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How to Safe From Cell phone Scams in Pakistan

Scams on Cell phone are on the rise in these days, sometime with juicy lotteries or otherwise with threat calls. Though, it is extremely difficult to have an unregistered SIM these days, so using an illegal SIM without owners’ information is not very easy, but still – fraudulent people find a way to trap innocent people.

You can be tricked by deceivers who use deceptive and fraudulent practices in order to obtain mobile credit from your prepaid/postpaid account – or even worse financial loss. For the purpose, cellular companies have already lowered their upper limit of sharing mobile credit.

You can remain safe by simply confirming any legal prize scheme launched by your operator or registering a complaint instead of replying those numbers.

You can be deceived through any of following practices:

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to call a particular number to win prize:
  • Never respond to any such call or SMS, as it will transfer your prepaid phone amount to another number

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to call or SMS on a particular number to win free minutes:
  • never respond to any such call or SMS as it is not going to get you free minutes, instead your credit will be transferred into another account.

  • Phone call or SMS asking you to transfer your prepaid balance to develop friendship:
  • Beware of any such calls as criminals change their voice or use voice changer to pretend as females to take financial advantages

  • Phonecalls or SMS asking for an amount for SIM registration:
  • Your operator will never ask you for money for SIM registration, therefore never transfer any amount to any number for SIM registration

  • Unknown Messages with Unknown String:
  • Do not reply or press any key to any string of numbers (e.g.8100#92805812233023##) received through SMS. Simply exit or discard it at first instance

  • Prize Money, Car or Plot Winners:
  • If you get a call and person says that you have won a car, 10 million rupees or whatever, never transfer any money to any bank account or through balance share. Be aware of the fact that cellular companies are giving away car prizes, so you better check from your operator for the genuineness of prize before you celebrate it. But in any case, don’t transfer money to anyone. Your operator will never ask you for money in return of a prize

  • You can register your complaint at following numbers:
  • Ufone: Dial 333 from Ufone numbers or 111-333-100 from landline
    Zong: Dial 310 from Zong numbers or 111-222-111 from landline
    Warid: Dial 321 from Warid numbers or 111-111-321 from landline
    Mobilink: Dial 111 from Mobilink numbers or 111-300-300 from landline
    Telenor: Dial 345 from Telenor numbers or 111-345-111 from landline
    PTCL: Dial 1236 and 1218
    World Call: 0800-19111 or 111-111-965
    Telecard: Dial 1223344 from Go numbers
    Wateen: Dial 042-111-365-111
    wi-tribe: UAN: 111-187-423
    In case your complaint is not addressed by your concerned operator, contact PTA’s consumer protection department

    PTA Complaint Resolution Contact details:

    Helpline: 0800-55055
    Fax: 051-2878127
    Email: complaints@pta.gov.pk


    PTA organized Forum for Telecom Consumer

    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) organized a Forum for Telecom Consumer with a theme “Together for Consumer Rights”, said a press release issued here on Thursday.

    State Minister for Industries and Production, Dr Ayatullah Durrani was the chief guest on this occasion while Chairman PTA, Dr Mohammed Yaseen presided over the Forum.

    Consumer Representative, Suraiya Allahdin, representatives from IT & telecom industry, telecom consumer groups, renowned social workers and academia also attended the event. Dr Ayatullah Durrani said that this forum provides us an excellent opportunity to review the telecom scenario in Balochistan for achieving desired targets in terms of service expansion. He said that the telecom sector has witnessed a spectacular growth in the recent past.

    He said that Balochistan is gaining a lot of ground through implementation of last mile solution and increased network coverage. Major share in this increase of network coverage has been that of the mobile sector while Wireless Local Loop (WLL) services have also fared well recently in the province, he added. The Minister said that it would also have a positive spill over effect on the overall economy of the province creating increased economic activity in Balochistan.

    Dr. Ayatullah further said that number of consumer-oriented steps have been taken by the operators under the guidance of PTA which not only facilitate the telecom consumers but also ensure their protection from poor quality of services. He said that the verification of user antecedents and blocking of unverified SIMs, successful introduction of new SIM Activation System and smooth implementation of “SIM information System-668″ are some of the significant steps taken by PTA on SIM issue which would go a long way towards safe and legal use of mobile services.

    Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that the statistics of recent telecom growth in Balochistan are evident of the satisfaction level of telecom consumers of this area with the quality of telecom services provided to them. He said that in year 2002 cellular teledensity in Balochistan was just 0.17 percent which has grew manifold after the completion of numerous development projects making this figure much healthier in March-2010 which is 34.3 percent.

    CEO Universal Service Fund (USF), Parvez Iftikhar said that the fund has started projects worth Rs 5.87 billion in Balochistan, which would help in provisioning of telecom services to far flung areas of Balochistan. This would bring economic betterment in the area, he added. The consumer representative, Suraiya Allahdin appreciated the role of PTA in focusing on consumer issues. Presentations were also made by PTCL, mobile and WLL operators on this occasion


    SNGPL going to Print Digital of Meter on Consumer Bill

    SNGPL Sui Northern Gas Pipelines. Ltd, SNGPL going to Print Digital of Meeter on Consumer Bill and checking the gas meters of customers with newly incorporated AMRs (Automatic Meter Readers) Now a Days.I have came across one such meter and was quite amazed when I saw the person (meter reader) holding AMR and taking the image of a meter too with the equipment.

    I Inquired about it, and he told that its new equipment which support images taking too. Said that the data once gathered is put down on the system and if the customer complains about the wrong meter reading, then the image of his/her meter can be shown on request. He also said that currently we are testing it.So, once finalized, we will print the image on the bills too. Wow!! Thats amazing.A digital Image of my meter on my bill.

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