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Warid Start again to Send Free SMS Delivery Reports

Warid customers reported last Wednesday that they have been receiving delivery reports for SMS messages, a feature that was previously switched-off. However, company didn’t confirm us then about the service or any of its associated charges.

But today, we have got this confirmation that Warid is restarting SMS delivery reports for it’s customers and that too for free (at least for now).

It won’t be out of place to mention that SMS delivery reports offer users an instant notification of the SMS message being delivered to the recipient, adding reliability and dependability in communication.

SMS delivery reports were once free for all operators. However, all of them stopped offering the service back in 2009 in order to balance the load on network.

Currently almost all operators offer SMS delivery reports to their customers as a paid service.

How to subscribe to SMS Delivery Reports?


The SMS Delivery Report Service is available to all subscribers by default. However, the subscriber needs to ensure that they have this feature enabled in their mobile handset.




The service is currently being promoted free-of-cost, but we know for a fact that service will be charged in future.


Mobilink is now accepting MNP requests online

Mobilink is now accepting MNP requests online. All you need is to fill a form and get the Mobilink SIM at your doorstep.

Mobilink claims that Free SIM delivery will be made at your doorstep in 3 working days.

Important Note:

  • Please make sure you have a photocopy of your CNIC available at the time of sim delivery
  • Rs. 5 balance in your sim to initiate MNP request at the time of SIM collection
  • MNP Web Request option is restricted to selected cities listed below, residents of other cities should call 030 5678 5678 for MNP related information

To migrate to Mobilink, simply point your browsers to this link, fill the form and submit it!

Online MNP is offered for following Cities:

  • Ahmed pur East
  • Bahawal Pur
  • Bhakkar
  • Depal Pur
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Islamabad
  • Jhang
  • Karachi
  • Kasur
  • khanewal
  • Khushab
  • Kot Addu
  • Lahore
  • Leiyah
  • Lodhran
  • Mandi Bahauddin
  • Mianwali
  • Multan
  • Muzaffar Garh
  • Narowal
  • Okara
  • Patoki
  • Peshawer
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Rawalpindi
  • Sadiqabad
  • Sahiwaal
  • Sargodha
  • Sheikhupura
  • Sialkot

Ufone SMS Delivery Reports Back with Charges

SMS Delivery Reports are back with Ufone,but its with monthly charges. Exactly as we had anticipated about SMS delivery reports, Ufone has opted for monthly rental of a service that was offered free by some of operators.

We have discussed it earlier, that these add-ons put extra load on network, and it is said that not all of subscribers use this service, so how about disabling it. But then the idea of charging this service came in mind of Ufone and here are we…!

It maybe recalled that Ufone offered this service for free until it disabled it back in March 2009.

If trends remains the same, do expert paid CLI, call waiting, call forwarding and other similar Value Added Services.

If you don’t know SMS delivery Reports are confirmation messages about the status of text messages that you send.

How to subscribe:

Delivery Report is a monthly subscription based service. To subscribe user will SMS ‘SUB’ to 148.

To unsubscribe SMS UNSUB to 149


Subscription Service Charge = Rs. 9.99/- plus tax per month
Un-subscription Service Charge = Rs 0/-
Ufone’s Delivery Reports is an auto-subscription service. User subscription will automatically be renewed with deduction of service charge amount at the end of each subscription month. Users will be required to enable delivery report feature of their handset to be able to receive delivery reports.

If auto-subscription fails due to insufficient balance. Recharge Ur account & SMS ‘SUB’ to 148 to subscribe


Service only available for Prepaid Users.
All rates are exclusive of GST
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

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