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PTCL implemented in policy of charging its DSL broadband greater than 300 GBs Downloads

In Past PTCL had imposed an extra charge of Rs. 1,000 for exceeding 50 GB limit, but with this new cap, 50GB can is not effective any further.

Now PTCL implemented this new policy of charging its DSL broadband users an extra sum of Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300 GB of download limit in a given month, removing earlier limit of 50GB per month.

This means that DSL customers will now not be charged Rs. 1,000 for crossing 50GB, instead they will be charged Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300GB limit.

PTCL said it is notifying its customers by calling and emailing them.

Reportedly, this extra charge and 300GB cap is applied to 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 6MB and 8MB DSL packages. 10MB, 20MB or 50MB packages will not come under this extra charge.

PTCL website writes:

For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is applicable on 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps DSL Connections

PTCL users, especially those who rely heavily on torrents, will now have to keep an eye on their download/upload meter to avoid extra charging, however, those usual DSL customers don’t need to worry.

It merits mentioning here that this Rs. 5,000 charge will be in addition to original charges of your DSL package.


Wateen Reconnect and Recharge Offer

Wateen Telecom announced an amazing Reconnect and Recharge Campaign offer for previous subscribers who hadn’t recharged their Wateen Internet and Telephony accounts from 31st August, 2010.

A Speacial offer for the Subscribers from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad who now recharge their accounts and get chance to win:

  • Get one month of line rent absolutely FREE
  • Have their previous dues waived off
  • Enter a lucky draw to win an all expense paid trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
  • Conditions Apply. Ferrari World Lucky Draw applicable for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad subscribers only. Visit http://go.wateen.net.


    Double the Fun @ Half the Price with Mobilink Infinity!

    November 12th, 2010:- Mobilink Infinity has revolutionized the way customers connect to the world by bringing next generation broadband Internet solutions that are affordable & reliable. Always striving to devise new ways of adding more value by providing best possible offers and promotions, Mobilink has kept up with the tradition with introducing another exciting new offer.

    Now, all WiMAX subscribers will get 50% off on activation charges and all existing and new subscribers will be able to enjoy monthly double data (GB) limit, absolutely FREE! Mobilink Infinity WiMAX connections with 50% reduced Activation Charges will make the Infinity experience more facilitating and fun at Activation cost as low as Rs. 250 only. This offer is available with Non Wi Fi CPE as well as Wi Fi CPE. The Activation charges have also been reduced on Infinity WiMAX USB Dongle.

    That’s not the end, Mobilink Infinity has also extended Double Data (GB) offer without any additional cost for all its new and existing subscribers. Now everyone can enjoy Data limit up to 30 GB resulting in more entertainment and connectivity. For more information about Infinity offers and package tariffs, visit www.mobilinkinfinity.com


    Activation Charges: for non-Wi-Fi CPE

      i-512K Basic i-512K Optimum i-1M Basic i-1M Optimum
    OLD CHARGES 2,000 1,000 1,500 500
    NEW CHARGES 1,000 500 750 250


    Activation Charges: for Wi-Fi CPE

      i-512K Basic i-512K Optimum i-1M Basic i-1M Optimum
    OLD CHARGES 3,000 2,000 2,500 1,500
    NEW CHARGES 1,500 1,000 1,250 750


    Activation Charges: for Dongle

    OLD CHARGES 3,999
    NEW CHARGES 1,999


    New Data Limits:

    PACKAGE SPEED Current Monthly Data Limit New Monthly Data Limit
    i-512K Basic 7 GB 14 GB
    i-512K Optimum 15 GB 30 GB
    i-1M Basic 7 GB 14 GB
    i-1M Optimum 15 GB 30 GB


    • This is a limited time offer
    • Data limits of existing customers have already been doubled
    • CPE will remain the property of Mobilink
    • Infinity WiMAX service is currently available in Karachi only

    Etisalat to Connect Dubai Lifestyle City

    Under a new agreement, Dubai Lifestyle City will have all its advanced telecommunications services provided by Etisalat. The telcoms provider will use its fibre optic network to link both businesses and homes to high speed internet, mobile broadband and landline and GSM services.

    The agreement was signed by Arif B Rahman, managing director for Dubai Lifestyle City, and Khalid Yousuf, senior director, Etisalat.

    “Our association with Dubai Lifestyle City provides us an opportunity to provide modern, future-ready infrastructure as part of our overall development strategy to bring the fastest, most reliable and technically advanced telecommunications system in the region. Through this exclusive partnership, Etisalat aims to expand its reach and technical expertise for both business and individual users, who will now be able to benefit from our advanced telecommunication services,” said Abdulla Salem Almana, General Manager, Dubai region, Etisalat.

    The AED2.4 billion ($653.950 million) Lifestyle City, based in Dubailand covers an area of four million square feet, and is intended to be a unique branded residential compound.

    The City is designed to be a self-sufficient residential community with hotels, spas and other facilities digitally connected to each other.

    Dubai Lifestyle City will have 68 Tuscan style villas and 120 apartments.

    “Dubai Lifestyle City aims to offer the most sophisticated and premium accommodation for people in Dubai. Our vision is to offer an unparalleled living experience, and create a techno-savvy city, where technology is leveraged in every aspect of the planned development. Our partnership with Etisalat will enable us to accomplish this objective and enable our customers to enjoy the most advanced services for both individual and commercial usage,” said Rahman.

    Dubai Lifestyle City has also partnered up with Microsoft to implement Microsoft Home Solutions and Microsoft Community Solutions for residential projects. This means that the whole of Lifestyle City will be connected to the Community Data Centre, providing services to residents and commercial premises.

    These services are likely to include e-Concierge services, a virtual information centre for complaints and facility requirements, a resident’s interactive portal and video communication between the residents. Other services will include On-line shopping, tele-conferencing, Video on demand (VoD), Music on Demand (MoD), Education on Demand (EoD) and Sports on Demand (SoD).


    PTCL has Commercially Launched the EVO Nitro 3G 9.3 MB

    PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)  has commercially launched the EVO Nitro 3G.

    So far, it is the fastest and widely available data service in Pakistan. EVO 3G Nitro is all set to meet the next-generation’s need for ultimate speed & superior performance with speed up to 9.3mbps.

    PTCL claims that with this launch, Pakistan has become the first country in the world to provide this EV-DO Rev B 3G technology.

    EVO 3G Nitro has revolutionized the three simple steps to high speed On-the-Go connectivity, Just Plug in—Click—Connect with its unprecedented speed of up to 9.3 Mbps on the downlink and up to 5.4MBPS on the uplink based on EV-DO Rev B 3G CDMA  technology.


    • Nitro USB Device Charges: Rs. 3,999
    • Nitro Unlimited Service Charges: Rs. 2,999 per month

    Billing Options:

    • Nitro Landline Billing: Billed in PTCL Landline
    • Nitro Advance Billing: Advance payment at PTCL OSS or PTCL designated banks

    Coverage Area:

    Nitro “Rev.B” Coverage is offered in following cities:

    • Islamabad,
    • Rawalpindi,
    • Lahore
    • & Karachi.

    Data Rate:

    Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps

    How Current EVO customers can Upgrade to Nitro?

    If you wish to upgrade you are required to return your existing USB device and pay additional charges of Rs.1000.

    In exchange you will get a brand new Evo 3G Nitro USB device and need to sign up for Nitro package. Visit your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop for more details.

    Existing USB device must be in perfect physical and working condition and returned with box.

    SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed at the occasion of this commercial launch said:

    EVO 3G Nitro has been launched with the aim of giving our customers a far more enhanced user experience of instant connectivity. He further added that it’s a step ahead in the development and prestige of the technologically strong and revolutionary telecom company. This deployment has reinforced the company’s technological lead in the sector and Working in a market where technology changes every minute, we at PTCL always strive to introduce products and services that add more value to our customers’ lives, and PTCL’s ‘EVO 3G Nitro’ is one such product that will completely revolutionized the way our customers communicate.”

    Syed Asim Ali, EVP Commercial Planning said:

    the launch of Evo Nitro 3G is a milestone and a glorious mark in the conquest of PTCL, EVO 3G Nitro saves the precious time of our customers, PTCL customers can now for the very first time spend less time waiting and more time working and accessing media rich applications from downloading songs to live video streaming, at home on your desktop or on the move on your laptop. He further added that In future PTCL plans to introduce a variety of innovative services that can enhance our customer’s life, which is our first and foremost priority.


    Wateen Launches DigiPay to pay Wateen bill payments with ease

    Wateen Telecom announced the launch of ‘DigiPay’, for its customer’s to pay Wateen bill payments with ease.

    With DigiPay, customers now have the options to buy electronic PINs for Wateen bill payments through a number of different mediums. Launching this service in collaboration with epay, Wateen is enabling its customers to pay their Wateen bills through new mechanisms such as

    Credit/Debit Cards,
    Phone and so on
    Via Phone

    Wateen customers, who own Bank Alfalah credit cards too, can now call Bank Alfalah customer helpline @ 111-225-111. Wateen PINs are available around the clock. Wateen PINs can also be availed against reward points redemption.

    Credit and Debit Pay

    Wateen customers can simply swipe their credit/debit card of any bank at MCB Credit Card machines available across all major grocery stores. They will get an electronic voucher with the Wateen PIN in their desired denomination.


    PTCL Student Broadband Package Revises with Bundle offer

    PTCL has revised its student package by bundling it with PSTN (landline) incentives – however, the price of broadband remains the same.

    PTCL is now offering student Package of 1 Mbps broadband with unlimited download, 150 free voice minutes per month and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / month.

    But if you need just the broadband, then and PTCL Broadband existing Student Package will cost you Rs 850 / month.

    Note: Kehdou Voice SMS service was launched by PTCL back in June 2008 that enables PTCL customers to send voice SMS to cellular subscribers.

    It merits mentioning here that PTCL had taken back discounts on student packages for 1 Mpbs broadband.

    PTCL broadband student package has been launched with the following two offers;

    • Broadband Student Package 1 Mbps unlimited download Bundled with PSTN offering 150 Free  voice Minutes and FREE Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / Month
    • PTCL broadband Student Package basic 1 Mbps with unlimited downloads at Rs 850 / month (Previously PTCL Educational Broadband)



    Benefits and key Highlights:

    • PTCL Broadband Student Package is available in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.
    • Free E- Learning cards to all (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010)
    • Chance to win Rs. 100,000 scholarships for further education (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010

    Comsats Internet Services has launched its Wi-Fi Broadband Modem

    Comsats Internet Services has launched its Wi-Fi modems for DSL customers in Islamabad/Rawalpindi with a package called Freedom Broadband.

    This service is being offered in Islamabad and Rawalpindi at present and will be offered in more cities by the end of the year.

    Earlier, only PTCL and Link Dot Net were offering WiFi modems/routers for their customers.

    COMSATS’ Freedom Broadband package offers DSL service for both students and professionals including 512 kbps, 1 mbps, and 2 mbps.

    Tariff Detail is as following:

    Home Users

    CIS Home User thumb Comsats Introduces WiFi Routers for DSL Customers

    Corporate Users

    CIS Corporate thumb Comsats Introduces WiFi Routers for DSL Customers


    • CIS says that Package speed availability is dependent upon clients telephone line condition
    • In case of Post paid connection, security deposit will be equal to selected package

    PTCL Launched 10 MB DSL Broadband Connection

    PTCL has introduced a new 10 Mbps Broadband package on 10/10/10, This package is in addition to its existing Broadband packages. The New 10 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 9,999 / month with unlimited download. Current PTCL Broadband packages are;

    1Mbps at Rs. 1,199
    4Mbps at Rs. 1,999
    6Mbps at Rs. 4,999
    8Mbps at Rs. 6,999
    10Mbps at Rs. 9,999
    On the other hand WorldCall, one of PTCL’s rival, is providing 10 Mbps Cable Broadband in rupees 8,000. But it’s only available in selected areas – where as PTCL’s DSL coverage spans almost all over the Pakistan.

    PTCL’s Delivery of highspeed broadband services remains a question mark – as company’s old infrastructure, particularly in far flung areas, may not support this much of data transfer rate. Only cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi having new FiberOptic lines may support 10 Mpbs data rate.


    Qubee Launches USB Dongle with Unlimited Download Pakage

    Qubee has launched  USB broadband device “Qubee Shuttle”, the most reliable, state-of-the-art device in the market so far, as claimed by the company in a statement issued lastweek.

    Reportedly, device was well tested before official launch. Internal reports suggest the device performs pretty smooth even in less covered areas.

    Qubee says that device is the best in class among the similar products being offered by other WiMAX providers in Pakistan as it has the latest technology which drastically improve performance to provide uninterrupted internet experience to the users.

    The main advantage of “Qubee Shuttle” is that it is pakage with unlimited downloads at Rs. 1,500 per month.

    Following are Qubee tariffs,

    Qubee Tariff Qubee Launches USB Dongle, Claimed as ‘Best in Market’ Device


    • Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB
    • Explore Max- Unlimited will be available on Qubee Shuttle only
    • Qubee fair usage policy applies to Explore Max residential unlimited volume package
    • The unlimited packages have no cap on downloads customer make.
    • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or
      further reselling as per directives of PTA.
    • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily
      any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.

    “Qubee has been actively involved in technology up-gradation since its launch in Pakistan and the introduction of unique, portable and reliable “USB Shuttle” is a reassurance of our commitment to provide our customers amazingly reliable services. Furthermore now our customers can enjoy Unlimited downloads with the same worldclass service,” said Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee.

    Moreover, Qubee is also getting good response from its customers in Lahore and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi where the service has been launched recently.

    “Response from users in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is quite encouraging. We are covering almost 80 percent of urban areas of these cities and our team of experts is working hard to extend the coverage to the remaining areas,” Naqvi added.

    “We are attracting new users by offering unmatched services for all segments of the market as well as serving the unsatisfied customers who have never been provided quality services,” said Hashim Sheikh, Chief Marketing Officer, Qubee. “We are coming up with new and innovative products and services to cater to the needs of the market and launch of Qubee Shuttle reiterates our commitment to provide high speed and reliable broadband services to customers in Pakistan.”

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