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How to Use a TV as a Monitor

There are lot of  ways to connecting PC to TV. Some users use usual TV tuner cards for displaying their PC’s output on TV, while others use S-Video mode or otherwise through dedicated graphics card installed in PCs.

However, “VGA to RCA Cable” happens to be the simplest way of connecting PC with TV.

In VGA to RCA Cable, as its name suggests, one side of the cable has VGA (usual Monitor) connector while other side has RCA cable connector (Audio/Video, Red, Yellow and White Pins).

This makes really easy to connect a PC with TV without installing any particular device like TV tuner or software to make it working. Simply connect and Hurray!

VGA to RCA cable provide several benefits like watching movies, displaying family pictures and videos on your big screen TVs just by connecting cables.

What to consider before buying?

  • There is slight difference between VGA to RCA Plug Cable and VGA to RCA Component Plug Cable. Component cable carries component video into two or more components with YPbPr scheme. Ask seller about the functionality of RCA Plug, for instance, they usually support RG Analog and digital component video. If it is digital component video plug then it can handle 480i, 576i and other high definition TV support.
  • Usually RCA connector is easily identified with its RED, YELLOW and WHITE plugs, carrying composite video on YELLOW and stereo audio on RED and WHITE.
  • Component Cable connectors are identified as having RED, GREEN and BLUE plugs.
  • Some VGA to RCA cables comes with built-in S-Video cable as well. If that’s the case, go for it for added features.

Usage benefits:

  • It can be used with TV for watching movies.
  • It can be used with projectors.

Availability in Pakistan:

VGA to RCA cable is easily available in Pakistan. Its price ranges from PKR 400 to PKR 700. Do check price variations by visiting more than one shop for buying products.


In Pakistan Buy Pentium 4 Computer in KG Rate


Used Computers are availabe in very low prices in pakistan the Top brand eg. HP,COMPAQ,DELL,IBM,APPLE the new system price of these brands are very high.We cant afford these brands price in pakistan but the used computers are a big hope in information technalogy progress in pakistan.


Sale of Used Computers rise because of high prices of new brand computers

The sale of used computers is on rise in Pakistan because of high prices of new brand computers. The used computer stockholders selling monitors, mouse & other used accessaries at various shopping malls & corners of the provincial metropolis to attract the visitors. Shoppers are roaming the markets, checking out the varieties in different designs & quality.

Due to pressing demands of kids, most of parents reluctantly visit markets for used computers & other toys. The shopkeepers have displayed a variety of equipment. A used computer stall owner, Anzar Malik told APP, that most of the people preferred buying used accessaries & computers from his shop as the prices are not affordable for new computers.

They said that most of students depend on used computers, because the new computer required more money so students get from the used markets. Another resident Majid said that Rawalpindi is the hub of used electronics items & people always preferred to get any workable item from the stock. They said that sixth road is two of the famous place for computers parts & most of the people specially visit to search any workable set.

They said that hundreds of shops of used computers are obtainable in different markets of the city. An IT specialist Shafqatullah said that several time very valuable items are coming in this used stocks & people depend on it for their work.


Over 2 Million Students in Punjab to Get Computers Education

Government of Punjab will save Rs. 1.8 billion by using NComputing in over 4,000 schools

More than 2 million students in Punjab, Pakistan will soon receive computer education for the first time with the help of NComputing’s ultra low-cost virtual desktops. The Chief Minister of the Punjab has driven the program, which is setting up computer laboratories in more than 4,000 government-owned secondary and higher secondary schools.

NComputing virtual desktops have revolutionized learning in developed and developing countries by making computer access more affordable than ever before. The solution takes advantage of the fact that today’s computers are so powerful that the vast majority of applications use only a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. NComputing enables a single computer to be virtualized so that many users can tap the unused capacity and share it as if each person had their own computer.

In Punjab, each school will be furnished with a 15-seat computer lab will be run on 3 desktop PCs and 12 NComputing virtual desktops that will connect to the PCs. In addition to reducing purchase costs, electricity usage for these labs will be 90 percent lower than a traditional all-PC computer lab. Finally, when the useful life of the PCs is complete, only a few PCs will need to be upgraded – saving even more funds.

“It is a sustainable and environment-friendly project with very low recurring costs. In the overall context of the project, we are saving over Rs. 1.8 billions, which is almost 36% of the total project cost. As far as the electricity savings is concerned, the Government of Punjab would save another over Rs. 10 million per month as the NComputing devices use only 1 watt of electricity as compared to 110 watts or more for a typical PC,” says the IT Labs project’s Additional Programme Director Joudat Ayaz. “We have reduced the number of PCs being purchased and the cost of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) has also been drastically reduced”.

“With the NComputing technology, a new era in computer literacy has started in Punjab which will enable the provincial planners to impart meaningful computer training at low cost,” said Mr. Saiyid Hasan Rashaad, VP of NConnexion, NComputing’s distributor and authorized service center for Pakistan & Afghanistan.

“NComputing is proud to have been chosen by the Government of Punjab to enhance computer literacy and to equip the future workforce of the country with the computing skills they need to compete on a global economy,” said Mr. Manish Sharma, Vice President of Asia-Pacific for NComputing. “NComputing has become a valuable contributor to the lives of millions of people across tens of thousands of institutions and organizations in more than 140 countries. We continuously endeavor to enable schools, businesses, and governments to expand and improve their computing capabilities at extremely affordable and sustainable costs.”

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