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Call Rs. 3 Per Hour at Ufone Postpaid

Ufone has re-launched this offer that allows hourly call for postpaid customer or say Ufone is promoting this offer again, with no change in tariff or terms.

Looks, Ufone was unable to attract the postpaid segment in the first place, or maybe company is short of packages!

Getting back to details, with this offer, you can talk to five Friends and Family numbers from 12 am to 5 pm for only Rs. 2.99 plus tax per hour.

You can choose any combination of Ufone and PTCL numbers.


FNF thumb Ufone Postpaid: Call @ Rs. 3 Per Hour

How to Avail Offer:

To activate, SMS any 5 Ufone or PTCL numbers of your choice, separated by commas to 363 or dial 363.


  • This offer will be available on U49, U249, U549, U999, U 1499, U1999, U3999, U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, U5000 packages
  • Once you subscribe to this offer, it will become part of your subscription unless you unsubscribe it
  • This offer is valid from 12 am to 5 pm, from 5 pm till 12 am the charges will be as per package plan
  • Subscription charges are Rs. 50+tax/month, the charges will be upfront and irrespective of the subscription date
  • FnF modification charges will be Rs. 10+tax per change
  • To unsubscribe the service, call 333
  • Hourly rate will be applicable after the consumption of free minutes

Ufone has Revised its Tension Free Package 45 Paisa per 30 Seconds on 5 FnF

Ufone has revised its Tension Free Package with the name of” Tension Fee Special Package” to offer call rate of 45 paisas per 30 seconds to 5 Friends and Family numbers on any network in Pakistan.

This new package is called “Tension Fee Special Package”.

All existing Tension Free Package customers have been shifted to Tension Free Special Package automatically.

All call charges are same as they were in old package except of 5 FNF (on-net or off-net) numbers. Daily rent of Rs. 1 plus tax is also imposed if you add FnF numbers.

P.S. It is not mentioned on Ufone’s website, however, after consultation with Ufone’s helpline we can now confirm that Daily Rental of Rs. 1 plus tax is applied only if a subscriber adds FnF number(s).

Daily Charges:

Rs. 1 plus tax, in case you add FnF numbers

Call Charges:

  • 5 FNF Numbers of Any Network: 45 Paisas Per 30 Seconds

Regular Numbers:

  • Ufone to Ufone Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec
  • Ufone to PTCL & WLL Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec
  • Ufone to Other Mobile Networks Rs 1.20 / 60 Sec

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe to Tension Free Special Package: Dial *40# from your Ufone and to add your 5 FNF numbers dial 363.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All existing Tension Free Package customers have been shifted to Tension Free Special Package.
  • 5 Friends and Family numbers can be a combination of Ufone, Other Mobile local Operator and PTCL numbers
  • Re 1 + tax daily service charge will be implemented
  • Charges are per 30 second
  • Send your 5 Friends and Family numbers via SMS to 363 separated by commas.
  • Charges for one time addition of 5 Friends and Family numbers are Rs.10+ tax
  • Friends and family number change charges are RS 10 + tax per number
  • This offer will only be valid on Tension Free Special Package
  • To unsubscribe send UNSUB to 363 via SMS
  • Limited time offer

Telenor TalkShawk Pakage 49 Paisa for 30 Seconds All Networks

Telenor has offered its Talkshawk customers to make calls to any network at 49 Paisas per 30 seconds, anytime of the day, at a daily subscription charge of Rs. 3 plus tax.

For the purpose, you need to activate Telenor’s talkswhak 63 Package and avail this offer by activating your daily subscription.


If subscribed,

  • All calls to all networks in Pakistan will be charged at 49 paisas per 30 seconds
  • Call to UK (Landline only), US (Landline and Mobile) and Canada (Landline and Mobile) are charged at 49 Paisas per 30 seconds.

How to Activate:

Dial *345*255#

Subscription Charges:

Rs. 3 plus tax per day

How to Convert to Talkshawk 63 Package:

Write “migrate” and send SMS to 345

Complete Tariff of Talkshawk 63 is available here


  • This offer is valid only for Talkshawk 63 package
  • Subscription expires every day at 12:00 AM
  • This is a limited time offer
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