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List of banned keywords in SMS Pakistan

PTA last week issued a directive for cellular operators to filter SMS communication to block those message containing obscene, offensive and indecent words. However, the whole matter fired back when the list of banned keywords got leaked

As we all know PTA  issued the list of over 1,500 banned keywords that was allegedly prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, to be filtered by mobile phone companies list of banned keywords to be sent out to operators for the filtration.

Before we go into details here are lists of banned keywords issued by PTA:

Update: PTA Decides to Withdraw SMS Filtration Orders

After all the SMS filtration order, the news is that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to hold its directive for implementing SMS filters for over 1,500 keywords, told us a source with close connections to PTA head-office.

We come to know PTA is likely to withdraw earlier orders through a letter today in which PTA will explain the operators that the ban list should not be implemented due to issues known to everyone.





PTA Orders to Blocks Thousands of Adult Websites in Pakistan

All Pakistani ISPs  internet service providers have started the process of blocking websites with adult and explicit content, news by  multiple sources from the industry.

Earlier this month PTA, telecom regulatory authority of Pakistan, had decided to block the access of those websites in Pakistan that have adult content.

PTA has plans of blocking 150,000 such websites in coming weeks, however, initial list of 1,000 websites has been sent out to all ISPs, mobile operators and international gateways to get them blocked.

We has got the said list of 1,000 websites, which we aren’t publishing it here for obvious reasons. But we can tell you that they all are adult websites and few of them are ranked in top 100 Alexa list for Pakistani most visited websites. Local adult websites are also included.

ISPs are given 8-10 days to get the orders implemented. Most of the ISPs, including PTCL, have already blocked these websites, while others are making the necessary preparations for the blockade.

PTA is also planning to devise a way for general users to report adult websites to authority. After through review authority will keep adding such reported websites/URLs to the black list.

Internet Service Providers on other hands aren’t comfortable with the overheard involved in the blocking of websites. They say that blocking high number of websites may result into slow performance by routers and increased latency due to high number of filters over the network.

PTA decided to ban explicit websites after immense pressure from bloggers, hackers and activists. They, along with parents, are certainly rejoicing authority’s decision.

However there are users who are opposing the ban, few of them think that this way PTA will get the axe to cut any website under the cover of explicit material. But sources at head-office of PTA tell us that they will make this process of blocking websites very transparent and visible to everyone, so that no one fears the unlawful use of power.


Warid Brings SMS Blocker Service

Before  this Warid launched call block service, Warid now brings the SMS blocking facility to block all those annoying and unwanted SMS.

Simply follow the instructions provided below and get control over your incoming SMS traffic:


  • In order to block SMS from a particular number just send “block”<space>0321xxxxxxx in a SMS to 430.
  • The request shall be logged at Warid’s end and will be verified within 24 hours in case of an On-net SMS blocking request or 48 hours for an Off-net SMS blocking request.
  • Once the request has been verified the obnoxious user shall be warned the first time.
  • In case of another complaint to the same number the outgoing SMS facility shall be barred.
  • You will be informed regarding the action taken against the complaint after your request has been processed from our end.


Charges of Rs. 2+tax per SMS shall be applicable.

It is interesting to note here that Warid has introduced Call and Sms block as separate services with separate charges.


Block All Unwanted calls and Sms On Zong

Zong offers a service to block all unwanted calls and sms on your mobile number.This unique offered by zong now you can easily block the number to call you on your zong number and blso block sms from any number you not wanted to get sms from.
Zong says about it…
Keeping in view the agitation that subscribers come across from obnoxious callers, ZONG is launching a Call and SMS blocking together for the first time in Pakistan. Block all unwanted calls and SMS that are being sent to your phone with the help of this service and obtain peace of mind. Through this service you can:

block any particular number from allowing to make a call to their number
block any particular number from allowing to send a SMS to their number
any subscriber will have the option of blocking a total of 50 numbers
How to Subscribe This Service:
Subscription / Call to Action
Subscriber will just have to dial in to 9211 to subscribe to Call and SMS blocking service simultaneously.


Mobilink Online Complaint Form For 668 Service

Some days ago we seen when PTA introduced 668 Service, came up with a lot wrong information of Sims registered anainst your cnic. status showed maa lof of connections issued against one person’s NIC while they claimed to have only one or two. PTA asked to visit respective customer service centers to get your data corrected. but these centers a a lot of rush there.Here Mobilink launches online complaint form for incorrect number of Mobilink Connections issued as per 668 service.

Following is the simple procedure to get your data corrected:

1. Visit PTA’s Sim Information System

2. If number of Moblink Sims issued against your NIC is wrong, Download the Mobilink Complaint Form

3. Fill out the form and send a scanned copy of form to Mobilink at osis668cf@mobilinkworld.com

4. Attach scanned NIC (both side) and Passport with mail.

5. Do not forget to put your NIC Number as the Subject of Email.

A reference number will be issued against your complaint and Mobilink will coordinate with PTA regarding the issue. Extra SIMs issued will be removed after 24 hours of your complaint but PTA database takes 45 days to get update. So wait for 45 days then to have your data verified, if corrected.


How to Block Fake SIMs Registered Against Your CNIC

After Knowing the Registerd SIMs Against your CNIC many from us are worried about to block that SIMs are not in their use.

Mobile companies are allowing cell phone customers to block those SIMs which were never purchased by them.
You can do this by following these steps.

Download The form
print it
Fill it yourself, other than mobile numbers that you want to get blocked (your respective service center will do this for you). Also leave the lower part of form.
Attach 3 copies of CNIC
And take them to concerned service center
And you are hopefully done.


1-Take some time out, before going to Service Center, as there would be plenty of other people in there for same purpose. Expect 1 hour or even one and a half hour wait before you get through
2-Please note that form downloaded from this page may not be acceptable at some service centers, as they may ask you to refill the form they will give.
3-Please make sure that you are not heading towards Franchises, because franchises don’t block numbers, its only Service Center that can offer you with the service. However, those cities where service centers are not available, similar arrangements have been made by franchises to block SIMs.

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