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Zong added Karachi in his Unlimited on net calling offer

After Lahore,Multan, Faisalabad and many other cities, Zong’s unlimited on-net calling offer has reached the city of lights, Karachi. Zong offers two variants of packages for unlimited on-net calls for its customers living in Karachi.

Monthly Karachi Unlimited

Monthly Karachi Unlimited offers Zong customers living in Karachi and selected suburbs unlimited calls to Zong numbers anywhere in the country for an entire month. As an additional bonus, subscribers will also receive unlimited SMS on all networks!

Daily Karachi Unlimited:

With Daily Karachi Unlimited Offer, Zong customers in Karachi and selected suburbs can make unlimited calls to any Zong number nationwide for an entire day.

How to subscribe:

  • Send “khi” to 522 to avail the monthly offer @ Rs. 199 + tax/month.
  • Send “khi7” to 522 to avail the daily offer @ Rs.7+ tax/daily.


  • Monthly Karachi Unlimited: PKR 199+tax
  • Daily Karachi Unlimited: PKR 7+tax

Karachi’s Map

karachi Boundary thumb Zong Offers Unlimited On Net Calls for Karachiites


  • This offer covers Karachi city as well as selected suburbs, to check footprint of this offer, click on the above map.
  • Offer can be availed on all packages.
  • Promotion is being launched from 13th October 2010.
  • Monthly and Daily Karachi Unlimited Offers are valid for ON NET calls only. Monthly Karachi Unlimited Offer also offers unlimited offnet/ onnet SMS.
  • In case of Monthly Offer, customer will be automatically subscribed after 30 days, in case of low balance customer will get an SMS. In case of Daily offer, customer will be automatically subscribed next day, in case of low balance customer will get an SMS.
  • Calling Party must be in Karachi while receiving party can be anywhere in Pakistan, but he/she must be part of Zong network
  • This is a limited time offer

Ufone Introduces Full Time Mufta Offer

In the Response of  Mobilink and Telenor against their recent unlimited calling offers on 3 on-net numbers at fixed rental of 6.99 and 9.99 plus taxes respectively.

Ufone has today offered this package called “Full Time Mufta Offer”, for its Uth customers, which will allow:

  • 9 AM to 12 AM: Calls to all Uth numbers are free after first minute
  • 12 AM to 9 AM: All calls to all Uth numbers are absolutely free (free calls will be charged 1 paisa per call)

Apparently, its a great offer, the only glitch is that both calling and receiving parties should be Uth subscribers.

Moreover, calls in the day are not free – though they are free after first minute, but liberty of unlimited free calling isn’t there. However, unlike Mobilink and Telenor, Ufone is offering freedom to call all Uth subscribers at this low rate.

It is understandable that Ufone couldn’t offer Free Unlimited calling to all Uth numbers – as Ufone can’t afford to chock its network.

Daily Rental:

Rs. 2 plus tax

How to Avail Full Time Mufta Offer:

  • dial *23# to get this offer working for you!
  • One time Subscription Charges: Rs. 20 plus tax

Terms and Conditions:

  • To subscribe this offer, one time subscription charges are Rs.20 + Tax
  • Daily charges are Rs. 2 + Tax
  • Calls to all Uth package, Uth Package Non Stop Offer and Uth Package Full Time Mufta Offer are free after the first minute from 9am to midnight .Calls from midnight till 9 am are absolutely free.
  • From mid night to 9am all free calls will be charged 1paisa per call
  • Maximum call duration is 59:59
  • Limited time offer

Call Phone from Your Gmail

Google is easing our lives, this time by embedding a phone dialer in your Gmail. Earlier it was told that phone feature is only for people in US and Canada, however, phone dialer is appearing in all countries for now.

Google said that calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very nominal rates.

Kick going by simply installing the voice and video plug-in and you are done!

P.S. Calls made to US from Pakistan are not getting through, at the moment at least.

Note: Using VoIP in Pakistan without license is not entirely legal.


Get Calling records of Your PrePaid Numbers Zong and Ufone

Ever you wanted to know calling records for your mobile number? You may require this for many reasons, such as:

You feel like that your mobile phone has been misused by someone around you, and you want to figure out who it was who kept calling from your phone without your permissions!
You have given a mobile number to your kid, and you want to keep an eye on his/her activities
Even if there is no reason, you own this number, so you deserve a right to know what has been happening around with your phone.
Well, for those who are postpaid subscribers, they get their outgoing detail almost every month in form of their monthly bills. But for Prepaid users, getting call details is almost impossible for a normal person.

Other than Ufone and Zong, no one offers you this service. Meaning that, if you have any mobile connection, other than Ufone, then just forget about getting your call details, because no one offers this service.

How to get Call Details for Ufone

And if you are luckily using Ufone, then the process is simple… you can get your call record by following 2 methods

Go to Ufone Service Center (Not franchise), and show them the SIM that you have been using and also the original copy of National ID card… They will give you call details in a while
Call help line, and request for calling details… CSR will verify your number by asking information about you, and will dispatch call details on the address that has been associated with the number.

Ufone will deduct Rs. 50 (Including Taxes) from your prepaid balance. So you need to have at least Rs. 50 before you make any such request

What information you will get?

Ufone says they will send you complete outgoing call details for last 90 days, excluding current month. Don’t expect incoming call details or SMS details in this list.

Calling Details for Zong

Zong offers a service known as ebill, that enables you check your outgoing call record online.

Register for Zong’s e-bill Service

In order to register to My Zong E-Care you need to take the following steps:

Go this page:
Enter your Phone number, Name and Password
After you Enter this information, you will receive you password on your phone in an SMS
After you receive the password you are ready to start viewing Zong Ebill.
Note: Please remember that you can use the Zong E-Care option only if you are a Zong Pre-Paid Subscriber.

How to Login

Once you have registered and received your password by SMS, to login and start viewing your Zong E-Care you need to enter your Login-id and Password on the main My Zong E-Care.

How to View My Bill

Login to My Zong E-Care using your login id. and password.
Select the no. of days to view the E-Care detail and then click on the submit button.
Then the detail of all your outgoing calls and SMS are shown.
How to Change Password?

To change your password you need to click the CHANGE PASSWORD link. When you click on this option you will be asked to type in your old password and the new password you wish to have. After making the desirable change click on the submit button. Your old password will lapse automatically.

What If You Forget Password?

In case you have forgot your password: click here
Enter your Phone number and press Submit…
Your Password will be sent to you on your Phone Via SMS

And there is another way too: I don’t know that method, but i have heard that there are many influencial people available in our society who can do anything… yea they can even give you incoming / outgonig / SMs details as well as voice tapes of your call too : – )

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