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Ufone Faisalabad Offer any time Free On-Net Calls

Ufone has upgraded it’s Faisalabad offerto make it one of best LBC offers available in Market.

With this new deal, any Ufone customer living in Faisalabad can make free on-net calls, round the clock without worrying about minutes or limit.

All this luxury comes at a daily rental of Rs. 6.99 plus tax, that’s it.

How to Avail Faisalabad Offer:

Simply dial *94# and you are done

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is for Faisalabad city only
  • For every free call a fixed setup-charge of 1 Paisa/call will be applied
  • Calls made to other networks will be charged according to the package plan
  • This offer is for prepaid customers only
  • Calls made to voice buckets and short codes are not available in this offer
  • To unsubscribe this offer write unsub and SMS it to 3394
  • Conference call service is not available on this offer
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies
  • Terms and condition apply
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA

Ufone Offers Free Calls on Eid for 3 Days!

Like previous Eid, this time also Ufone brings a treat for its customers with a ground breaking offer of Free Calls for 3 whole days on this Eid-ul-Adha.

YES! That’s right, now you can enjoy free calls 24 hours a day without any daily charges.

How to Avail:

All you need to do is to consume Re.1 of balance from your Ufone the day before Eid and on the first two days of Eid.

After which U can enjoy free calls to any Ufone number 24 hours a day on the 4th, 5th and 6th day of Eid. So make as many free calls as you like throughout the 3 days at any time of the day with no daily charges.

To activate Eid Offer simply dial *38#

This offer is available for Postpay customers as well.

Terms & Conditions:

  • One time subscription charges are Rs.5 + Tax
  • Only on-net calls are Free
  • This offer can be subscribed from one day before Eid till the 2nd Day of Eid.

Mobilink to Charge Rs. 2+ Tex for Every Call On Helpline

Mobilink has announced that every call made to its helpline will be charged at Rs. 2 plus tax (Rs. 2.42 including taxes) from November 15th, 2010.

It merits mentioning here that Mobilink had introduced this  idea of charging helpline calls back in August 2008, which was then followed by all other cellular companies. You may know that Pakistan is the only country in the world where helpline calls are being charged.

Mobilink had then imposed 50 paisas on every helpline call and said that these charges are imposed to improve quality of customer support.

We are not going to comment on how much the quality service quality has improved after the imposition of service charges, instead we would recommend you to read this guide if you want to decrease wait time during helpline calls.

Expect other operators to follow this, if PTA, the regulator, remains quite.

Following ad appeared in today’s papers:


Telenor also offers Unlimited Free Calls to 3 FnF Numbers

After Mobilink’s Na-qabil-yaqeen offer, Telenor also offered its customers a similar facility to make unlimited calls to three friend and family numbers at a fixed daily rental of Rs.9.99 plus tax.

Telenor’s this offer comes with its TalkShawk 24 ghantay package, which is a pretty decent package for making calls to all networks at 80 paisas plus tax per 30 seconds. Little higher than counterparts, which are offering 68 paisas or even 65 paisas per 30 seconds for all networks.

Telenor’s this move, of following Mobilink, may push other operators to allow un-metered calls on selected numbers at a fixed daily rental.

However, cellular companies will have to keep an eye on their network’s strength before offering this kind of incentives.

So if you want to make free calls to 3 FnF numbers, switch to Talkshawk 24 ghantay package, following is the method:

How to Migrate to TalkShawk 24 Ghantay Package:

Write “migrate” and send SMS to 345

Customer will reiceve a menu, reply this message with your desired package and you are done.

How to Avail 24 Hours Free Call Offer:

Dial *345*300# for daily activation.

Daily Charges:

Rs.9.99 +tax

How to Add FNF?

To administer FnF through SMS, use the following:


  • To add an FnF send “Add <slot no> <number>” to 345
  • To delete FnF send “Del <slot no>” to 345
  • To edit FnF send “Edit <slot no> <number>” to 345
  • To view FnF send “FnF” to 345
  • or  Dial 555 to add FnF

Tariff Details for TalkShawk 24 Hours:


Jazz Non Stop Call Masti Free Call After 2nd Minute

Mobilink introduce a new offer “Jazz Non Stop Call Mast”Its seemes to ”Bemisaal Ramdan” offer which allows free on-net calls after two minutes – round the clock.

As apparent from its name, ‘Jazz Non Stop Call Masti’ is said to be a response to Ufone’s ‘Non Stop Offer’.

Jazz Non Stop Call Masti is offered to Jazz Octane subscribers only; hence daily rental of Rs.1 plus tax is applicable in order to avail the offer.


  • All On-net calls free after 2nd minute
  • Daily Subscription Fee: Rs. 1 plus tax per day
  • All other calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane Tariff

How to Subscribe:

Dial *105*1# on mobile screen and press send

How to Un-subscribe:

Dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press send

Package Conversion

If you have any other package than Jazz Octane, then

  • Call 123 from Jazz connection.
  • Press 3 for package settings.
  • Press 0 for package selection
  • Press 2 to select Jazz Octane

Note: For the convenience of customers, the package conversion will be absolutely free during the promotion duration

Terms & Conditions

  • During first minute, on-net calls will be charged at Rs 1 per 30 seconds
  • On-net calls to three F&F numbers will be charged at Rs 0.45/30 sec and will also be free after 2nd minute
  • Off-net calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane tariff
  • Package daily fee of Rs 1 will be applicable to all Jazz Octane subscribers in addition to the daily subscription fee of Jazz Non Stop Call Masti offer
  • Daily subscription will be renewed automatically until unsubscribed
  • For Jazz Octane LNO subscribers On-net calls will be charged at Rs 4 for first minute between 12am-7am
  • 19.5% tax apply on the above mentioned price
  • This will be a Limited Time Offer

Ufone offers For Postpaid Rs. 3 Per Hour

Ufone is now offering its postpaid customers to call at Rs. 3 plus tax per hour from 12 AM to 5 PM to 5 FNF numbers.

This is long awaited treat for postpaid customers, who are usually neglected for incentives and offerings.

This is also first of its kind offer that allows hourly calling for postpaid segment. Though postpaid market is usually considered as corporate and business class, who may not afford calling for hours (in terms of time), still we will have to see how will audience respond to this promotion.

Note: This offer is available for all Ufone postpaid packages, however, a monthly rental of Rs. 50 plus taxes will be added in your current monthly rental.


How to Subscribe:

You can subscribe to FnF service by sending any 5 Ufone or PTCL numbers separated by commas to short code 363. Example: 03331211800, 0333112020, 05116677.


This offer will be available on U49, U249, U549, U999, U 1499, U1999, U3999, U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600, U5000 packages
Once you subscribe to this offer, it will become part of your subscription unless you unsubscribe it
For complete details on Ufone Postpaid visit here


Telenor Djuice Free Call After 2 Minutes Offer

Same like ufone Telenor Djuice also offering free call for FnF and on-net numbers after first two minutes. Offer can be subscribed at Rs. 4 plus tax for three days.

How to Subscribe:

Simply dial *345*120# to activate djuice boltay jao offer

Subscription Charges:

Rs. 4 + tax – Validity is three days, subscriber will have to re-subscribe after three to avail the offer.


Zong Unlimited Night Calls Pakage

Zong offers unlimited on-night call between 12 AM to 7 AM, at a fixed rental of Rs. 9.99 plus tax per day. So now make on-net calls, without worrying about number of hours – and call duration. There is no restriction of FnF numbers, as you can make calls to all Zong numbers.

How to Subscribe:

Send sub to “913” or dial “913” and choose 1 for confirmation.

PKR 4.99 + tax will be charged on first time subscription.

PKR 9.99 + tax per day

How to Unsubscribe?

Please call the call centre on 310 to unsubscribe.


This package is only from prepaid
as always, a limited time offer
Offer is for only on-net numbers
Taxes apply


Jazz offers International Calls on Local Rates Rs.1.36 Per Minutes

Jazz once again reasserts its market dominance as the best voice-based package in the cellular market by launching brand new discounted international call rates!

With Jazz’s new international call rates, all Jazz users can make International calls to the highest number of destinations offered by any mobile operator at Local call rates ANY time for as low as Rs. 1.36 per min! All our customers have to do to avail this offer is to subscribe to their desired destination once a week.

Salient Features International Direct Dialing:

1. One time Subscription Fee will be charged at the time of Subscription.
2. Subscription Validity period will be 7 days.
3. User can opt for maximum of 9 destinations at one time (separate fee per destination will be charged)
Country Country Code Subscription Fee
1 Australia (L) 61 Rs. 10
2 Canada & USA (L+M) 1 Rs. 20*
3 China (L+M) 86 Rs. 10
4 Denmark (L) 45 Rs. 10
5 France (L) 33 Rs. 10
6 Germany (L) 49 Rs. 10
7 Greece (L) 30 Rs. 10
8 Ireland (L) 353 Rs. 10
9 Italy (L) 39 Rs. 10
10 Netherlands (L) 31 Rs. 10
11 Portugal (L) 351 Rs. 10
12 Singapore (L+M) 65 Rs. 10
13 Spain (L) 34 Rs. 10
14 Switzerland (L) 41 Rs. 10
15 United Kingdom (L) 44 Rs. 10

For Canada and USA (L+M) the subscription charges have been doubled since 2 destinations get opened through the country code of 1

How To Subscribe:

1-Customer will type the name of the country and send an SMS to 424.
2-Once the SMS is sent, a USSD string will be sent back to the customer for further subscription for a particular country.
3-User will dial the USSD string on mobile screen and press send to avail the discounted rate for that country.


Warid My5 Make Unlimited Free Calls on 5 Friends & Family Mumbers

Warid introduces a new feature for its PostPaid subscribers. Now for the first time in Pakistan, Warid PostPaid subscribers can enjoy Unlimited Calls 24/7/365 on their 5 Friends and Family Numbers for just Rs 500 + tax.

My5 is a permanent feature for PostPaid subscribers that would enable you make Unlimited calls and talk as much as you want on 5 Friends & Family numbers throughout the month.

My5 is only available on new Warid PostPaid Packages (250/750/1500 and 2500) with 30 seconds pulse; however, to avail this offer, subscribers on old zahi packages e.g. Silver (Zero Line Rental), 150, 500 and 1000 line rental packages will have to upgrade their packages to 250, 750, 1500 and 2500 line rental packages (30 seconds pulse). My5 is not valid on Warid PostPaid Unlimited Package as FnF calls are already free in this package.

How to Get:
New PostPaid subscribers will have to visit nearest business centre or franchise and fill in CSAF. You can also request activation of My5 service by calling 321.

An Existing Warid PostPaid subscriber only has to call 321 or visit nearest Warid Business Center or Franchise to get My5 activated. (My5 activation is subject to bill run)


Rs. 500 + tax will be charged per month in addition to line rental.

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