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Google Launches a New Service for Pakistan ‘Google Places’

Yes! It does look like a dream comes true for those who had been waiting for ages. Google Places, renamed from Local Business Centre this April, is a free of charge web based service by Google where business owners can claim their businesses alongside publishing all important and useful information for their customers and have it all layered out at top of world widely famous Google maps.

How it works:

Google Places 01 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan Google Places provides a comprehensive but most convenient dashboard to handle the business ownerships.

Business owner can provide all important and useful information ranging from company name to contact numbers to their physical location on map. Not only this, you can add business timings, photos, videos and much more.

Part of useful service is to create customized vouchers/coupons for those who reach you through Google Places, which can attract more and more customers to your business.

Benefits & availability:

Google is one of the most accessed services around the world. Business information once submitted to Google Places is then available from all of Google publically accessible services e.g. Google Earth, search, maps etc.

With hundreds of visitors looking at these search results can simply boosts your business. Since your submitted information is verified by Google itself through their verification process so customers can trust the submitted information with no doubts.

Google Places 07 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

One of the most useful benefits is that if once business is claimed and geo-tagged on Google maps, it will leave no chance for your customer to not to locate your physical location.

Following is a local business information as seen on an iPhone Google Maps. However, this data was recorded from Google Map Maker.

Google Places 02 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Number of other benefits includes analytics reports on how your business is being accessed through Google services so you can make strategies and changes to enhance the business.

These analytics are available through dashboard any time but to make it more helpful to business owners, auto-generated reports are also sent in emails each month.

Being one of the largest business information holder, your business information with your consent is also passed through to other largest business information holders such as Yellow Pages, Thomas Local and so on.

Businesses can attract more customers with tools such as daily post updates and free coupons for customers offering special discounts.

Google Places 04 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Google Places is available from computers to mobile devices or even physically visible on Google street. Google goodies include the labels to put your business front which states your existence in Google Places as shown in following image.

Google Places 03 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

Following are the Google Places apps screenshot from HTC Desire running Androids & Apple iPhone respectively.

Google Places 06 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan Google Places 05 thumb Google Launches Google Places for Pakistan

For a detailed and interactive idea on how Places work and help your business grow, please watch the following video.


Having all these benefits, Google Places in Pakistan kicks off with a controversy. Dr Awab Alvi was the first one to notice when he tried to claim his business on Places.

The address contained Muslim word returned an error saying that “Term Muslim is not allowed.” Here is the screenshot taken by Dr Alvi.



Microsoft Signs Education Alliance Pact with HEC

To achieve these objectives in Pakistan, Microsoft Pakistan has entered into an Education Alliance Agreement with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to.

In essence, the Education Alliance Agreement between Microsoft and HEC will provide centralized IT services to HEC-approved universities across Pakistan while maintaining the highest standards in the use of Information Technology within the ambit of education in Pakistan.

Commenting on this major development in the country’s higher education sector, Kamal Ahmed, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan, said,

“This Education Alliance Agreement provides the framework for a comprehensive joint public/private implementation plan that supports Pakistan’s objective of achieving education excellence. It is aligned to the key strategic aims of Transforming Education, Fostering Local Innovation and Enabling Jobs and Opportunities, and contains a selection of mutually agreed programs and solutions that offer the tools and support to achieve the country’s overall vision pertaining to education.”

A key objective of the Agreement is to establish the basis of a long term, on-going partnership that will also allow for regular review and measurement to ensure that all  undertakings of Microsoft within the educational programs remain aligned to the long term.

Since it is always fruitful for the state sector and private enterprise to work together to combine expertise, knowledge, experience and resources to ensure successful and sustainable education transformation, Microsoft will help the HEC to attain its goals by transforming education, fostering local innovation and creating jobs and opportunities through this alliance.

This blends perfectly with the HEC’s stated objective of equipping university students and faculty with the latest technological access across Pakistan. The HEC is also committed to bridging the digital divide by bringing Pakistan at par with the developed nations of the world where technology enablement for the students is concerned.

Giving his views on the Agreement, Professor Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, said

“The Commission has entered into this joint partnership with Microsoft to promote the use of Information Technology in Pakistan’s higher education sector through powerful software tools and to improve the efficiency of the education system by attaining the best accepted standards at all higher education institutions in the country.”

Since a strong technology infrastructure serves to make communities more appealing to local, regional and global businesses and investors, deployment of technology access under the education alliance will help bolster Pakistan’s economic growth and global.

Discussing the merits of the agreement, Anwar Amjad, HEC’s Director IT, said,

“This is a great opportunity for institutions of higher learning in Pakistan to gain access to a broad spectrum of technology and enable the country to move towards a knowledge-based economy.”


Wi-tribe Sponsors P@SHA ICT Awards 2010

In support of the growing ICT industry and the young entrepreneurs nationwide, wi-tribe Pakistan is confirmed as the Silver Sponsor for the P@SHAICT Awards 2010. It is held to recognize and celebrate the innovation that is taking place within the technology sector. The event is scheduled for Friday, 8th October, 2010 in Lahore.

In addition to the sponsorship, wi-tribe will offer Wi-Fi connectivity at the venue, as well as live-stream the event, allowing internet users to watch the P@SHA ICT Awards 2010 from any where.

Speaking about the sponsorship, wi-tribe Pakistan’s Director of Marketing, Ali Fahd said, “wi-tribe decided to support P@SHA because we feel that both organizations in their own sphere aim to make a notable contribution towards Pakistan’s ICT industry. While P@SHA provides a platform for promoting, protecting and developing the software industry in Pakistan wi-tribe is focused towards taking convenient and reliable broadband services to the masses.”

At P@SHA ICT Awards 2010, awards will be given out in 24 different categories. Now in its 7th year, this is the first time the event is being held in Lahore.

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NADRA introducing A New Technology with Chip CNICs

Technology is on its way, nobody knows where it will lunch but it is really serving humanity at its apex. Introduction of latest technology, equipments in every walk of life has enabled the mankind to save a lot of time, money, hitches and in some way security matters. Yes it is the time when it is about to bring in a big revolution in Pakistan as NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has just announced to introduce Chip-National Identity Card. This is a fully new technology to Pakistan as it is being said that old cards will be replaced by these new CHIP-CNIC. Up till now it seems to be a really very good project regarding both the data processing and security.

According to NADRA, the main purpose of this CHIP-CNIC is to identify the terrorists as it will help them to have fool proof security and identification which will really help in terrorism control activities. Six engineers have been trained in France for IT who will assist in this project in Pakistan. This chip is thought to be a blessing in security purpose as it will also be able to help security agencies regarding identification issues.

Further details and its features are still pending and will be published as we come across, meanwhile NADRA says, this chip costs around $4 to $5 abroad and it is aimed to provide this in Pakistan at much cheaper rates, around 80PKR. It is an electronic chip, connected to security mains and will have complete bio data of a respective person. This chip will firstly be issued to deportees and later on all existing NICs will be replaced by this new Chip-CNIC.

This Chip-CNIC is a big step towards getting rid of identity theft as in previous days it had become really easy to duplicate or make a fake copy of NIC and to misuse it but it will be almost impossible to fake it or to by-pass this security – yet nothing is impossible.

This is all for now, we will update you as soon as we get more details about this Techanalogy.

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