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Call Phone from Your Gmail

Google is easing our lives, this time by embedding a phone dialer in your Gmail. Earlier it was told that phone feature is only for people in US and Canada, however, phone dialer is appearing in all countries for now.

Google said that calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very nominal rates.

Kick going by simply installing the voice and video plug-in and you are done!

P.S. Calls made to US from Pakistan are not getting through, at the moment at least.

Note: Using VoIP in Pakistan without license is not entirely legal.


Warid offers Email to SMS Service

Warid has offered Email to SMS  service its enables  customers to send & receive emails anytime on mobile phone without having to connect to the internet.

Through this service, customers can get emails instantly from popular email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail directly on their cell phones as SMS messages.

This service manages up to 5 email accounts and can be used on all handsets. All new e-mails will be pushed to mobile phone instantly as e-mail alerts; customers can read these e-mails in detail and reply to them immediately!

Key Features:

  • Warid SMS Email will enable you to check and reply to emails regardless of the handset type.
  • The Emails shall be pushed as SMS alerts.
  • The service shall support all popular Email services including Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.
  • You will also be provided with a web account at which you can manage your email accounts.
  • The service shall be available for both Warid Postpaid and Prepaid users.

How to Register & Add Email Address:

To subscribe to the Warid SMS email service kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Send “Sub” to 2200 via SMS
  • You will receive a Thank you message for subscribing to Warid SMS Email along with an additional message for options of adding email accounts, “Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail”.
  • Reply to the SMS choosing the desired email service by sending ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ at 2200.
  • Once you receive a confirmation message, reply with User ID and Password. Example: <abc@gmail.com><space><password>
  • Once the username and password has been verified, your account will be configured against the respective Warid number.
  • You can also confirm the verification status of the email account by signing into the SMS email web portal.

Subscription through Web:

In order to subscribe the service online kindly follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Click here to Register.
  • Enter your Warid number in the following format 92321XXXXXXX and click on “Submit” to get subscribed. You will receive a message on your mobile to register for this service from 2200.
  • In order to retrieve the password against the web portal via SMS, click on “Retrieve password by SMS” located on the homepage.


  • Monthly subscription charges: Rs 25+tax
  • Per SMS Charges: Charges of Rs 0.50+tax

Terms & Conditions:

  • A customer can add up to 5 different email accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.
  • However, there will be only one default email account, which will be used for composing emails. Moreover other recipients will receive e-mails from that particular email address.
  • Monthly subscription fee: Rs. 25+tax
  • Requesting full email/replying/forwarding via SMS will be charged Rs.0.5+tax/SMS
  • A customer can add up to 5 different email accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.
  • The service is available for both Warid Postpaid and Prepaid users.
  • Primary email account will be the first email account that customer has selected.
  • Primary email will be used as default for all new emails being composed.
  • For replying emails same account will be used on which customer has received the email.

Note for Gmail Account Users

In case you have configured your Gmail account, you are requested to follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Go to your Gmail Inbox
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
  • Check  “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now” option
  • Click on “Save changes”

Service Commands:

  • Composing an email: To compose an email write COMPOSE<space><recipient’s email address><space><text> and send it as an SMS to 2200
  • Replying an email: To reply to an email write Reply<space><text> and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Forwarding an email: To forward an email write Forward<space>< recipient’s email address> and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Enabling email alerts: To enable email alerts write “Enable” and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Disabling email alerts: To disable email alerts write “Disable” and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Getting Help: To view all available commands against the SMS Email, type “Help” and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Status Check: To check the status of your subscription type “Account” and send it as an SMS to 2200.
  • Delete an E-mail Account: In order to delete an e-mail account, simply send “Delete” to 2200. You will receive an SMS with configured for you on your mobile number. Reply with desired e-mail account to be deleted.

How to send Emails in Urdu with Gmail Tranliteration

Google have integrated Urdu Transliteration into Gmail. Now it is more easy writing emails to friends. Posting blog Urdu posts, Writing Urdu news, sending gossips to friends in Urdu is fun now with Gmail.

It is easy to use and enable Gmail Urdu transliteration. Changing Gmail interface language is not necessary to use Urdu transliteration.

To enable Urdu transliteration, go to your Gmail settings and select the Enable transliteration option. Set Urdu as default transliteration language. And below to these options choose Right-to-Left editing support on

Save settings by click Save changing button of your Gmail settings page. Your Gmail will reload.

Next go to compose option, this is the option which you use to write new email. Here you will see Urdu transliteration button, make sure Urdu is selected.


Whenever you want to write using Urdu transliteration switch typing left-to-right to right-to-left, If you have followed my first step, then you will see left to right or right to left writing changing options too like in the screenshot below.



Get SMS Notifications with Google Calendar

Gmail by Google ranked top visited website,Have a nice webmail service. Now Gmail Labs comes with an option to Keep Google Calendar Gadget open all the times – with Calendar Gadget you can easily add/edit your schedule, meetings, reminders,messages and so on with Google Calendar. Go into Gmail’s settings-> Labs and enable Calendar Gadget

Here is the URL: www.google.com/calendar/

You may need to setup your Google Calendar account once and that’s it. Moreover, you can synchronize Google Calender with various devices, including OutLook, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia phones and so on. Once setup, you can share your calendar with others your colleagues, friends and so on. So there are plenty of options that are so rich to make Google Calender one of best online tool for managing your time.
How to Set SMS Notifications:

after next – go to setting (button available on top right) and change your preferences as per your requirements. Enable SMS alerts via going into Mobile Settings..

Save settings and exit. Now you are ready to add your alerts entries to your calendar.

Good thing about Google Calendar is that it can send you notifications on your email and on phone via SMS (all Pakistani networks supported).

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