Mobilink self recordedmobitune service is temporarily unavailablec Mobilink offers a service to record a Mobitune in your own voice and set it as your Ring back Tone.this service is temporarily unavailable.

How to Record your own Mobitune?
Dial 230 and take the 4th option from the Main Menu and talk/sing into the system and save it as a Mobitune, set it according to your preferences and make your callers listen to your own voice before you even answer the call. Maximum recording duration of a self-created Mobitune is 30 Seconds. Please note, your self-created Mobitune settings can take a maximum of one hour to come into effect.

What is the maximum recording time available to create my own Mobitune?

The maximum recording time available to create your own Mobitunes is 30 Seconds.

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