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Telenor Djuice Free Call After 2 Minutes Offer

Same like ufone Telenor Djuice also offering free call for FnF and on-net numbers after first two minutes. Offer can be subscribed at Rs. 4 plus tax for three days.

How to Subscribe:

Simply dial *345*120# to activate djuice boltay jao offer

Subscription Charges:

Rs. 4 + tax – Validity is three days, subscriber will have to re-subscribe after three to avail the offer.


Telenor Djuice Lucky Ghanta Offer

Telenor Djuice is offering a unique and very different from all other networks lucky hour offer with this offer customer can avail one lucky hour to make hourly calls to FnF numbers. This lucky hour will be assigned by Telenor – i mean that customer will not have any control on hour selection.

How to a Get Lucky Ghanta Offer:

Send an SMS to 6666.

The ‘lucky hour range’ will be communicated to the customer. For Eg: if the lucky hour is at 1700 hours, the customers will be told that the lucky hour is between 1600-1900 Hrs.


  • SMS to 6666 is charged at 20 paisas per message.
  • Each call will be charged from Rs. 0 to Rs. 3 per hour
  • Lucky Ghanta Offer charges will vary from day to day
  • Terms:

  • Offer is valid on all djuice price plans
  • No activation is required for this offer – all you need is to send an SMS to participate
  • The charge will change everyday. Call charges will vary from Rs.3/hour to absolutely free calls (5 paisa setup charge will be charged on free calls)
  • On djuice main price plan and djuice jaagtay raho the charging will be implemented in a free after x manner i.e. when the Lucky ghanta charges are Rs.3/hour, on djuice main and djuice jaagtay raho, all calls in the lucky ghanta will be free after 3 minutes
  • On djuice din raat, complete call charges will be deducted upfront
  • The lucky hour will change every day
  • offer is also applicable on 6th FnF
  • This offer is not applicable for subscribers who are subscribed to the djuice boltay jao offer on djuice din raat. Lucky Ghanta Tariffs will be applicable once the subscription validity of boltay jao offer ends.

    For more details contact helpline


    Telenor Djuice Brings Daily SMS Package

    Telenor Djuice is now offering Daily SMS package will limit of 200 SMS a day for just Rs. 2 plus tax for Din Raat and Jagtay Raho subscribers and a cap of 300 messages a day for Rs 2.99 plus tax for regular subscribers.

    Like other SMS packages on Telenor, this daily SMS package comes with 50 percent on-net and 50 percent off-net quota.

    How to Activate?

    Dial *345*100# and you are done

    Once you subscribe, you can avail the offer with the following details:

    200 SMS (100 on-net+100 Off-net)hours
    Daily SMS bundle @ Rs. 1.99+tax (for Din Raat and Jaagtay Raho subscribers)
    For djuice regular package, 300 SMS (150 Onnet + 150 Offnet) for Rs 2.99 + tax.

    Din Raat and Jaagtay Raho Subscribers: Rs. 1.99 plus tax
    Regular Subscribers: Rs. 2.99 plus tax
    Terms and Conditions

    Limited Time Offer
    Validity of SMS bundles purchased earlier will also be set as per daily SMS bundle
    If the subscription is done before 6pm, the subscription will expire same day at midnight,
    If the subscription is done after 6pm, the subscription will expire at midnight the next day
    Maximum of 200 SMS/day (100 Onnet & 100 Offnet)
    Applicable on djuice Din Raat and Jaagtay Raho packages, rest of the djuice customers get Rs. 2.99+ tax /day SMS bundle with 300 SMS (150 Onnet + 150 Offnet)


    Telenor Djuice Secret SMS

    Telenor Djuice introduces secret SMS, a new kind of service that can be used to send password protected SMSs. With djuice Secret SMS, djuice subscribers can now send confidential message to their friends. Messages sent via Secret SMS are PIN protected and can only be read by the intended recipient upon entering the correct PIN.

    How to register
    Register by sending “Reg to 2662”

    Invite friends
    Invite by sending “invite to 2662”

    How to SMS
    Send Message by sending “ to 2662”

    How to retrieve that SMS
    Retrieve your Secret Messages by sending “ ” to 2662 and you shall retrieve all your secret message.

    Price per SMS is Rs. 1+tax

    Terms & Condition

    This offer shall not be valid on festive periods including but not limited to the Gazetted holidays for Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha inclusive of their respective Eves (Chand Raats), Christmas Day and New Years’ Day.

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