Many of Computer Users uses shared computers but they don’t want to share their personal files or data to others and most of them seeking software or a trick that how to lock the folder or drive. If you are worried about your Data so it’s not a big problem anymore.
Today I will tell you a cool trick which saves your data from others access. worked this tutorial in Windows Xp or Windows 7.
For Locking a Drive in My Computer (No One Can access the drive)
Just follow these steps:-
Step: 1
First of all, open Run Windows and Open “gpedit.msc “(Group Policy).

Step: 2

Now, Select User Configuration option form left hand side pane, after this select Administrative templates option under User Configuration option then open Windows Component and Now select Prevent Access to drives from my computer from right hand side pane.

UserConfiguration >> Administrative templates >>> Windows Component

Step: 3 :-

Now Open “Prevent Access to drives from My Computer “settings by double click on it. A setting windows will appears, on these setting windows, Clicked the enabled and select drives for which you want to lock (prevent user access on it).

Now, try to open your drive in My Computer, You will face an Error Message. The error message will tell you “The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect from this computer. Please contact you system administrator”

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