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Pakistani Girls shalwar kameez Feshion Designs

 The popularity of pakistani and indian salwar kameez has exploded recently in the western and eastern fashion world. Even Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman have worn salwar kameez! Why salwar kameez you ask?


Shisha the latest Smoking fashion trend in Pakistan

Hokkah is very popular but its old fashion of smoking Today shisha smoking has become very popular in Pakistan. Many resturants and cafes are offering shisha in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other cities of the country.This flavoured pipe smoking is gaining popularity especially among the younger generation.Students can be seen smoking shisha in the famous resturants or in the small roadside cafes.
As girls stood side by side with the boys, they also enjoy shisha smoking in gatherings.Here in picture we can see girls smoking shisha and having fun.


Internet Dating in Pakistan

Internet dating is really taking off in Pakistan.Thats why the pakistani chat rooms on yahoo have full of users some time you dont get permission to enter chat room due to over online users. Pakistan is a developing country, and as such, has a long way to go to fully realize the potential of the Internet. Pakistani girls and guys/boys, living in such a conservative, backward country, have taken in droves to the massive power of cyberspace to find love partner.

Pakistan is one of the countries that has the largest number of Internet Relay Chat(IRC) users, for example. Even though the Pakistani Internet user base is roughly 20 million at the most optimistic estimates (comprared to over 40 million for India), Pakistani users are more fervent and passionate when it comes to finding love partner online.

Internet dating is growing day by day in Pakistan, driven in part by the great restrictions placed on public intermingling of the sexes. This is being fueled by instant messenger chats, IRC, and more recently, dating websites. Singles use such websites to arrange dates and meet up in person. This is usually preferable to approaching the opposite sex in public in a conservative country.


Mobile Nmbers of girls in Pakistan are especially in great demand By Boys

The youth generation of Pakistan are going crazy over mobile phones. because cell phones are cheap and widely available in Pakistan, leading many to use them as a good way to kill time.Mobile phones has given rise to virtual dating over the cellular networks, as guys and girls exchange their mobile phone numbers for the purpose to chat or meet up later. Mobile numbers of girls in Pakistan are especially in great demand for boys.

Second only to Internet hookups and cyber dating, cell phone number exchange is a popular dating or introduction method. Many young pakistani girls and boys seek to get potential romantic partners subsequent to an exchange of phone numbers. Many girls and guys have actually met their boyfriends and girlfriends through this means, as a casual interview might often reveal.

Some of the most popular mobile phones brand used by Pakistani girls and guys alike include Nokia Samsung Lg Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. Apple’s Iphone is still hard to find in Pakistan,because its coastly in primarily because of less developed network infrastructure.
Cellular Networks Of Pakistan:


Girls Mobile Numbers Most Attractive Keyword for Blog Writers

Pakistani girls Mobile Number there are lot of searches of this keyword on every search engine,Because there are many social community websites having a lot of Pakistani girls mobile number in comments of any post about this topic posted by self from girls or any other guy having a lot of number of pakistani girls in his directory.These number leak out when you get easyload or sale your mobile,theft your mobile after that your number forwerd to next by next person.

Girls are also involved in it.its Said Taali iak hath se nai bajti.Its a threat for all pakistanies not only for girls.Girls also spread the numbers of their class mates not only boys spread thir numbers.In past days of mobile service the boys are involved but now a days the ratio is almost equal by both of girls and boys.

Blog Writer use this keyword to attract visitor to their website from search engine results.And Boys and some girls strat to posting theit mobile numbers in comments and messages like ,call me at…..,my number is….,i am Noman and my number is…….call me friendship,that types of messages in comments and admin of that blog need to not aprove of that type of comments but they aprove for attracting visitors to their website.


Save your personal Contacts number from wrong hands

Save you personals Contects number like friends,family girl friends,from going in wrong hands.Its happen when you give you cell phone to other person for any purpose.Espasially females/girls mobile number who saved with girl name like uzma,hina,sara,eg leaked out in bad hands.
here are some tips if you like to save your personal number from whrong hands.
1- Never give your personal cell phone/mobile/SIM/ to the person you dont have believe on him or any unknown person.
2- Evere save your family,friends espacially females numbers with short or some other name like Uzma you can safe with ,Uza,
or other name you can remember it with reference.
3-Save you family contacts with child name refer to that contact eg if you want to save you sister number save it with sister son name.
4-when you need to sale out you mobile phone first of all save all contacts on any other phone or Sim and then delete them from that phone which you want to sale.

I think you will like my tips.

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