Save you personals Contects number like friends,family girl friends,from going in wrong hands.Its happen when you give you cell phone to other person for any purpose.Espasially females/girls mobile number who saved with girl name like uzma,hina,sara,eg leaked out in bad hands.
here are some tips if you like to save your personal number from whrong hands.
1- Never give your personal cell phone/mobile/SIM/ to the person you dont have believe on him or any unknown person.
2- Evere save your family,friends espacially females numbers with short or some other name like Uzma you can safe with ,Uza,
or other name you can remember it with reference.
3-Save you family contacts with child name refer to that contact eg if you want to save you sister number save it with sister son name.
4-when you need to sale out you mobile phone first of all save all contacts on any other phone or Sim and then delete them from that phone which you want to sale.

I think you will like my tips.

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