAM in Pakistan is largely in form of annoying adverts, mostly done through mass emailing system of Google Groups, but experts anticipate that fraudulent activities, such as phishing, Trojans, identity theft etc., may go on the rise in coming years.

We, here at ProPakistani, were able to identify those SPAM marketing emails even from big brand names, let alone those SMEs who carry these kind of activities fearlessly.

It merits mentioning here that analysts estimates 94 percent of SPAM emails coming through those specialized Google Groups which were specifically made for marketing SPAM emails. However, lately, Google has restricted Pakistani Groups from adding any user in Google Groups. Earlier, any group could add up to 100 individuals per day into their group to send them marketing emails.

If not legislated by Government of Pakistan, this number of SPAM can grow large in coming years.


An Internet Browser Maxthon 3 from China


Maxthon, a Chinese browser, was known with the name of MyIE and MyIE2 earlier. But it was renamed to Maxthon in 2004. Version 1 and Version 2 were based on Trident (Browser engine used in IE).

Version 3

Maxthon 3 is knows for its speed, just like Chrome. Its UI is simple, clean and user friendly. It’s dual engine browser – which means users can switch between WebKit (engine used in Chrome and Safari) and Trident. Currently it’s Windows (XP/Vista/7) only browser.

After using Maxthon 3 for last few months, I realized that this browser needs attention in public. Let’s take a look at Maxthon 3 features in detail.

Installing Maxthon 3

You can download latest release of Maxthon 3 from this link. The installer size is around 15MB. Installation process is very quick and completed within few seconds.

maxthon installer Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

User Interface

maxthon ui thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

  • Tabs: It’s the most used UI element by the user so it’s placed on top for greater accessibility.
  • User Panel Button: This button opens User Panel from where User can login using Maxthon Passport to synchronize bookmarks.
  • Favorites Bar: All your favorites are shown in this bar. You can hide/show it using CTRL+B.
  • Navigation History Button: This button shows the navigation history of current tab. Very useful if you want to track previous pages you opened in current tab.
  • Undo List: It’s list of closed tabs. You can reopen them from this list.
  • Undo: Used to reopen the most recent tab you closed or in other words it will open the first one listed in Undo List.
  • Page Menu: Page Menu contain commands like Add current tab to Favorites, Save as, Print, Find, and much more.
  • Change Rendering Engine: Webkit is the default browser engine in Maxthon 3. But you can switch it to Trident (IE7 specifically) by clicking this button. The icon turns into blue color when running in Retro/IE7 mode. Webkit’s mode is called Turbo.
  • Main Menu: Main Menu is used to access major options of browser like Download Manager, Options, Proxy, History Manager, Favorites Manager, and much more.
  • Zoom (Controls): Zoom icon is used to access controls (Fullscreen, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Actual Size, and Zoom Slider) related to zooming the page.
  • Ad Hunter: Ad Hunter is used to block popups and particular ads on webpages.

That was an overview of UI. Let’s take a look at feature in depth.

Maxthon Passport and Favorites

When you click “Open User Panel” button, it asks you to provide credentials (Email/Password) for Maxthon Passport. Maxthon Passport is user’s identity on Maxthon websites. It can be used to login at multiple places like Maxthon Forums, Online Favorites, and Maxthon Addons. You can create Maxthon Passport from this link.

After creating the Passport, login using your Email/Password in User Panel. Now you can save your Favorites to Maxthon Online Favorites by clicking the Sync Favorites link. The benefit of Online Favorites is that you can access them from any PC having Maxthon installed in it. All you need to do is login using Passport credentials. This is similar to Firefox Sync.

maxthon sync favorites Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Maxthon Multi Search

This feature is very useful if you want to view results of particular keyword from multiple search engines. Remember it won’t mix the results from multiple search engines. All it does is allow you to quickly switch between search engines and type of results (Web, Images, News, Blog, and Reference). To search using Multi Search, you need to switch your search engine from the Search Box as shown below:

use maxthon multi search Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Now enter a keyword in the Search Box and hit enter.

maxthon multi search thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

In the above screenshot, I searched the Web using Ask.com. You can easily switch search engines by clicking their name. You can also switch the search type from Web to Images and within Images you again switch search engines.

Not only that, you can Add/Remove search engines, change order of search engines by clicking the Settings in the Multi Search sidebar. You can also access Multi Search Settings from Menu → Options → Search Engine → Click Multi Search → Click Edit.

There’s also a shortcut for accessing it as well. Just type about:ms in address bar.

All of these point to the same settings page.

Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures are kind of shortcuts using Mouse. You can use them with right mouse button. For example to activate Back button command (back to previous page), simply click and hold the right mouse button and draw a horizontal line to the left. Now release the right mouse button. Previous opened page will open. This is same as clicking the Back browser button.

maxthon back mouse gesture thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

There are many other mouse commands as well. To Refresh your page, simply right click and move your mouse Up vertically and then Down vertically. This is same as clicking Refresh browser button.

Mouse Gestures are active by default in Maxthon 3 but you can deactivate them from Menu → Options → Surf by Mouse. You can also change the behavior/action performed by each Gesture from the Surf by Mouse page.

Magic Fill

Magic Fill is used to Save or Fill (Retrieve) username/password for login forms. Let’s say you are a frequent visitor of Maxthon Forums. Visit the forums using Maxthon 3 and type Email/Password and then right click on Email textbox or Password textbox and then click Save. This will save your Email/Password for this particular webpage. If you don’t Save your password in this manual way, it will ask you to save it after clicking the Login/Submit button.

maxthon magic fill Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Next time you visit Maxthon Forums, it will automatically Fill your Email/Password in the input boxes or you can manually Fill it anytime by right clicking and then clicking Fill.

This feature is common in different browsers but General Identities make Maxthon 3 unique. General Identity is used to Fill those login forms whose Username/Password is not saved in Magic Fill. This can be better understood using an example.

To create a General Identity, click Menu → Options → Magic Fill &rarr General Identities. Then click Add and fill the form and then click Save. I have created three General Identities for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.

maxthon general identity thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Now visit Yahoo Mail and click on the Yahoo! Id textbox (where you enter your email id). You will see dropdown listing all the General Identities you created. Now choose Yahoo Mail identity and hit enter or click on it. It will automatically fill both Yahoo! Id and Password.

maxthon yahoo identity Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

You can manage passwords or turn off Magic Fill from Menu → Options → Magic Fill.

Smart Address Bar

By default, Maxthon 3 displays only most visited sites while typing keyword in address bar. Such kind of feature is known as Smart Address Bar. But you can take it to next level. You can set Maxthon to display favorites and history along with most visited sites. You first need to enable it from Options → Smart Address Bar. Now check the following checkboxes from this options page:

  • Enable URL Auto-Complete
  • Display Favorites
  • Display History

Now start typing a keyword in address bar and you will notice the links from History, Favorites, and top sites.

maxthon smart address bar Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Super Drag and Drop

When you select and drag text on a web page, it will open it in a new tab. If it’s a URL, then it open particular website but if it’s not a URL, it then opens a new tab and display the search results using Maxthon’s default search engine.

maxthon super drag drop Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China
Image Source: Maxthon 3 Help Center

Similarly this feature also works with images. Simply click on an image and drag it a bit in any direction and leave the mouse button. The image will be opened in a new tab.

maxthon image drag drop Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China
Image Source: Maxthon 3 Help Center

Snap Screen

Snap Screen allows you to capture/save web page as image or part of web page. Press CTRL+F1 to capture part of web page. You will notice that the screen gets dim. Now click and drag around the region which you want to save as image. You can also resize and move your selection around the screen. Then simply click on the selection to save it as image.

maxthon screen snap region thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

You can also save the complete webpage as image by pressing CTRL+F2. Both of these commands are available in the Favorite Bar (Snap button on most right).

maxthon snap button Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Dual Engine and Developer Tools

Both of these features are really useful for developers. Developers can test their websites in Webkit and Trident without switching the browser. This feature is also useful for those who still use websites designed for IE7. You can switch from Webkit to Trident by clicking the Change Rendering Engine.

maxthon retro mode Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

Blue icon indicates that you are in Retro Mode (Trident). I highly recommend to use Turbo Mode (Webkit) if you don’t face any problem in this mode.

Developer Tools are like Firebug in Firefox. You can Inspect Html elements, debug/change CSS on runtime, analyize load times, debug javascript etc. Shortcut for Developer Tools is CTRL+SHIFT+I.

maxthon developer tools thumb Maxthon 3   An Internet Browser from China

To learn more about Developer Tools, check this tutorial. This tutorial is written for Chrome but it’s 100% valid for Maxthon 3 as well.


Maxthon 3 is an excellent Webkit browser which is very lite and fast and has clean interface. It contains many exciting and innovative features like Multi Search and Super Drag and Drop.

Remember that this browser is still evolving. Some features are pending and currently under development. Each release brings more features and bugfixes. So don’t get disappointed if you miss something in it or facing a problem.

Here are some links which can help you to learn more about Maxthon 3.


Double the Fun @ Half the Price with Mobilink Infinity!

November 12th, 2010:- Mobilink Infinity has revolutionized the way customers connect to the world by bringing next generation broadband Internet solutions that are affordable & reliable. Always striving to devise new ways of adding more value by providing best possible offers and promotions, Mobilink has kept up with the tradition with introducing another exciting new offer.

Now, all WiMAX subscribers will get 50% off on activation charges and all existing and new subscribers will be able to enjoy monthly double data (GB) limit, absolutely FREE! Mobilink Infinity WiMAX connections with 50% reduced Activation Charges will make the Infinity experience more facilitating and fun at Activation cost as low as Rs. 250 only. This offer is available with Non Wi Fi CPE as well as Wi Fi CPE. The Activation charges have also been reduced on Infinity WiMAX USB Dongle.

That’s not the end, Mobilink Infinity has also extended Double Data (GB) offer without any additional cost for all its new and existing subscribers. Now everyone can enjoy Data limit up to 30 GB resulting in more entertainment and connectivity. For more information about Infinity offers and package tariffs, visit www.mobilinkinfinity.com


Activation Charges: for non-Wi-Fi CPE

  i-512K Basic i-512K Optimum i-1M Basic i-1M Optimum
OLD CHARGES 2,000 1,000 1,500 500
NEW CHARGES 1,000 500 750 250


Activation Charges: for Wi-Fi CPE

  i-512K Basic i-512K Optimum i-1M Basic i-1M Optimum
OLD CHARGES 3,000 2,000 2,500 1,500
NEW CHARGES 1,500 1,000 1,250 750


Activation Charges: for Dongle



New Data Limits:

PACKAGE SPEED Current Monthly Data Limit New Monthly Data Limit
i-512K Basic 7 GB 14 GB
i-512K Optimum 15 GB 30 GB
i-1M Basic 7 GB 14 GB
i-1M Optimum 15 GB 30 GB


  • This is a limited time offer
  • Data limits of existing customers have already been doubled
  • CPE will remain the property of Mobilink
  • Infinity WiMAX service is currently available in Karachi only

PTCL has Commercially Launched the EVO Nitro 3G 9.3 MB

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)  has commercially launched the EVO Nitro 3G.

So far, it is the fastest and widely available data service in Pakistan. EVO 3G Nitro is all set to meet the next-generation’s need for ultimate speed & superior performance with speed up to 9.3mbps.

PTCL claims that with this launch, Pakistan has become the first country in the world to provide this EV-DO Rev B 3G technology.

EVO 3G Nitro has revolutionized the three simple steps to high speed On-the-Go connectivity, Just Plug in—Click—Connect with its unprecedented speed of up to 9.3 Mbps on the downlink and up to 5.4MBPS on the uplink based on EV-DO Rev B 3G CDMA  technology.


  • Nitro USB Device Charges: Rs. 3,999
  • Nitro Unlimited Service Charges: Rs. 2,999 per month

Billing Options:

  • Nitro Landline Billing: Billed in PTCL Landline
  • Nitro Advance Billing: Advance payment at PTCL OSS or PTCL designated banks

Coverage Area:

Nitro “Rev.B” Coverage is offered in following cities:

  • Islamabad,
  • Rawalpindi,
  • Lahore
  • & Karachi.

Data Rate:

Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps

How Current EVO customers can Upgrade to Nitro?

If you wish to upgrade you are required to return your existing USB device and pay additional charges of Rs.1000.

In exchange you will get a brand new Evo 3G Nitro USB device and need to sign up for Nitro package. Visit your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop for more details.

Existing USB device must be in perfect physical and working condition and returned with box.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed at the occasion of this commercial launch said:

EVO 3G Nitro has been launched with the aim of giving our customers a far more enhanced user experience of instant connectivity. He further added that it’s a step ahead in the development and prestige of the technologically strong and revolutionary telecom company. This deployment has reinforced the company’s technological lead in the sector and Working in a market where technology changes every minute, we at PTCL always strive to introduce products and services that add more value to our customers’ lives, and PTCL’s ‘EVO 3G Nitro’ is one such product that will completely revolutionized the way our customers communicate.”

Syed Asim Ali, EVP Commercial Planning said:

the launch of Evo Nitro 3G is a milestone and a glorious mark in the conquest of PTCL, EVO 3G Nitro saves the precious time of our customers, PTCL customers can now for the very first time spend less time waiting and more time working and accessing media rich applications from downloading songs to live video streaming, at home on your desktop or on the move on your laptop. He further added that In future PTCL plans to introduce a variety of innovative services that can enhance our customer’s life, which is our first and foremost priority.


Wateen Launches DigiPay to pay Wateen bill payments with ease

Wateen Telecom announced the launch of ‘DigiPay’, for its customer’s to pay Wateen bill payments with ease.

With DigiPay, customers now have the options to buy electronic PINs for Wateen bill payments through a number of different mediums. Launching this service in collaboration with epay, Wateen is enabling its customers to pay their Wateen bills through new mechanisms such as

Credit/Debit Cards,
Phone and so on
Via Phone

Wateen customers, who own Bank Alfalah credit cards too, can now call Bank Alfalah customer helpline @ 111-225-111. Wateen PINs are available around the clock. Wateen PINs can also be availed against reward points redemption.

Credit and Debit Pay

Wateen customers can simply swipe their credit/debit card of any bank at MCB Credit Card machines available across all major grocery stores. They will get an electronic voucher with the Wateen PIN in their desired denomination.


Send Unlimited Free SMS to 19 Countries of Asia

Vopium is offering unlimited Free SMS to 19 Asian countries including Pakistan.

This limited time promotion will allow Vopium users to send unlimited and Free SMS to over 2.5 billion population in Asia. However, you must have SMS package activated on your account, which may charge you Vopium’s regular fee.

Offer is valid till January 1st, 2011.

Vopium users can either use this services by installing Vopium application on their mobile phones or through web by visiting vopium website.

Vopium application for mobile phones works via Wi-Fi and from your PC, as well as from the mobile network via GPRS. It must be noted that there may be data for GPRS usage, according to your subscription.

Click here to start sending SMS now: vopium.com/free-sms-to-asia.

Everyone can send Free SMS to the following countries;

Sri Lanka
Vopium is a VoIP provider company that offers free downloadable app for mobile phones that enables users to save upto 90% on international call rates and SMS.


PKNIC would offer 5000 FREE domains For Local Language Contents

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Network Information Centre (PKNIC) have announced a joint initiative to launch local Internet content drive in the country.

Under the program, PKNIC would offer 5000 FREE domains for those who would develop Local Content websites in Urdu or any other local language.

PKNIC is the (ccTLD) operator for “pk domain”. ccTLD stands for country code Top Level Domain which represents a country on the Internet.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said

This support has been offered in view of the importance linked with availability of local contents and applications for the future outlook of Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector of Pakistan.

He further said that this program will encourage and contribute towards enhancement of local contents followed by applications as this initiative is the first of its kind in the world.

Chairman PTA appreciated the efforts of PKNIC management for this important project. PKNIC management highly valued the necessary endorsement of Chairman PTA for the joint initiative.

We are in process of acquiring information on how to obtain free domain with PKNIC under local content drive.


Blog Writing an Alternate Voice of Pakistan

The blogging culture in Pakistan has come a long way. Beginning with less than a dozen blogs with very limited audience and influence, it has effectively exploded in the past two years, when people began to learn how to maintain blogs run them, and how to generate revenues out of them.

Since then, things have picked up pace quite rapidly and credit for this goes to multinational companies who grasped the potential in blogging. Thus, we began to hear of terms like bloggers’ meetups, seminars, workshops and competitions on blogging. The youth also took up this new technology enthusiastically not just as a vent to express themselves, but to earn some extra bucks as well.

The blogsphere, like other broadcast media, eventually brought fame to a number of faces and voices: people, whose opinion on different topics like technology, telecom, entertainment, politics, and activism became the voice at large.

Resultantly, these individuals became a credible source, trusted by many to deliver fresh, updated content for which netizens wait anxiously every day. So much so, that at one level, they even become sought-after analysts in their respective fields for print and electronic media. Frequent appearances on TV, radio and online webcasts prove that blogging in Pakistan has become an important emerging part of the media landscape.

To put it another way, blogging has turned out to be one of the best possible options available for alternative media in the country. In fact, it outclasses the mainstream media at times by highlighting some very crucial elements that are usually missed out by the conventional media.

May it be, the activism during the 2007 emergency imposed by then President Musharraf, or creating controversies in a celebrity’s life, or to break an inside story of a telco, or to ignite a thought in a common man, or to discuss the aspects of our national Policy, bloggers are playing their due part to shape and present a positive and proactive image of Pakistan in front of the global web audience.

Just to give an idea of how successful blogs are in Pakistan, one of the top blogs in the country covering news receives some 20,000 hits a day or around 600,000 hits a month. Not only that, blog posts go viral through emails, RSS, newsletters, social networks, Google/Yahoo groups and so on. Estimates also suggest that such a blog is read by over 1.5 million individuals in a month. This number comprehensively covers a niche/sector or the topic-related audience in the country, and actually suggests that blogs have as much audience and influence as any other type of conventional media.

The evolution in blogging has brought economic benefits for society as well. The industry has created countless jobs at multiple levels in all sectors. Today, almost every organization has a separate department for managing digital media along with a dedicated budget for advertising. And although, at this point the figures are not very lucrative, they are 300 per cent higher than the previous year, which depicts the size of growth and potential this industry has.


Google Launches a New Service for Pakistan ‘Google Places’

Yes! It does look like a dream comes true for those who had been waiting for ages. Google Places, renamed from Local Business Centre this April, is a free of charge web based service by Google where business owners can claim their businesses alongside publishing all important and useful information for their customers and have it all layered out at top of world widely famous Google maps.

How it works:

Google Places 01 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan Google Places provides a comprehensive but most convenient dashboard to handle the business ownerships.

Business owner can provide all important and useful information ranging from company name to contact numbers to their physical location on map. Not only this, you can add business timings, photos, videos and much more.

Part of useful service is to create customized vouchers/coupons for those who reach you through Google Places, which can attract more and more customers to your business.

Benefits & availability:

Google is one of the most accessed services around the world. Business information once submitted to Google Places is then available from all of Google publically accessible services e.g. Google Earth, search, maps etc.

With hundreds of visitors looking at these search results can simply boosts your business. Since your submitted information is verified by Google itself through their verification process so customers can trust the submitted information with no doubts.

Google Places 07 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

One of the most useful benefits is that if once business is claimed and geo-tagged on Google maps, it will leave no chance for your customer to not to locate your physical location.

Following is a local business information as seen on an iPhone Google Maps. However, this data was recorded from Google Map Maker.

Google Places 02 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Number of other benefits includes analytics reports on how your business is being accessed through Google services so you can make strategies and changes to enhance the business.

These analytics are available through dashboard any time but to make it more helpful to business owners, auto-generated reports are also sent in emails each month.

Being one of the largest business information holder, your business information with your consent is also passed through to other largest business information holders such as Yellow Pages, Thomas Local and so on.

Businesses can attract more customers with tools such as daily post updates and free coupons for customers offering special discounts.

Google Places 04 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Google Places is available from computers to mobile devices or even physically visible on Google street. Google goodies include the labels to put your business front which states your existence in Google Places as shown in following image.

Google Places 03 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Following are the Google Places apps screenshot from HTC Desire running Androids & Apple iPhone respectively.

Google Places 06 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan Google Places 05 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

For a detailed and interactive idea on how Places work and help your business grow, please watch the following video.


Having all these benefits, Google Places in Pakistan kicks off with a controversy. Dr Awab Alvi was the first one to notice when he tried to claim his business on Places.

The address contained Muslim word returned an error saying that “Term Muslim is not allowed.” Here is the screenshot taken by Dr Alvi.



Facebook tops list of office time Wasters

Before it office time waster king was the MSN, Yahoo Messengers but over the years web applications have been developed that diverted the Internet traffic from these messengers.

These days, Twitter, online video games and popular video search engine Youtube are among the top office time wasters, noted Daily Times.

But even the bosses know that blocking these web sites would create frustration among the employees as they get a chance to refresh themselves just by checking their account on Facebook for a few minutes.

You may consider blocking Facebook, if you are boss and if you feel like a lot of amusement going around with less work in your office.

Interestingly, the people contacted for comments, wished not to be named as it could affect the repute of their organizations and they would be termed as “less professional”.

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