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Zong has launched it’s online live chat support

With the website update recently, Zong has launched it’s online live chat support for it’s customers. Zong is aiming it’s current customers to get their issues resolved while efforts will be made to convert potential customers with whatever help they require.

Given that call helpline calls are not free and due to prolonged wait time, live web support is going to be a treat for customers.

You can connect to Zong’s live web support by simply going to Zong.com.pk and clicking on “Chat/Live Support” button on the website.

Live Web Support Features:

  • Zong live support service is free
  • You will get your chat log in email after the chat. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to receive chat log in email.
  • Zong live support gives information details about services, packages, VAS while it also accepts complaints, suggestions and so on.
  • Zong live support is for non Zong customers too, unlike other networks where they first validate if you are really their customer.
  • Zong live support is for Zong prepaid customers too, unlike some other operators who offer web support to postpaid customers only.
  • Zong’s live online support is available from 9 AM to 12 AM





Ufone Offers Special Data Plan for Nokia C3

Ufone along with Nokia has come up with an attractive deal for Nokia C3 users. Now you can connect to the world internet for Rs. 10/hour + Tax with infinite downloads exclusively on the new Nokia C3 handset, and enjoy services like Email, Chat and Social Networking.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone had launched a similar Huawei manufactured handset named as Ufone Icon, which was first offered for Rs. 6,500, however, later price was increased to Rs.7200, and the deal didn’t go successful.

But this time Ufone has changed its strategy and partnered with Industry leader to get more Internet users.

How to Avail the Offer:

Purchase Nokia C3 Handset from any Nokia retailer, subscribe to Ufone’s GPRS and you will be offered Rs. 10 plus tax per hour rates.

Note: Ufone’s system will automatically detect C3 Handsets

Nokia C3 Price in Market: Rs. 12,900


Internet Dating in Pakistan

Internet dating is really taking off in Pakistan.Thats why the pakistani chat rooms on yahoo have full of users some time you dont get permission to enter chat room due to over online users. Pakistan is a developing country, and as such, has a long way to go to fully realize the potential of the Internet. Pakistani girls and guys/boys, living in such a conservative, backward country, have taken in droves to the massive power of cyberspace to find love partner.

Pakistan is one of the countries that has the largest number of Internet Relay Chat(IRC) users, for example. Even though the Pakistani Internet user base is roughly 20 million at the most optimistic estimates (comprared to over 40 million for India), Pakistani users are more fervent and passionate when it comes to finding love partner online.

Internet dating is growing day by day in Pakistan, driven in part by the great restrictions placed on public intermingling of the sexes. This is being fueled by instant messenger chats, IRC, and more recently, dating websites. Singles use such websites to arrange dates and meet up in person. This is usually preferable to approaching the opposite sex in public in a conservative country.


Google going to lunch Video and Audio conferencing Feature to Gmail Chat

In2008, Google added voice and video chat between two persons features to Gmail Chat, which happens to be the web version of Google Talk. Well, it seems that Google plans of improving and enhancing the audio and video chat capabilities. From what we hear Google will be bringing video and audio conferencing for Gmail Chat and possibly bring those features to other apps as well, as it has done in the past. (For e.g. bringing voice and video chat to iGoogle and Orkut).
This is the statement published by Rishi Chandra, Google Apps Product manager, that led us to the above mentioned information.

At this time Gmail Talk offers single-to-single video and audio based communication/chat, but all this is expected to change in next year.

A point to ponder over here is, will Google add the video and voice conferencing feature to Orkut and will that challenge Facebook’s domination in the social network arena?. Please share your comments on this matter with us.

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