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Mobilink meets up with Karachi Bloggers

Lahore: February 24th, 2011:- Continuing with the tradition of engaging online community via blogger meet-ups, Mobilink team visited Karachi this week to meet up and interact with Karachi bloggers. The meetup was around the Advent and Prospects of Location Based Charging in the Telecom sector. Jazz Karachi Bachat offer introduced by Mobilink was also highlighted during the discussion at the meetup.
One of the important discussions that surfaced during this interactive bloggers brain-storming session was that innovative location based services and packages must be explored and taken to a whole new level whereby customers could also be provided with many more personalized location based services and discount offer packages.
There is a lot happening around the globe with reference to location based services. Pakistan is also part of this race with its telecom companies initially launching location based services and lately introducing location based charging and discount offers.
Here are some of the pictures of Mobilink Bloggers Meetup organized at Café Zouk, Karachi on 22nd Feb 2011.


Mobilink Organizes First Ever Female Bloggers Meet-up in Lahore

Lahore: 25 February, 2011 – A new chapter began in the history of blogging fraternity of Pakistan when Mobilink organized the first ever female bloggers meet-up in Lahore today. The ‘females only’ meet up was organized to exclusively introduce the stylish feministic Motorola flip-out mobile phone launched by Mobilink earlier this month as well as to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2011.
Over 40 social media active ladies and female bloggers attended the meet-up at Café Rock. The audience was a mix of experienced, newbies and well as aspiring young female bloggers. The meet-up began with a warm-up introductory session with attending bloggers followed by an online contest to win the new Motorola Flip-out phone.
A lot of different issues were brought up and discussed at the meet-up regarding female bloggers such as why Pakistani women don’t blog as much as their counterparts and what kind of apprehensions women usually face while blogging and maintaining active presence on social media platforms. Many female bloggers also shared their blogging experience and helped out aspiring bloggers with their queries regarding blogging and remaining active on social media platforms.
A budding blogger, Amna Tariq was presented the Motorola Flip-out phone after she won the online contest at the event. At the conclusion of the meet-up, bloggers were informed about another chance to win the second Motorola Flip-out phone on the International Women’s Day (IWD).
In order to take part in the Mobilink IWD Blogging Contest, female bloggers have to submit their blog posts to Mobilink latest by March 5th. The best blog post winner will be awarded the second Motorola Flip-out phone on the upcoming International Women’s Day (March 8th).
This was the first time a telecom company took an initiative to support women bloggers in the country by exclusively arranging an event for them and promoted active presence of Pakistani women in online media for expression of thought and opinion


Mobilink’s HTC HD7 Blogger Meet-up in Islamabad: Review in Photos

Yesterday On 7th December Mobilink organized a Blogger Meet-up at Rendezvous, Islamabad to launch the new HTC HD7 smartphone especially in the blogging community.

Near about 45 bloggers many from Islamabad but some from Karachi and Lahore attended the event. The meet-up was interactive and had a lot of online activities to keep the blogging community active and give them chances to win prizes during the blogger meet-up.

A brand new HTC HD7 smartphone was also given away by Mobilink to one of the bloggers through an online Facebook competition.

All participants were asked to take write a message in an empty HTC HD7 phone frame on paper, take a photo and upload it on their Facebook pages with a caption to encourage their friends to help them win the free smartphone by Mobilink. Instantly, all bloggers started taking photos and uploading it on Facebook. The winner at the end of Meet-up was Redmond Pie from Karachi who managed to get over 300 ‘likes’ in just 25 minutes. As of today, the ‘likes’ to that photo have crossed 2,000 likes.

ProPakistani doesn’t use Facebook and hence didn’t participate in the contest.

Another blogger from Solo Smart, Lahore won the Twitter contest while Propakistani and Telecom News Bulletin won prizes for blogging about Mobilink’s HTC HD7 launch in Pakistan and writing a review about the HTC HD7 phone, respectively.

The evening concluded with a lavish hi-tea. Mobilink always strives to not only provide their customer the best connectivity with the most affordable packages but also strongly believes is keeping up with the latest trends in mobile phone technology.

Previously, Mobilink had introduced BlackBerry and Milestone, the android phone in Pakistani market and with this latest launch of Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD7 smartphone, Mobilink brings to its customers a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the best smartphone for quality connectivity on the go.

Here is a collection of some photos from Mobilink’s Blogger Meet-up.


Telenor’s GPRS TVC Showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook Dleted

I think that Telenor has decided to pull back its recent most TV commercial of telenor GPRS.More, which came under fire from masses due to its over-expressive nature.

I don’t know any official words on this yet; however, Telenor’s official YouTube page has deleted the ad that showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS.

Telenor is airing a backup TVC on TV channels, which shots a better use of Telenor’s GPRS.

As we said, we don’t have official words on this matter yet; still, pulling the plug of TVC in question is being termed as positive and sensible response from Telenor’s end.

At the same time, now it is evident that said TVC had thematic problems in it.

Below is new TVC of Intenret.More


Girls Mobile Numbers Most Attractive Keyword for Blog Writers

Pakistani girls Mobile Number there are lot of searches of this keyword on every search engine,Because there are many social community websites having a lot of Pakistani girls mobile number in comments of any post about this topic posted by self from girls or any other guy having a lot of number of pakistani girls in his directory.These number leak out when you get easyload or sale your mobile,theft your mobile after that your number forwerd to next by next person.

Girls are also involved in it.its Said Taali iak hath se nai bajti.Its a threat for all pakistanies not only for girls.Girls also spread the numbers of their class mates not only boys spread thir numbers.In past days of mobile service the boys are involved but now a days the ratio is almost equal by both of girls and boys.

Blog Writer use this keyword to attract visitor to their website from search engine results.And Boys and some girls strat to posting theit mobile numbers in comments and messages like ,call me at…..,my number is….,i am Noman and my number is…….call me friendship,that types of messages in comments and admin of that blog need to not aprove of that type of comments but they aprove for attracting visitors to their website.

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